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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Unsuspecting Celebrant: Satt Cutanda

Saturnino – the name even if you haven’t met him yet signifies a tower of power. And in person, he is indeed a towering height. You’ll feel so small standing beside him that anytime he would turn into an incredible hulk he can quickly throw you away outside the window. But that’s not what he is made of- he is a GENTLE GIANT. A charming and disarming dude that was the apple of Tita Razel’s eye during our 2009 Midyear Assembly – in a Hawaiian inspired theme.  No wonder they ended-up together – haha.

I wouldn’t go back to where we had met or what’s the early memory I had with his company. What I am going to do here is to just honor this man – a brother in the community and a very dear friend. In fact, I consider him one of my best friends - if not the only one - I have here in the kingdom.

Our personality jives so much. Maybe - because we got the same interest in the professional field. Maybe - because we eat too much. I remember our frequent trips to KFC in Dammam during winter and even on a regular night. We always think of food, food and food. So, guys never wonder why we became this big haha. Those memories of going to Freshly Yogurt shop after our lunch with our group – including Jimmy and Ryan.  We were frequently together during good times and even in bad times – when one or a number of our SFC members had trouble. He’s just a phone away and likewise. It’s either he calls me first or I’d do. We made his house our usual hang out – leading me to name his former haven as the “House of Voices” evidently, because he loves to sing.
Since I’m the type of person who imagines too much, who always think and squeeze out my creative juices, I was the culprit in naming all our CFC Center in Eastern Region – From Rockwell to Glorietta to Eastwood and the likes. And the rest followed my lead. 

Apart from his towering arrive, Satt is such a generous person. He would always reach out. He would always offer his abode even to the extent of financial help. He wouldn’t mind if you’ll pay him on time or pay at a later date. Reasons why I always prod him to learn to discipline people especially members who in someway border to abuse his generosity. And he listens in the same way that I listen to him and his advice – especially in the stock market.  

This surprise birthday for you has been carefully planned by your better half by contacting us all your fellow Gallant Men Of Dammam. I was laughing my ass-off every time I talk to you because I know you're just so innocent and unsuspecting. Never did it cross your mind that you'll have this party. Your wife is so awesome in orchestrating all of this. 

So, my wish is only one - love your wife more than yourself. I know you do. May the good Lord always bless you with abundance in His chosen time and in His promised place. 

God bless you my brotha! ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY


  1. pretty good read, nice entry. I hardly ever read the comment section on my blog and here I am reading your blog post lol, I checked out your other blog, post photos of Filipino foods; they make me happy as well as homesick :)

    enjoy your week, hope all is well...


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