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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


If you're a reader here, you may have noticed (maybe) about how many times I did changed my blog name. I don't know but there's this certain feeling of dissatisfaction in me which drives me to modify again and again my blog name.

I started with a name "JEST OF JAY". It runs for few months.

It was followed by "Scribbles Of My Mind". I guess it has its share of weeks or so.

Then after, it became "Scribbles Of A Free Mind"

But my innovative mind once again modified it to "Word Is To Be Written As Life Is To Be Lived."

If I may remember it only run for like a week or so.

Then there's a new name "Scribbler's Block". This one has the shortest stay. It only run for like 2 days.

NOW, I am settled with this name, "Rafol's Draw of Thoughts". It will be my last modification. I feel like it's cool if it carries my last name though it sounded a bit weird and awkward since once you read it, it's like you're into "raffle draw" that's the uniqueness I saw. Only reason that I'll be sticking to it for life....I guess..:)))

So officially, my permanent blog name will be "Rafol's Draw of Thoughts"


  1. What happens if you change it again? Haha

  2. Hahaha..Kay, it might can be..again..hahahaha


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