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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stag Party

I was startled! 

Completely surprised that I was just tongue-tied and had a blank yet suspecting stare.

I am actually planning for one. And I even think yet unsure if a stag party is a party thrown-away for the engaged bachelor by close friends or the bachelor himself host it. 

Last Friday, I must say, was like an epic, first-of-its-kind, classic fun, and unconventional kind of stag party. I never knew it would be that early as I have my separate plan to throw a stag party for myself next week. 

Never did I thought that the culprits --SFC Dammam Boys, as masterminded by the Unit Leader Sattie McScotty would host a "Stag Party" (our modified verison) for me and bro. Roy when all I was expecting was just a Unit Assembly as he disclosed to me when we're talking about some details. He even told me that I should take a rest in the "creative department" of our Unit since I always take a critical role in almost all the creative side in any of the activities we do.

And so the party had began.

My suspicion grew bigger and clearer when I saw sets of condom in a box which at first I thought it was special balloons -- poor boy. LoL! hahaha! 

And so we were called in front. Two of us cross-seated. The first game was like a "bottom line" kind of stuff. People around were asked to look for any object from around the "House of Voices". Anything that they want to pick out or up and let them explain in a "naughty way" associating us why they choose that particular thing. It was funny though since some of them can't even ace how to deliver a funny/naughty explanation about the object they were holding. And it was like so off that bursting into laughter is like far from happening. Good thing, some were so spontaneous that rendered the everyone in audible laughter. It was like an ice-breaker since after that the fun continuously soaked in.

There comes a point where the top three funniest jokes graced with an opportunity to ask us with a "straight-forward & inside the-baul" kind of naughty question. I don't know if some thought that Roy and I would pass with a question or won't answer it. But to their surprise, we did what must be done. We answered all their questions without any second thoughts.  We're unsure if some were a bit shocked, or in disbelief. Or maybe they weren't even thinking that I've done this or done that. Well, surprises are surprises. You'll never know unless you've asked me before. It all boiled down on how far and deep have they knew me. LoL!

The crazy part of the party was when we grouped them into three and the boys had to present a "naughty dance" for us. This time, I can hardly hear due to the boisterous cheers and laughter surrounding the room. And what made it so wacky was that the performers didn't even realized they were videotaped by bro. Ken as I prodded him to do so. Sorry guys, I still need to grab a video copy from bro. Ken to upload it here. Just watch out for it.

That night was awesome. And the poker game wherein I lost 3 times and was punished to wear a blouse they borrowed from Sis. Mico . I can't hardly contain myself since the blouse was too-fit and the portion near the under arms was like tightly gripped and I was really uncomfy. They told me to wear it until the party is done, but I took it off after twenty minutes I guess.

You might wonder there ain't no girl wrapped in box as a present for us. Just to let you know, we are in a very strict country and having one would risk ourselves into a prison cell if caught in the act. So, we did the party in a modified version--our own version. A version safer and funnier.

Photos and Videos to be uploaded soon. 



  1. hahahah! Will give you some more of the so called balloons...wahahaha! don't upload the video masisira ang basag ng pangalan ko! hehehe! pwede magkaroon pa ako ng booking niyan ....hehehe!


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