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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Strictly No RICE! .....and Way To Go BADMINTON!

Rice-eater...sound funny but nice huh?!

I am one big consumer of it along with thousands of people in this country. Well, who won't? it's our staple food..when I think of it, I always ended up saying "Hmmmm...this (rice) coupled with tuyo and egg in the morning...result---awesome heavy breakfast. Practically, rice can be partnered with all that there is in the menu list of a resto, or even lutong bahay. There's this rice in a box too. So many preparations that makes everyone craves for more of it. It's like simply saying " Hey man!, you're not a true-blooded Pinoy if you don't eat one". As evident by our vast rice granaries in the country which supplies the need of every living Juans in a coalesce or mansion.

I blog about RICE this very holy hour ( 2:30AM) to support my own self campaign to abstain from it and get real with my desire to shed some unwanted "taba" which gives me constant irking and complaining. I have this (little) difficulty in my upper body...hmmm..guys don't think that I can't carry my upper part huh...I still can jump and do the whooping smash in any badminton matches I had attended.

By the way, allow me to brag here-- my tri-weekly badminton games had my indurance and stamina works better, grinningly proud to tell you feels so nice realizing that your hardwork and perseverance to be in a tip-top shape of the game is going miles in terms of improvement. Thanks to my badminton buddies Ace, Vince, Nigel, Dr. Lulu..and my cousins too Boyet and Mondz. You guys...have been so instrumental why I can compete with some of the best there is in the field.

Badminton is really nice! It will render you "sweatful" to the point that you need to bring a spare of undergarment since you need to change after the game. It really happens to me ALL THE TIME. I mean it! literally. Even my buddies quoted me like this: "Para kang may sariling gripo sa katawan" hahahaha.. as they laugh while saying the funny remarks. True to their words, I really sweat bigtime during the game. Well, good for me since body toxins are washed away.

It was past 8:00PM when Ace and I finally call it a night for our badminton match earlier. We just reserved an hour game since the courts in Metropolis Alabang were full as the employees of Fluor Daniel had their company's championship game. Before we had our time in the court, we watched some matches of their company....hahaha.on our seats we pretty like murmuring as we sized-up some players..sabi namin kaya natin yang labanan.hahaha..ang yabang, we were laughing-our-ass-off..... but yeah it is true....

Well, guys if you are someone who knows your game and your skill, you can size-up someone's "court-showing" is like instinct. You can even say once you caught someone's game in your eyes that "hey that man is way so good" and might end up saying..kelangan ko pang mag-practice ng maiigi. Here's one thing I can say to those who are plannng to enter badminton as a sport either for health reason only or for competitive purposes. It is so exciting to play and even those who may seem to say about themselves that they are not build to play one...think can be learned....really. I am not a long time player but my improvement is attributable to my extreme desire to be excellent in my craft and the love of it. I am a swimming guy...not to discount football too..but badminton is one-hell-of-a-sport. You guys try it and you'll see the result...HAPPY.

I would like to end this entry by saying: "It's impossible to fail totally if you dare to try". So guys, give it a try.  As the title speaks "Strictly No Rice and Way to go Badminton. Goodnight and Godbless! Till my next blog. This is Jay....parking my fingers now..hahaha

Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do!

"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: You haven't

In the final analysis, the tough people who survive do so because they have learnt to react positively to their predicament. They don't give up. They manage their problems creatively and constructively-- and succeed. Tough people think positively. "Positive thinking will always get positive support" as quoted by Dr. Robert Schuller-- the originator of the philosophy of "Possibility Thinking".

It is an exercise in dynamic and creative imagination. It provokes you to DREAM. It inspires you to execute your dreams-- and to succeed.

Every Human Being Has Problems:

What is your problem? Are you unemployed? If you're an impossibility thinker you probably think that a job would solve all your problems. The truth s that employed people have problems too. Most people who have jobs complain about the fact that they have to go to work on Monday morning.

And countless people have jobs they don't like. Bro. Jao..I guess this one refers to your current situation. But I challenge you to read this post so that you''ll be enlighten somehow before deciding to quit and changing the course of your path.

It is like you are giving five days a week to unhappiness. Working to live rather than living to work. Hating their jobs. Dragging their feet getting to office or factory. And once they're their they devote a great deal of their time to negative thoughts. They focus on the unenjoyable aspects of their jobs.

What I can say is that you have to put your problems into proper perspective and learn to react to it positively. There will always be one million and one ways for a solution. You just have to commit yourself into finding it. "Along the journey, each stumble and thousand falls will always have realization that will slowly lead you to thinking and unfolding the right parameters of solution." Have faith and never lose hope. Just remember that when all else fails, hope will always stay afloat. 

By the way guys, I made it after reading 2 books last night and bingo..I had lots of ideas coming from so many positive insights from those books. It prompted me to write and I hope my SFC bro Jao will have time to browse and read this entry because it is timely for him as he needed moral support and confidence boost. Dude! ..please have take time to read might help you and enlighten you. God bless everyone!

Monday, August 9, 2010



What does the word implies to you? Well, it could mean a lot of things or definitions depending on how you'll associate it with a certain situation or scenario. The dict says "extreme" (noun) -something located at one end or the other of a range or series; extremity.

Just the other day, I experienced being on extreme, not that I was on the edge of a cliff or something but I was having the extreme of being so laid back (tamad na tamad kumilos). Sigh.... something strange to me since I am a "go-getter guy" as I would describe myself. Always on the go for things, new adventures and embracing new challenges and taking advantage of fresh opportunities there in and there might be. Too bad for me though, since lurking on that kind of attitude isn't something you can be proud of. Hell yeah. IT IS REALLY NOT! And I'm not proud of my act that day. But it doesn't end at that, I even carried it over until today. I missed a lot of time which would have been so useful had me just quit being laid back.

Here's a concrete proof that it was really an extremely bad day for me today. Last Saturday, I told myself that I'll be visiting the HP Service Center in Makati this Monday to avail for their repair services as my laptop badly needs it.... but ....holy crap!...I wasn't able to deliver to that promise. It pissed me off! But the sole person to be blamed was ME...ONLY ME. Even the call of my GG was jeopardized due to that hell-of-a-kind state that I lurked on. I permitted it to happen and it resulted to series of regrets saying " I could have done this, I could have finished that." 

But enough of this (bad) extreme. I have to go back to my old hardworking self. It pains me seeing myself doing nothing and I am really guilty if I can't accomplish simple things just because I give in to a non-sense use of time.

Well, it's not bad at all pala..I returned back to taking tea ( sometimes "milk tea") Another milestone..hahahaha..since I had been so passive on this good health practice. Good motivation as I go along with my weight loss. Jeyz and Aris (two of my SFC friends) have teased me that I was getting fat again which alarms me..hahaha..I can't be...guys, give me time I just started my diet for more than a week. Don't expect drastic physcal change..hahaha.. On the lighter note, their side comments really pushed me hard to go beyond my goal and thanks for the motivation.  This is all for now.

Starter's Delight

          I just started this blog in about a week far back as I can recall. Been busy these past weeks with a whole lotta things. Routine badminton game matches with my buddies from Asian Hospital in Alabang and some BA (Born Again) Christian friends, doing some research on entreprenuerial stuff which I'm constantly brewing, attending trade fairs on small and medium enterprise exhibitions. Well yeah, that kind of stuff usually occupied my time right now. I need to fill in my spare time while waiting for my visa (which was long overdue now), one of the reasons why my patience is starting to fade-off. Damn! it piss me off thinking that it delays me to work again and earn the much needed bucks. But I need to be patient and still persevere. Indeed, life has full of surprises....who would have thought that I'll be delayed for such a longer period of time. I am a workaholic person and I don't want to be stucked doing nothing or be idle for a considerable length of time. " But as life surprises me, I muster the guts of facing it squarely". Well, on the lighter note, I still enjoy this so called "idler's time" if I can put it that way because it has given me enough and one reason to stay with my family and bond with them strongly. But one thing that puts me in a sad tempo is that I so missed my GG ( term of SFC bros to their GF) as the community coined it as God's Gift. But as I knew her, she fully understands my predicaments, one thing so admirable about her. I love you Mine.... don't worry things will be better and we'll have our grand time together. So I guess it's enough for a starter's delight as the title suggested. More exciting blogs to be published ahead as I continue to scribble my adventures in this fancy world. Have a great day ahead. Godbless everyone!
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