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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Poetry 003: Where Do I Start?

Here's another poem I wrote to breathe out my emotion during one of the weakest point in my life.

Sometimes, life is too cruel, sometimes it's mind boggling. It's the reason why I took time to let my emotional distress out. One is, to release and breathe out loud. Two, to escape the monotony of my life during those trying times. Penning this poem was one great way to ease-out the unexplained paranoia I was suffering back then. It somehow helped me though. I was just in my life's lowest point that I'm so desperate what to do and where to start again.

Originally, I manuscripted this poem last June 2, 2001. On the contrary, it is nice sometimes when we're in a state of depression because it fuels us to think deeper, contemplate further, and meticulously plan the next step we must take ---afraid of committing the same mistakes again and again. I won't elaborate what went wrong that time but it was a thing that gravely frustrates me. After that rain, my optimism and drive for life heightened in great leaps and bounds. I know there is a God above who controls me and who direct my actions. I was able to bounce back. And before I deviate further, here's the poem I am talking about:

Where do I start...
To hone again the talent close to deterioration,
To open-up the window of dawn unfolding,
So many dreams yet lots of trials,
But the heart's will still vivid and clear

Where do I start...
To assemble, to fix pieces of ideas
Years of endurance yet doesn't paid-off
Tough as it maybe mind has its way
To penetrate an endeavor and bring closer to reality

Where do I start...
To hold you back ..Oh!.. great memories
Memoirs of yesteryear trying to recapture
To warm-up again and set a whole new goal
In the midst of crisis to stand after fall

Where do I start...
To rekindle the spirit of unending quest
To rejuvenate the feather of fathoming dreams
In spite hardship,hope will still float
Hope to bring labored fruit close to its root

Where do I start...
To reminisce things of great importance
To see myself surpass the long endurance
Why and how is the question of skills
Refined by fire a discipline becomes will

Where do I start...
In a battle of hope and vigilance
Beyond sacrifice and long suffering
To see myself wide awake in a misty cool night
Yet it is within me that will start to mobilize

Is is worth starting?...
With wings broken and dreams rotten
Countless of burden still fast approaching
When will I peek the twilight of hope
To refuel the engine of stuck inspiration

Too far to start.....
Yet too close to imagine
It is the sole me to grasp the real serene
Within me and a whole reborn me

I can still remember that year in 2001, I am just starting out as a yuppie, but climbing the ladder of success was so arduous. And you're confronted by a dwindling economy. Government protests here, there, and everywhere. EDSA has been the constant melting pot. The crossroad where everyone stops and shouts their disagreement and bickering their complaints. It was then, it was the time of my life's lowest point.


  1. naks.. and i thought video yung nasa post click ko talaga.. lol... nice poem.. you really write well...

  2. inspiring.

    most of the times, inspiration comes not in successes but in downtimes. it's good that you were able to channel that situation into something positive. :-)

  3. This is some poetry!!! Keep writing...following you now.

  4. @Arjee-- kinuha ko lang yong photo na mukhang video sa internet kasi akmang akma sa sinulat kong poem eh..hahaha....nalinlang ka ng di oras..lols.. thanks for the compliment though :))

  5. @Totomai-- kadalasan nga talaga mas malalim ang pinanghuhugutan kapag depressed or in difficult times. Thanks :))

  6. @Key --thanks for doing the same by following me. :)) will read your entries sometime soon. keep writing though

  7. Nice poem. Ayus yung pattern. :) We tend to write good poems during our most difficult times.

  8. nice poem!


    aq rin nakakasulat ako talaga ng maayos depende sa bugso ng damdamin hehe

  9. You start ... right here, right now ... no holding back.

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