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Monday, October 10, 2011

Goodbye Is Easy But Hard To Say

      While I was eating my dinner (mind you my dinner is a big round "kubus with cheese") I suddenly remember my account in  If you'd ask why I maintain an account there, well, I'm a guy who's a lover of prose and poetry. It's my biggest dream to write down a great song's lyrics and submit it to a song writing search or competition and be interpreted by a famous artist of my choice. I have lots of poems in store in that site. So going back, without a second thought I quickly open my account there (good thing I am organized when it comes to different emails from different websites that's why I don't have a bad experience in the net having trouble signing in/logging in due to forgotten account or password). 

     And here's what caught my attention when I finally accessed it. It was a poem I wrote during Pinoy Big Brother -Season 1 Edition. To bring you down the memory lane, this was the time of Nene, Jason, Cass, Uma and others which I've forgotten already. When the controversial Chix Alcala was evicted I wrote this poem. Damn, I was freakin' hooked with that Season 1 and I must assume all of you did the same too. Well, for reason that's it was the first reality show that ever landed in our prime time TV.

The PBB Season 1
     By the way, the title of the poem is the same with the title of this post and here it goes:


I came here to start a life
Inside a house ashamed of light
With strangers I learned to mingle
Like a meek sheep roaming the jungle

I came here to share my life
Inside a house with big brother's sight
Strangers now turned to great peers
Or maybe lovers starting an affair

I came here to share my dream
To be real whatever it may seem
Carefree, bubbly a group that is what we
In the big brother's house from dusk 'til wee

Now a twist has come to life
We need to vote-out another's pride
Our mind resist but decision persists
It's not ours but from the big bro's verdict

Tears fell down it can't be denied
It will flow down and should be cried out
Leaving the house doesn't mean ending
But greater friendship is just a beginning

Time now has come to cease
In big bro's house I will be release
Minutes away from my sudden eviction
People has come to a hard decision

Leaving big bro's house I can hardly step
My pace as if loaded with grief
There will always be a kind of misery
Every night in my wildest fancy

If I'm gonna ask I want to stay
But I hold no power but to obey
Decision has come to its finality
My whisper utterance I want to convey


     This was written way back November 6, 2005, Whew! six years had passed and I can still recall the scenes that night when one evictee should go out of the PBB House.

     And here's my "Author Comments" in the lower portion of the post in that site:

Author's Notes/Comments: 

     "This are my thoughts transcripted to a poem minutes from Chx eviction. Undeniably, I have learned to love Chx for her candidness and being true to herself.  She has this great guts to act what she think and that makes her distinct from other.  She doesn't care of criticism as long as her actions speaks truly for herself."

     So there you go guys, I was just having a memory recall and it just so happened that the first thing that crossed my mind was this incident. Correct me if my eardrums had it wrong, I guess there will be another upcoming season for the PBB later this year or early next year. I need to verify this information.

      Goodnight and God bless everyone!


  1. This post is very timely to me Tito Jay...hehehe! i dont want to elaborate more...wahehehe!

    Tito DonPhero


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