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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Juicy Jay

It was quite sometime now since I've been actively blogging and only just now that I was intrigued to use a catchy name. A self-coined name way back in December of 2009 when we're having a random photo shoots in a seaside here in my current place. 

As far back as I can recall, it was a random photo shoot done by bro. Aris for the purpose of putting a calendar for 2010 based on the birthdays of the person participated and the title if I'm not mistaken was "HOMBRE DE CALENDARIO". LoL. What a name! hahaha!

This was what I'm talking about:
Juicy Jay
JUICY JAY? LoL, quite funny isn't it. I just want people to laugh their hearts out when they see my name on the upper right portion of my blog. Maybe it'll work, maybe it'll be awkward. But nonetheless, gagamitin ko pa rin 'to. Walang basagan ng trip. Kanya kanya lang yan. hahaha.

Hmmm..Will it arouse different reactions? Will it stereotyped me to someone I'm not. But then, it's up to the first impressionist and it's up to the personality diggers. LoL. 

While doing this entry I can't stop myself from laughing. Hahaha. Even me is quite in a bit disagreement. But, my purpose is just plain and simple. I just want to use a name to spread laughter and for readers to be in wide grin after they saw it. LOL! (What's happening to me? Jay, are you still in sanity?) LOL.

And the answer is YES! Yes, I am still in my sound mind. It's just the idea that creeps the hell out of me. LoL. Whatever reactions, comments, or beyond that it won't affect me or none will be ever matter, I am who I am. I am free to choose any pseudonym I want to. And no one can stop me except my own.

Just bear with me guys, And just laugh your hearts out boisterously. CHEERS!


  1. Nice name you have there sir :)) nice calendar too! gawa ko for next year, gawin mong give-away for Christmas hehe

  2. Ahahaha! Thanks..we've agreed kasi na lagyan ng funny adjective ang first letter ng names ng lahat ng kasali sa Calendar...since malikot ang isip ko. Ako ang nag-bansag sa lahat..LOL..hahaha


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