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Monday, October 31, 2011

Follow Me

Follow Me! I'm begging....LoL!

I've started blogging officially last year. As far back as I can recall it was August of 2010 but not so active compared today. I've been writing though but not in blogs. I remember my account in the once famous "friendster". Poor site, I guess it was converted more as gaming site since it was outdone, outwitted, and outsmarted by other social network such as these enslaving and addicting Facebook and Twitter. Not to discount the fact that MySpace, Tumbler, Multiply and etc. had their own followings too.

Now, I'm more addicted to blogging. As a self-acclaim writer (kuno!), I decided to step-up in my writing. A hesitant me took it so long to explore online blogging since I'm the type of homo-sapien whose literally not tech-savvy enough to easily know all about this blogging thing by myself.

Few of my techie-friends would tell me "Jay, you're such a dumb-ass in the tech-world". Yeah, they're so true as I'm not really smart when it comes to technological advances and innovation. Well, perhaps because I'm not really putting my focus into it. Plus the fact that I don't follow trends of any kind. Let's put it this way, "I'm living a simple life" or "I'm trying to simplify my life." Hahaha! Such excuses...hahaha. Uhu! Actually, it's not really an excuse. I've decided to just live by my needs and not by my wants. It's more on necessity than pure luxury.

While peeking to some blog sites earlier, a thought just popped-out of me. I've noticed most of the bloggers have followers more than 20 and holy crap! mine was like 13? How is that? LoL! So, I've decided to search some tips on how to gain followers in my blog. And here are few of the tips I browsed:

Rule #1. Stay on topic: Pick a topic that you love and stick to it. 
Rule #2. Optimize your blog. Learn to use key words to get more traffic in the search engines.
Rule #3. Keep your post short. There are few people that will read anything longer than a few paragraphs.

LoL! And I officially declare those three rules a 100% horse manure, not to mention BORING.

I present to you Single Dad Laughing's revised list.

Rule #1- Write about whatever the heck you want to write about. You can keep some general topics. But if you haven't noticed, SDL is all over the place and most survive the experience intact.
Rule #2- What is optimization? Why worry about search? Somebody clicking in because a friend told them to come visit is 10,000 times powerful than somebody clicking in the search engines. Focus on what will make that happen instead.
Rule #3- Keep it serious? Are you serious? Yes, most of the time, but use however many words you need to use if you're putting an important message out there. The bullying post is somewhere in the area of 4,000 words. That's around 19 pages, double spaced, and in it's first three days it had more than a quarter million views.
Rule #4- In addition to the message, pictures of really cute children in cowboy hats seem to work well too. Attempts at whistling are a big plus.

Rolling on floor while laughing my heart's out! At least the revised rules didn't disappoint me as I'm doing what's stated in there. I mean, most of them. I don't need to worry whether my post would go five miles long. It's up to one interested reader to patiently scroll down and read more. And I'll rely on the "word of mouth" marketing strategy more. LoL! :)

Note on Rules: Excerpts from Dan Pearce article.


  1. Have you followed me? Hahahaha ....

    posts about heartbreak and falling in love works as well ...

  2. Yes I did. LoL :)))

    Awww..that's a sad one. I don't wanna get back to my past relationship. It's pang "maalala mo kaya" LoL. Hmmm..let's try.

    You're such a smart-ass (sorry for the word) but it's a compliment though..hehe..thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I've been brewing my love story for quite sometime now and I need to make it more interesting. LoL. So that, once published, I'll gain hundreds more viewers/readers. LoL....:)))


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