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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Worthy Cause - Part 3

     Good day guys! And whooah! akalain mo yon magkakaroon pa pala ng Part 3 ang WORTHY CAUSE post ko...hehehe...

     Kidding aside, this continuation is all about the photos I took while we're sorting and packing the relief goods generously donated by our loving and kind community people. Kudos to them!

     In volunteerism and charity works, there is a priceless joy and satisfaction. A joy that radiates from your inner core and makes you feel good about yourself. Have you had this feeling? I bet you do....

     By the way, let your eyes ride through the candid shots, bro. Carl, bro. Edmund, and I took while sorting is in progress that night of Tuesday, October 10 at the center (venue's name withheld for security reason).

Satt on my left, ME, Jojo peeking in front & somehow a terrifed Owen..hehehe

busy Carl, laughing Owen, Jojo in striking yellow shirt and Satt on the far right

ME arranging clothes inside the box, Owen handing me over, Leo sorting out and Jojo

ME and Carl sorting out clothes from the plastic bags
     Below are some of the piled-up clothes we need to sort-out and put in a "balikbayan box". There's a funny short story about the boxes we used. While on our way to the center, Satt and I look forward to do the task,  but when we reached there we found out na wala pa palang balikbayan boxes na paglalagyan. "Anak ng pating na puti ang karne! hahahaha...So, our dear bro. Leo and Chad had to rushed to the nearby SKY FREIGHT office to buy some boxes. Good thing, Tita Ging was able to offer one box for us to start the packing.

Some donations from loving and kind community people

ME sorting out
     And what made us boisterously laughed that night was when bro. Sattie and bro. Jojo tried out few of the ladies wear and starting goofing around. We're laughing our hearts out when we realized that when they fit it in, the clothes almost tear apart since malalaki sila...hahaha. It was such an awkward moments but so funny as they goof around. I can't show you their photos here baka "pagalitan" ako...hahaha...Baka sabihin sa akin "the unbecoming of an SFC Leader"..hahaha...

     By the way, sorry guys, if some of the people involved in the sorting and packing were not seen in these photos. I just took some random photos kaya di ko na na-include ang iba....

     Beneficiaries of this effort will be the victims of typhoon PEDRING which recently devastated our country. It's a noble act for us OFW's to do this kind of thing as a gesture of reaching out to our fellow countrymen who have lost their homes and livelihood. People who needs immediate assistance.

So this is it. Back to work mode now. :))))


  1. You also do volunteer work? I've spearheaded an outreach program and is working on a second one but I would love to help out.

    How can I get in touch with you on this?

  2. Yes, especially if my schedule permits me to do so. Gusto ko kasi ang mga ganung work work..hehehe.

    Kay, I'm currently working overseas, but I'm excited to work with your cause as well basta ba pwede ang sked ko everytime magbabakasyon ako.

  3. Ahhh ... sige lemme know. I met gasoline dude when he was here in the PI for a few days. It would be nice too if we'd meet.

  4. And for some reason, magaan loob ko sayo. Add me up on facebook. - - syempre do not publish this comment diba? hahaha


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