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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Woman Behind BALUT MANILA

First meeting in Bo's Coffee in MOA with Arvin last February 2013
Lately, I was thinking how to surprise the woman behind the blog “BALUT MANILA” on her upcoming birthday. Ideas seem rare but some are proving to be worthy.  

Few days ago, making a picture greeting was at the back of my mind. But, I just feel that it’s quite an understatement to a person whom I maintained good friendship with through out my blogging life -not only online but in person as well. 

Undeniably, it's both our "gone-in-the-calendar" age that swiftly in tuned us. She's a devoted mom to a number of children and a loving wife to his only God's gift. While yours truly is a father of soon to be two kids and a supportive hubby to my God's gift as well. 

When she talks I listen and versa. Call it the same wave length - perhaps that's how to describe how we get along so well. She's passionate in writing - the same as I do. Another common denominator between us is our love of reading.  

If I'd go back to recall the first encounter I had with her blog - trust me - you'll be disappointed because I cannot remember when it has started. All I'm sure about was the year - it was year 2011 when her blog captured my interest. I'm particularly intrigued with its name "Balut Manila" - of which when we finally had the chance to talk she told me the back story. As I read some entries, I quickly had the desire to go back and read for more. Her Sundays Quote and Photograph didn't fail to impress me. I realized as well that she's into poetry too, like me.

Admittedly, it’s easy to win friends in the blogging world but to find a pearl or a number of them in the ocean of online people is rarity in its kind. In some cases, there are just people who easily jive and get along so well while there are some who takes time before their defenses break down and trust sets in. 

Ours, I know, is still young but I just genuinely feel that I'm in the good hands of a sincere person. And through series of friendly exchanges of conversation - it appears that our friendship is slowly being sealed into a solid camaraderie. 

Perhaps, a few of you or maybe none of you know her real name as she seldom spills it. But Arvin and I had the privilege to know her real name when we had to send our simple token of friendship last February through a delivery courier. She had to or else she won't receive it lols! Well - according to her, it is seldom when she gives out her real identity. 

Truly, I am thankful of the amount of trust she allows her number of online friends to enjoy - including me. Being one among a few is priceless for me. 

Here now, expressing my gratitude for choosing me as one of your friends - I may not live up to your expectations in one way or another but I'm extremely delighted that you made me stay in your circle. My line is always open to such a good person like you. Ready to give moral or emotional support as your need arise. 

Most importantly, I thank God for allowing our path to cross and create a kind of friendship that only few people can achieve. I will always be a fan and follower of your blog for as long as you write. And when time comes that you'd want to park your pen or rest your fingers, surely I will be there to persuade you again to do what you love - writing. 

In writing - you're one of the few bloggers I draw my inspiration from - writing wise. The way you write impresses me in the same way I am impressed by Olivr of "The Beat Box" and some others I'm lazy to mention now since I'm almost closing my eyes as I'm extremely sleepy.

Advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear friend. Being a prayerful person, it is but fitting and proper to offer a birthday wish and prayer for you. And here it goes:

Dear God, 

Perhaps, it is not too much to ask from you today. I have a good friend named Balut who is celebrating her birthday few days from now. All I wish for her is that you'd grant her all the desires of her heart - be it for anything. 

I thank you God, for blessing me a friend who truly care and value friendship. Shield her whole family with your mantle of protection. Bless them with all their daily needs. Continue to allow her to be a blessing to others in her simple ways. Grant her the strength when challenges come her way. Gift her with a discerning and faithful heart when crucial matters are to be decided. Never allow evil spirit ruins her good disposition in life. 

Lastly and most importantly,  grace her with a healthy body and mind as she run her journey here on Earth. 

This I ask through your son Jesus Christ, with the intercession of the blessed Virgin Mary and all the angels and saints. Amen

This blog greetings may appear to be so advanced but I'm grabbing the opportunity while my neuron dictates me what to write as I will face another hectic days ahead for some important community activities where I'm one of the core team involved in organizing. Nanigurado na ako kesa ako pa ang mahuli hehe!

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I claim in prayer that God graces you with what you really deserved. 

God bless you always!


  1. Happy Birthday Coach!!! Cheers to the great woman behind "BALUT MANILA". All advises coming from you are all treasured.

    Sir Jay, great post. You gave me idea to give thanks and appreciate someone.

    :) (y)

    1. Thank you very much Arnie! Indeed, she's just a great woman - of substance and sincerity.

    2. Pardon me, I need an entire week to back read all your new entries where I left off. In fact, while I was composing this entry, I came across a new update from you and you feature my favorite church in Las Pinas - Nature Church - where I had a short stint being a choir and where I became an SFC way back 2000. I will go back to that post and others to give my comments.

    3. THANKS very much Arnie! I think you have the most number of counts when it comes to greeting me on my birthday and I sooo appreciate that ha ha.

      Good luck on your run :)

  2. advance happy birthday kay Ms. Balut :)

    1. Thanks Bino, I'm sure she'll be delighted seeing your comments :) :)

  3. Ahihihi.. Mej natawa ko sa Balut name on the prayer. Bad me! Lels. Sweet DadiJay as always. Ms. B, happy burpday! Hope you'll have a blast! Indeed, she is a precious pearl found in the vastness of the blogosphere!!!

    1. Hahaha, at first din natatawa din ako kasi of all names why Balut, but I learned to love the person and her works behind the name. Thanks Kat, surely matutuwa siya sa greetings nyo dito sa comment's section.

    2. "she is a precious pearl found in the vastness of the blogosphere!!!" = I so love this! Feeling ko "Perlas ako ng silangan" ha ha ha

      THANKS so much Meow Meow!

  4. Happy Birthday. She is blessed to have a friend in you :)

    1. Hey Oman THANKS!
      Yes you're right I am so blessed to have Jay as my friend. I am actually speechless when I saw this post and took some time to gather my thoughts in acknowledging this.

      Btw, I'll visit your blog soon :)

  5. What a touching post for a sweet lady:) we all wish her the best:)
    Amen to your prayer!

    1. Amen to that Joy!

      THANKS for all the wishes and prayers Joy :)

  6. You surprised me BIG TIME my friend!

    What can I say? Until now I'm wordless and I really don't know what to say.

    I was wordless when I read this what more with the other surprise that you and your online son Arvin cooked (which I will not elaborate here but maybe on some special post).

    I have been visiting here and reading this over and over (maybe the reason why this is the top post since it was published. LOL). But I am unable to leave my comments because I really don't know what to say.

    Thank you for the wishes most specially for the prayers - I love it and also this part:
    "I will always be a fan and follower of your blog for as long as you write. And when time comes that you'd want to park your pen or rest your fingers, surely I will be there to persuade you again to do what you love - writing"

    You missed one more common denominator that we have though - our love for sports :)

    THANK YOU my friend! You and Arvin are among the reason why I feel so specially blessed as a blogger and of course as a person. I wish the same that our friendships prosper and that we may continuously be a blessing to each one of us. May God bless us always.

    Btw, you made me LOL on "gone-in-the-calendar" age! ha ha ha


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