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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Poetry 003: Where Do I Start?

Here's another poem I wrote to breathe out my emotion during one of the weakest point in my life.

Sometimes, life is too cruel, sometimes it's mind boggling. It's the reason why I took time to let my emotional distress out. One is, to release and breathe out loud. Two, to escape the monotony of my life during those trying times. Penning this poem was one great way to ease-out the unexplained paranoia I was suffering back then. It somehow helped me though. I was just in my life's lowest point that I'm so desperate what to do and where to start again.

Originally, I manuscripted this poem last June 2, 2001. On the contrary, it is nice sometimes when we're in a state of depression because it fuels us to think deeper, contemplate further, and meticulously plan the next step we must take ---afraid of committing the same mistakes again and again. I won't elaborate what went wrong that time but it was a thing that gravely frustrates me. After that rain, my optimism and drive for life heightened in great leaps and bounds. I know there is a God above who controls me and who direct my actions. I was able to bounce back. And before I deviate further, here's the poem I am talking about:

Poetry 002: Ashes of Burnt Eyebrows

I went scrolling down files in my post poems dot com account and my eyes easily captured this poem. Upon the sight of it, I quickly rolled down memory lane. The time when I was still teaching Grade School pupils in a school in Las Pinas where my Tito owned. Run and operated by his daughter and a cousin Bam. I was compelled to create one upon the constant proddings of our principal then. And so my creative side had to work and think of a great poem worthy of a graduation recital by my first honor pupil Ephraim Ders Murro - this kid was such a clever boy. He was a 4th grader then but think like he's a first year HS student. An error has no room for him which is why I should deliver well in my class just to live up to his expectations. He has this sword-sharp's memory. I can see myself in him when I was in grade school days since I'm really good at Math. I remember my Math teacher and also an adviser in Grade 4 giving me a flat grade of 97% in Math in our 3rd Quarter Period. Wow, the highest amongst my classmates. Well, siguro dahil talagang mahilig lang akong mag-aral noon..pero ngayon..hay buhay ni pag memorya kinakatamaran ko na at si kalimot na ako..hahaha. I hope I can still boost my memory --kelangan ko na sigurong uminom ng 'Memory Gap" --meron bang gatas na ganun? Lols...hahaha.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food Review: The Burger Joint

Like what I've said in my previous post, I am not a full blooded fan of hamburger or simply burger. Normally, I can't finish a single order. If only there is this kind of serving like --half cut burger--I would probably has no trouble eating a single dine in or take away one. But last night I did and should since for me it's quite costly to have one burger at BJ - hehehe!

Today, I will share with you my (our) experience in this burger station situated just within the Dammam downtown area -- more specifically aligned with other food and restaurant variants store like the Pizza Co, Tony Romas, Burger King, and others I forgot to name. 

It's not even our first visit since we have had our first try probably a couple of months back with the same group of happy-diners Satt, Jimmy, Ryan and Me. Our frequent trips to any of the restaurants or food chains around is one of the reasons why I gained 10+ pounds.

Well, let us not focus on my weight, I can still run a sprint though or smash a badminton shuttlecock. It's still not a problem to me yet. So here are few items we collectively agreed to eat last night. But before that, we decided first to just have plain mineral water as our meal-enders drink. Hahaha! I don't know if it can be called a meal-ender since water is like a universal solvent that can be partnered with anything. Let's see what we've got.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

POETRY 001 : Distance Won't Break Us Apart

It has been said that" a long distance relationship don't work or shall I say most of the time don't work". Well, I beg to disagree, hard as it may seem but it is still upon the agreement of the two opposites sex whether they'll continue or just let it fade away with time. We can never really tell nor we can predict of what's gonna happen. Suffice to say, it still up to the both of them.

"Distance isn't for the fearful, it is for the bold. It is for those willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for the little time with the one they love. It is for those who knows a good thing when they see it even if they don't see it nearly enough. It is for those who believe and continue to believe that distance won't necessarily break each other up."

Monday, March 5, 2012

We Got To Rise Up

We got to rise up! We can change this generation

We can be the voice, we can be the freedom. Let us come and stand.

We read the gruesome stories, the people in need. We can do amazing works. We can bring out the change we wanna believe in.

Let us be the change, let us be the difference. We are called to arms. We are the change we longed for. Let us not be subtle with our actions. Let us not be too lax with our resolve.

Let us get moving. Let us propel our instinctive creativity. Let us inspire the people we face everyday. Let us not bicker but create ways to re-unite and re-ignite our passion.
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