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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Awesome Blogger: March Edition - MEET Pao!

This post is kind-of inspired by watching the movie “Letters To God”. Maybe a bit, but the truth is, I just need some kind of a motivator, a propeller for my mind to set into the mood of writing and come up with a masterpiece tailor-fit post for him.

I don’t know, literally the movie has nothing to do with the person that I am going to feature for my March issue of  “THE AWESOME BLOGGER”. 

Oh! I know what’s running on your minds. Perhaps you might be thinkin’ like this, “Why there’s no February issue? What the heck? Well, let’s leave it at that. Let us assume it’s my prerogative to except the month of February since I was busy during my vacation and writing one, even selecting my feature, was really a difficult thing for me. My mind was focused on the meet-ups and all the (mis) great adventures hehehe!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In My Own Eyes - A HOLY WEEK Reflection

"You give me hope in spite of everything;
You give me love even with so much pain”

These are the very lines from the song sang by the character of Ben (Tyler’s older brother) in the movie “Letters To God” that struck me the most. How profound isn’t it?

Earlier, we had our mini-recollection as our response in observing the holy week season here. Our location only permits a discreet observance. I’m still so thankful for the miniscule opportunity to express our faith.

On the other end, we don’t focus on the fear but we focus on how fear can magnify our courage to serve more and to glorify our one great God despite restrictions. And I personally believe that God protects us with his unbreakable shield. But of course, we are well-aware where we stand – our high respect to the culture and religious tradition remains our top priority.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Nang Mag-Birthday Ang Kuneho

Alam ko medyo excited kayo na basahin kung ano ba ang nilalaman ng blog title na eto. Mukhang interesting di ba? Unusual kasi sa akin ang magbigay ng title na panghayop- hahaha.

Pero ibahin nyo ito. DI ito hayop, di rin bagay, TAO ito. Taong nagkukubli lang sa codename na kuneho. At ang taong kunehong ito ay isang malapit  na kaibigan ko.

This is just my simple share in making the “KUNEHO” birthday a special one.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

EARTH HOUR: Creating Awareness About Climate Change

As we go global in today's era, our concern also goes on a global scale.

Earlier, a small group of community friends gathered in our abode to experience once again and be one among millions around the world in observance of the worldwide phenomenon called ‘EARTH HOUR’. 

I, for one, has been so blessed to have been practicing this global effort for the past 4 years already. Since 2009 when I first knew about it I had become a believer of this advocacy.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

His Name Is JOHN HOWARD - And I Am Proud Of Him

Eto ang mga panahon na ginagaya mo si Lee Min Ho hahaha! (Joke)
Kaya naisipan mong mag long hair hahaha!
8:18PM - KSA

As of this writing, I'm pretty sure you're in your bed already, sleeping deeply, and perhaps communed with softly cushioned pillows on both sides of your bed. And probably right now, your snoring sound have passed through your window sills echoing right across your neighbor's house- LoLs!

Or maybe you're in a beautiful dream - walking towards the aisles ready to receive that one special paper that you've worked hard for 3 long years to achieve. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

We Create The Change, We Inspire The Change, & We Are The Change

"Our existence is not for our own sake. We aren't created to be on our own, we are created to be of person to others." - these are the lines I always go back whenever I am participating in a social endeavor. I always remind myself that I am a person for others. That my existence is inspired by the people around me. And that I should work, continue to work hand in hand with people congruence to my vision and mission for the betterment of my fellow beings - more particularly those who can hardly meet ends, physically challenged, and most importantly those who are on their golden days already.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Of Shuttlecocks, Rackets, and Fellowship In The Court: BADMINTON with PBOers

L-R (Mar, Pao, Empi, and Me, on top Arvin)
It's kinda odd that I need to read some blogs out of my circle of bloggers to trigger me to write again. Honestly, I'm really having a hard time processing my thoughts. As if I don't even know how to write anymore. I can't even easily expound an idea. What the heck is happening to me?

Is there something wrong with me? Is my zest in writing have gone sour? Oh no! it is a bad thing- really a not-so-good-idea to entertain with.

I held-off writing for quite sometimes already - a couple of weeks or so. After posting three entries about meet-ups and a thank you post, I suddenly feel like I'm drown in again to "sabaw moment". I shouldn't have permitted a long period of hiatus. The pending entries in my drafts if only they can speak would really prompt me begging to finish it off and post 'em.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Isang Pasasalamat sa DAMUHAN

Whenever I join a contest I always say this statement: "To be given a chance to participate is such a big privilege, winning if it happens is just a secondary thing- more like a bonus, a topping on a cake."

Isang pribilihiyo at karangalan!

Eto ang unang pumasok sa aking hinuha at namutawi sa aking mga labi ng mabasa ko ang sandamakmak na  mga tweets at personal messages patungkol sa aking pagkakahirang bilang isa sa tatlong pinakamabagsik   sa panitik sa patimpalak ng DAMUHAN.

Nakamit po ng inyong lingkod ang IKATLONG KARANGALAN sa patimpalak ng pamosong blogger  at kaibigan kong si Bino Bautista. 

Katulad ng sinumang nananalo sa isang patimpalak, di maitatanggi na labis ang aking pagkatuwa. Di ko man siya maipakita sa panlabas pero sa puso ko ay parang may mga kompetisyon ng fireworks tanda ng selebrasyon.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Reunion with Kay and Jeo: RESORTS WORLD – Newport, Manila

It was a meet-up we longed & waited for a year. Obviously not our first.

Finally it happened in a place I never knew (wow, taga ibang mundo lang ako haha!) – RESORTS WORLD.

We had our first meet-up way back year 2011. It was early December. The place was at Ayala Triangle in the famed business district of Makati.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Starbucks By The Bay at Mall of Asia.
L-R (Grah, Arline, Cheenee, Axl, June, Josh, Pao, & Kat) 
Standing: (Mar, Me, Arvin, Senyor (Christian) & Moises)
It's way too late of a post but it deserves to be posted anyway. 

PBOers are waiting for this I'm sure. (Or masyado lang akong assuming - lols). Hmm..alam ko they're waiting for this - haha!

So far the biggest of all the meet-ups I’ve had. And the grandest I must say.
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