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Joven Rada Rafol is my full name while calling me Jay would please me.

  • I write not to impress. I do so out of love. My writing is raw, with flaws, imperfect, and isn't far from erroneous grammar. I am not a trained creative writer nor I am writing structurally. I write because God gave me this gift. 
  • It is such a privilege to be visited by YOU. 
  • Whatever reasons you may have in visiting me, I am thankful of it for you've noticed my writings. Whether you come here just to peek for the blog's design and appearance or you really come here for a purpose of reading. Still, you were able to spend a fraction of your precious time browsing my writings.
  • Join me as I transcribe my daily thoughts into writings, my opinions for a lot of things. 
  • Together we can create a stirring change collectively. Together we can think of great ideas and exchange insights that will be an effective tool in effecting changes in our organization and community. On a bigger picture, changes in our country. 
  • This year, I'll be writing more seasoned, relevant, and concise articles from just about anything. 
  • Should you want to connect with me. Just subscribe through email or join this site and let's anticipate and look forward to great things as we try to scribble them.
  • Feel free to reach me out by going to CONTACTS button just below the blog title.
  • Let's always be excited to live our life! 
Jay Rada Rafol

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