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Monday, July 16, 2012

Annoying Indifference

It is perhaps true that when people don't love a person, an endeavor, an upcoming event, or sort of that they tend to just stay half-hearted, less motivated, and simply won't care much about it.

They embrace the attitude of "come what may". Just waiting for what will happen without acting on what can be done.

It is very challenging and equally frustrating when people displays annoying indifference to an endeavor or a cause. 

Like what I feel last night when I realized the lack of support of my batch mates (except for those who really care, I can count them) to our goals. It pains me thinking our being slow in executing our plans and taking actions despite constant reminders for the concerned people.

As their assigned "Batch Chairman" for the 2014 2nd HS Homecoming, I felt helpless at some point about a certain thing which could have been done few weeks back or even a month back. Helpless because I've been so faithful in reminding and facilitating them but our actions are far more worse than a snail's pace.

It bothers me and some pro-active batch mates because we have this agreement to help two of our batch mates who are currently in bad health conditions but our help until now is no where in sight. Health condition is a serious thing and it cannot wait. Time passes by. Sickness can quickly turn worse if medical attention won't be applied promptly. Yet, even until now that promise is yet to be realized.

How can an endeavor to a cause be achieved if annoying indifference is swimming in an ocean full of less motivated people who shows compassion but action is clearly in its hiatus?

Above is a confronting question that I can hardly address. I don't even know where to collect my confidence as a leader. Obviously, my self-esteem goes down.

I firmly believe that the strength of a leader lies in the core of how motivated his members are. Members can inspire a leader to move forward, to push through, to get going despite some constraints. Obstacles can pose a threat but it can't harm a group assembled in unity. 

But where is unity? Perhaps division is present and unity is still striding far somewhere and is still needed to anchor in each of our hearts.

On a side note, a leader's failure can also be attributed to indifference members are showing. And surpassing a goal is so far if division retrogrades a leader.

I have done and have been doing my part to exhort all of them, to let them feel that I'm worthy of the position they assigned me. 

Yet at the end of the day, without them the leader in me is equal to nothing.  A leader in me will be rendered incapacitated. A leader in me dies down. And a leader in me won't succeed to the goals set which should supposedly advancing now.

Everyone must remember that this endeavor needs a collaborative effort.

Until we erase the cancer of indifference nothing can be achieved. 


  1. Leading is a noble gesture. They chose you to lead. That means leadership was thrusted upon you. So take the mantle because you must. Eventually, you'll be surprised that you wear it well. Just give a little more dose of time, patience, and consideration. Then everything will turn out alright.

  2. there's so much about leadership that can only be learned through experience and practice. one of which that i learned is that as a leader, one must never be halfhearted. and that you should always be driven by both passion and compassion.

    1. You're so right Marvs! I guess I have displayed so much passion and compassion but I don't know how and why aren't they affected by it.

      One of my close batch mates had said, 'that some don't have time like me (true) but I asserted that if you really want to you'l find at least a fraction of your time to take part. She also said that some don't care or not that they don't care but they have their own lives to attend to (true) but a sneak peek on what's happening to our group page re: cause won't hurt their fingers. Also some just literally shut their time off to participate (true). --this is a frightening thought. It is because if they totally won't partake nothing can be achieved. It is a collaborative effort.

  3. Thanks you for your good thoughts Olivr. I'll brag to say that my rope of patience has been extended longer that I usually do. I have been weighing things lately if I'm going to post something like this. And my instinct favored me. Gusto ko lang din manggising ng kamalayan ng lahat. Gisingin sila to take positive action. Di ko naman hinihingi ang full time support but a li'l support spared from their busy lives would do. Eh yong hanging ka lagi ang hirap mag lead. Magtatanong ka walang concrete answers. Some would just put you in a waiting mode. It cannot be like that...hehehe...galit na ba ako? hahaha..nagpapaliwanag lang po..hehehe!

  4. Haha. Totally understood that. Been there, done that. It goes to show that there really is a problem on their part. The best action I think is to discuss things with them. I'm sure wala namang di nadadaan sa mabuting usapan (o maboteng usapan kung kinakailangan). As long as you know where you stand, then do what you think is right. Okay lang magalit so long as you're on the right position at the right circumstance.

    1. I know this can be patched up but the question is when? When time is running out and the people we wanted to help are seriously in critical health battle. Paano nalang..huhuhu! In this case kasi we can't extend time to wait kasi health battle ang kalaban namin dito. Ang hirap. Plus the fact na nasa abroad ka pa hay buhay. hehehe!

      Tama ka nga na di masama ang magalit somehow kung needed sa situation. Di naman ibig sabihin ng galit ko is on a personal attack kundi galit sa kabagalan ng pag aksiyon. Nangako pa naman kami ng tulong. To be exact, it's running for almost 2 months now...huhuhu!

    2. That's exactly my point. Time to give them a little push. They might need a seed crystal to precipitate out their urge to work. You're the leader after all, so be the catalyst.

    3. I had been and is still a tireless catalyst pero di na sa akin ang prob talaga ata sa kanila na. Sana lang they would reach out kung ano ang difficulty nila para magawan ng paraan for us to proceed. Kaya lang wala eh. :(

    4. ok then, 'til next time. i have to go back to work. haha. good luck

  5. Well, I enjoyed the exchange of intellectual ideas between the author and the commentator Olivr. I think this exchange deserves its own posts. lolz! peace people :)

    Juicy Jay, I understand your frustration, but to take it lightly I am hinting your situation has something to do with "last minute" habit of most Filipinos. Maybe it's not that your "constituents" are really not concern but they are maybe just attending to a more pressing issues on their individual lives. Patience is what you need right now...

    Btw, THANKS for adding my blog to your roll, I added you back and followed you in GFC, I'm # 38 (before Olivr I think). I hope you followed me back in GFC too. See yah around! (why "juicy" anyway?)

    1. Thanks Ms. Balut (kinda awkward calling you with that).
      I got your point there, that maybe they have some urgent issues individually. But like what I said, a sneak peek won't hurt. At least they can quickly reply, "Not now, Yes, No, Spare me as of the moment, I'm too damn busy" sort of few words.

      In terms of patience, I guess I'm the most patient person already. What I hate about this matter is the "paasa style". Promising something but short in delivering. And yes, if patience can be weighed. Let's say I got 100kgs of it, I guess I need to work to gain 1,000kgs more.

      What is GFC by the way, sorry I'm not familiar with the acronym. Can you orient me?

      There is a story about the "Juicy Jay" pseudonym..LoLs. It's in my blog entry..hahaha

    2. I was laughing out loud when I found out that GFC is Google Friend Connect..hahaha..

    3. I came back to laugh with you about the GFC ha ha ha!

      About "Juicy", well let me know the link on that entry, I'm interested to read that ha ha

  6. well i never got a responsibility as big as that the only thing i manage to organize is one of our past reunion of my highschool mates
    hmmm communicate more maybe i really dont know what to do haha
    but i guess more than anything the priority must be for those mates that were ill maybe
    i know everything will be settled soon with longer patience and faith to god nothing bad will happen

    1. Thanks Mecoy for your words.
      By the way let me address your points:
      1. Communicatio-wise I am rich at that. I always communicate, always reaching out, always gathering updates, always reminding. So in that department I'm full
      2. Patience-wise -- As I've said in my other replies, I have been extending my patience big time. But yeah, I'm still willing to persevere more.
      3. Faith without action is tantamount to nothing.


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