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Friday, October 14, 2011

Wake Up

     What keeps you motivated to wake up...err..I mean to wake up early and enthusiastically?

     Waking up early in the morning, in my opinion, is the best. Unang una, nakaka inspire makita si Haring Araw na sumisikat palang at ang dampi ng "sun rays" sa ating mga mala-porselanang kutis ng balat ay sadyang napakasarap sa pakiramdam.

     As the say, our sun produces energy and vitamins which our body needs. So, that's basically the primary reason why I always wake-up as early as I could even when there were times na "puyat ako. Especially, kapag mayroon akong lakad or importanteng gagawin, kahit one hour sleep lang sa akin is enough na.

     It's Friday morning here in downtown Dammam and I'm off from work. BUT, I still be working since I'm rushing things (nagdala ako ng trabaho sa bahay----wow the first time ever since I joined my current company) due to a vacation which culminates like in a month. Yeheey! makakauwi na rin sa wakas. And looking forward to the more bondings with my family and friends and new acquiantances as well.

     I feel sorry that I need to turn down the hosting (emcee-ing) job in our community acitivity today. And I'll miss the teaching and bonding too.  But I need to since I really have to finished "bulk paper works" from the office today. I hate turning down favors but I only have one body and as our community teaches us "we should always learn to say no" when necessary. I am sure, with lots of talented and interesting people in the community, hopefully bro. Leo will be able to find one.

     Shifting aside, ano nga ba ang mga bagay that positively push you to wake up? And here's some random thoughts why I'm interested to wake up early everyday.

     1. I wake up to thank God for another day of my life.
     2. I wake up to feed my hungry stomach (ang
     3. I wake up to take a bath, fix myself and go to work (need to since work is my bread and butter).
     4. I wake up to reach out to people I love.
     5. I wake up thinking how can I be of help to someone in need for that day.
     6. I wake up excited to continue working on my dreams
     7. I wake up to think & work on things I love (like writing, reading & eating-:))
     8. Gumigising ako kasi may mga moments na masarap ang kape sa umaga (di ako coffee drinker, milk drinker ako with tea blend.)
     9. Gumigising ako kasi lagi kung gusto ang amoy ng pandesal and dairy cream sa umaga (kahit wala dito sa kinaroroonan
     10. Gumigising ako kasi gusto kung makita ang masasayang ngiti ng mga taong mahal ko.

     So, If I may ask you, "What motivates you to wake up early everyday?


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