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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Poetry 002: Ashes of Burnt Eyebrows

I went scrolling down files in my post poems dot com account and my eyes easily captured this poem. Upon the sight of it, I quickly rolled down memory lane. The time when I was still teaching Grade School pupils in a school in Las Pinas where my Tito owned. Run and operated by his daughter and a cousin Bam. I was compelled to create one upon the constant proddings of our principal then. And so my creative side had to work and think of a great poem worthy of a graduation recital by my first honor pupil Ephraim Ders Murro - this kid was such a clever boy. He was a 4th grader then but think like he's a first year HS student. An error has no room for him which is why I should deliver well in my class just to live up to his expectations. He has this sword-sharp's memory. I can see myself in him when I was in grade school days since I'm really good at Math. I remember my Math teacher and also an adviser in Grade 4 giving me a flat grade of 97% in Math in our 3rd Quarter Period. Wow, the highest amongst my classmates. Well, siguro dahil talagang mahilig lang akong mag-aral noon..pero ngayon..hay buhay ni pag memorya kinakatamaran ko na at si kalimot na ako..hahaha. I hope I can still boost my memory --kelangan ko na sigurong uminom ng 'Memory Gap" --meron bang gatas na ganun? Lols...hahaha.

To continue, here's what I was able to compose during that time. It was March 21, 2006 -wow, tandang tanda ko pa ang date..lols..hahaha..Kidding aside, naka record kasi eh reason why I still can remember. 

Vivid memories of my primary years
Mixed with sheer laughter and pure tears
Along a line in every enrollment
Researching a nerve-cracking assignments

Annual field trips in every places
The refreshment of bottles and food cases
So many peers of friendly faces
Unspoiled children with lovely caress

Sleepless nights of hurried reviewing
Some afternoons of daydreaming
Days of battling difficult examination
Pass or failure comes lamentation

Wild fun and sometimes connived fools
Bring our teachers in constant roars
Wonder how I feel to be a Martinian
Your name I'll carry unto my old days

Your young foundation has been heavily tested
But you stood still and never missed
To educate us the core of values
That life is indeed has countless of clues

My gratitude to you I sincerely offer
For an education I have deciphered
That study is indeed a countless of
Unending ashes of burnt eyebrows

I wrote the above poem thinking I was just a grade school pupil so I used words and ideas in simple form, communicable, and easy to understand thoughts. 

Sad to say, I wasn't able to established a contact with Ram (his nickname in school) when he transferred to another school in the Visayas the next year. Her mother had to do that for some family reasons. I hope I'll be able to contact him soon. Facebook rescue alert..hehehe. I'll try my luck in FB and the help also of my former students who are my friends in FB too. If I'm not mistaken he's in college now.

That's it! I was able to write today since Sunday is not a busy day in the office. I have lots of time to procrastinate. Thanks Sunday! :))


  1. i was only able to write a poem during highschool, i didn't know that I had it in me, hehe


  2. maybe you can find him via facebook now? good poem

  3. Kay --actually I successfully did. And his a freshman student in UP-Diliman. Catching up for lost time is in progress..hehehehe. He was so thankful I find time and exerted effort in finding him.


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