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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Busy October

I almost forgot, it’s the last day of the 10th month of the year. None can be seen posted as entry and I’m quite sad – just a little sad.

Perhaps neglect is an overstatement. No! not neglect but the non-posting of entries during this month was due to several important reasons. And there is actually one big reason that occupied almost all my time during this month. – being a fist time dad to our first born

My wife gave birth last October 5, 2012 to a bouncing baby boy named “DAMIEN CALEB”. Guess what? The name we gave him came from my blog contest won by his soon-to-be-ninong JEO BELOY of Go Figure

I am a first time dad and I’m enjoying it big time. Nothing can beat the feeling of being a neophyte dad. It’s priceless. Seeing your son for the first time is an unmatchable joy. Watching him open his eyes, grin a lot of times helped me de-stress.

And here is my new bundle of joy, the keeper of my faith, the testament of my love to my wife, the binder of our faith and the greatest gift God had bestowed upon us.

By the way, there will be major changes in my blog -coming soon. So please watch out for it.

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