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Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Reunion with Kay and Jeo: RESORTS WORLD – Newport, Manila

It was a meet-up we longed & waited for a year. Obviously not our first.

Finally it happened in a place I never knew (wow, taga ibang mundo lang ako haha!) – RESORTS WORLD.

We had our first meet-up way back year 2011. It was early December. The place was at Ayala Triangle in the famed business district of Makati.

Kaye like how she is in her blog possesses a bubbly personality. A smart, gorgeous, head-turner yuppie, working then in Citibank (now working in their family business) and Jeo who is a strong yet charming personality who also is self employed (is that the term?) Well, Jeo is working on their family business selling medical supplies.

And here's the link from Kay's blog of our year 2011 meet up  Meet Up With Jay as a proof.


Allow me first to tell a short story how kumareng Kay finds out my arrival in Pinas. I was having a late dinner with my online son Arvin at Buddy’s Resto in Makati when I tweeted about it. None to my knowledge that Kay is on my circle of twitter friends. And that tweet of mine gained an immediate response from her doubting if I were really in Manila already. She was like “Makati, Manila? Makati, Metro Manila?

Knowing how poor I was in devising a white lie I didn’t know how to respond. At the back of my mind, I was like thinking whether I’d compose a joke to come back to her or plainly tell her that in fact I was in town already. Unfortunately, I ended up telling her the truth. And she jokingly responded like she’s jealous I didn’t even tell her of my presence. That’s it. I then started planning when will be our next meet-up.


Twitter played an important role in today’s setting of plans. Our constant presence in the twitter world sealed the deal of our next meet up. None from us thought that we’d end up at RESORTS WORLD. All we thought were BONIFACIO HIGH STREET is the better option. It was Jeo’s suggestion of that famed place. And RESORT WORLD was the final choice.


Agreed time was 2pm at Resort’s World. At the condo, I can’t contain my excitement so I had prepared as early as I could. I am a guy who hates being late. Take it from my experience during the first meet-up – we we’re lost and the rain that time added to our agony.

Now, I made it a point to come to the agreed place earlier than expected. Constantly sending tweets of my minute-by-minute accounts of the meet-up. Kaye teased me for coming so early and I can sense that she was even a bit pressured when he learned I arrived “that early” – meaning an hour or so. Jeo came on second to me. While waiting for Kaye, he convinced me to secure a Resort World “Privilege Card” for free. One of its benefits is you can avail of their “free shuttle” service in any pick up point assigned for shuttle. I’m quite pleased at how fast their service was. I had my privilege card in less than 10-minutes. Instant right? 

After having the card, Jeo and I agreed to settle in at Starbucks while waiting for Kay and her boyfriend Vector. – it will be our first time meeting Vector. While we're having our order, Kay and Vector quickly appeared before us. So, the party begins. Nope..nahh..there's no grand party. Err.. the catching up began. And here's one photo with the three of us. - A reunion indeed! It was taken few minutes after Kay and Vector's arrival.

Blogger-friends then. Now, certified magkumare/kumpare
Another photo opportunity with my kumpareng Jeo
I can't figure out if Jeo and I ordered tea for the two of us since we arrived a bit earlier than Kay and Vector. All I know is that Kay and Vector ordered coffee of their choice for each of 'em. How poor my memory is now. 

So after short conversation I invited them to eat. I had a hard time choosing which resto to dine in. Good thing Kay and Jeo was with me plus Vector who helped me to figure out which resto to eat. And finally we ended up at Crisostomo- a pinoy inspired resto offering variety of pinoy menus. It just feels like I'm truly home.


So these are what we feasted at Crisostomo's. I won't label them since I'm sure you can identify each one of 'em.

Kay, his bf Vector, Jeo and Me
Since the three of us need to go ahead for another separate appointment, we part ways with stomach full and with full of smiles. I know this second meet up won't be our last. Kay and Jeo are anticipating to finally meet my complete family including my little boy Caleb on October this year. 

I know this young friendship of ours will go a long way. I just can feel it. 

Kumareng Kay and Kumpareng Jeo, until our path cross again. 


  1. curious ako kung ano name nung may sili at red onions.

  2. sa dami ng food feeling ko kailangan niyo ng presence

  3. Ang galing naman you maintain the friendship in spite of the distance :)

  4. natakam ako dun sa madameng sili haha di ko alam tawag pero nakakain na ko nyan sarap sa gabundok na kanin hahaha
    sasasarap ng drinks!
    nagugutom na naman ako dahil dito pareng jay

  5. I'm dittoing pareng Cy's comment. :)

  6. Cyron - Ang name ng menu na may sili ay SINUGLAW =sinugba + kinilaw. Sarap niyan. lakas makakanin hehehe

  7. Senyor - next na uwi ko I will try to arrange for a meet up with them na kasama ka.

    Genskie- Oo nga...kaya I don't believe na ang friendship is bound lang sa mga nasa tabi mo, minsan nagwo work din ang malayuan. Basta faithful lang sa pagkakaibigan at di nakakalimutang mag communicate.

    Archievnier - Son, next time nalang. I hope makasabay pa din kita umuwi. :)) Chill lang :))

    Mecoy - SINUGLAW ang tawag diyan. Lakas makakanin talaga niyan hahaha

    Pao - I tweeted my response to you hahahaha!


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