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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Dozing-off which seemed like a thousand years?

This can’t be happening!

And it’s far from a writer’s block either. I have a number of topics to be written about but lately I have been such a “lazy bug” –a bitten lazy bug. I have been into “Me Time” for the past days and it’s killing me. I needed to wake up from the hiatus mode. It has been such a daze. It’s like I’m dozing-off for a thousand years.

Few days back, I randomly browsed the web for some blogging tips and here’s what I found. Just a thought of sharing it to you guys, especially for those who are about to start-up their blogging interest.  These are helpful tips that could make better your blog site. Take a full read and benefit from it.

I ran across this helpful tips when I was browsing for a different thing. I won't say what's that about though. LoL! It's secret and you guys don't ask about it either. LoL! 

It seems like I'm just fillin' up the time where I could have made a more credible entry. But heck! I am so darn lazy these past forty-eight hours. I just feel like cuddling my pillows, listening to mellow songs, and sleep. It's like "Eat, Sleep, Cuddle" and not the "Eat, Pray, Love". LoL..hahaha. 

I guess, it a clear indication that winter is around the corner. As I quote our accountant saying: "Jay! it's like you've set your mind for the big day already" while he laughed audibly. 

And so guys, pagtiyagaan nyo na muna ang entry kong eto ha. Minsan dumadating talaga sa point ng isang "writer" ang mga ganitong mood. Walang ganang magsulat, walang ideyang pumapasok. Kumbaga sa pangingisda, madalang ang huli.

Okies, have a fun-filled read. LoL! :)  Scri-mi curind!


  1. Well that was a good read. Thanks so much for sharing that. I am a confused blogger (i think) haha! Ive been posting about almost anything which I think will create a little confusion. But heck thats who I am and I think blogging is actually something that someone can freely do, thus the blogger can basically post about anything. :) Anyway thanks for sharing that article!

  2. Thanks! I am too...whatever ideas pops out of my mind and I'm in the mood to write it no one can stop me. I just blog just about anything din. Pero, I'm considering na rin to blog topics with series or something with chapter to look forward too.


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