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Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Our 8th Year - A Service With A Heart

I can still recall when I was approached by our dear President to be part of this social organization some eight years ago. I am amazed with the burning desire of this person to help that it would be perfect if I can work hand in hand with the then young organization he pioneered.  I was on their family flat in Al Khobar having a visit and probably eating something (a native delicacy I guess), when he told me this:

Mr. President: “Would you like to join us in our organization?
Me: Sure! It's a privilege as I myself is inclined to these kinds of works.

Being socially inclined with this kind of work myself, I never even blink my eyes before I say my sweet “Yes”. Wow, it has been eight straight years. And we have gone so far and will continue to soar high to cater to the needs of the less privileged kids in our hometown. It is such an honor to be part of a social cause which aims to help prepare young kids - let alone less fortunate ones - to reach their dreams and somehow reciprocate the acts to others when they are already in capacity to do so.

Kasimanwa Ko - a name derived from two words: "Kasimanwa" which is an Ilonggo dialect for "living in the same place" and followed by the possessive pronoun "Ko" which simply means "my".

Why am I writing about this social organization? Well for few reasons though. I, for one, is a bona-fide officer of this social endeavor. Another thing is, it's worth an article in my blog. But there is one main advocacy I am trying to emphasize and highlight as I go along with this post.

Many, if not all of us, have an attitude of helping others. Am I right? It is our implied and intrinsic quality as Filipinos to lend a hand whenever we see people in dire needs of our assistance.. We always put our best foot forward to offer anything we can humbly offer for help. Thus, this social cause was born eight years ago. 

The movers and shakers of this social organization as spearheaded by our driven, passionate, and vibrant leader - Mr. Erwin Relox - have come in unison for just one purpose - to make a difference in kids lives.

These kids in our hometown if given the chance to be properly educated can impact a change in our community. In a bigger picture, in our society. It is but remarkable to hone them at their early age so that we can help improve the literacy rate in our community.

Our association focuses on uplifting the literacy level of less privileged kids in our native town by providing them school assistance. We have various programs upon which we support focusing on their welfare.

Yet at the forefront of this endeavor, we need help from genuine people with a generous heart. We cannot simply continue building the dreams of these kids if we, alone, will move. We need your hands in making their dreams come true.

As a gesture of our collective desire in meeting their needs we have launched this program called "Lapig Kag Papel" project. It's our 8th year now. This one focuses on the school necessities of these less privileged children upon which accessing school is a major concern for them since they are literally uncapable of doing it.

Getting these kids a proper and well-deserved education is a big transformation to start with. Let us do our share to create a difference to these kids' lives who have been denied of the right to education due to poverty and isolation in our native town. Your immediate action will save a young kid from loitering on the streets in the future or even become a liability of our society by resorting to illegal acts due to insufficient knowledge on how to live a decent life.

You humble help highly matter to us. And the kids' smiles will be their gesture thanking you all for the generosity you have extended. 

To send in your help and other information about our works, just visit our website at Kasimanwa Ko Association - feel free to like our Facebook page Sibuyan KasimanwaKo and be part of us or be one of us in molding these young kids to be our future leaders or social workers as well.

God bless all potential generous donors.


  1. You're really into this daddy Jay... Galing...

    We both love making kids happy...

  2. My high school friends had been donating a lot of things twice a year in an orphanage I introduced to them. I will tell them about this organization and they might want to contribute in their own little ways. I myself is interested with the organization's goals and objectives. More power!

  3. no wonder why god blesses you abundantly jay!
    youre a noble man and so this organization
    thumbs up para sa advocacy niyo
    sana lang ay capable na ko para makatulong kaso as of now parang di pa
    pero in time sana magawa ko din

  4. That's my dad. Kaya proud ako sayo na maging tatay kita. May mabuti kang puso. Nahawaan mo nga ako nang iyong kabutihang puso e. Kodus sa adhikain nyo. Pano ba ako makakatulong?

    Happy 8th year :)

  5. happy 8th year jay. tulong lang ng tulong. i remember one time i was able to roam around romblon and the area is so pristine. while life is laid back to almost those who live near the shore i bet it is quite the same in the mountains. just the same, we need to help our brethren. just a thought, we kinda have the same dialect though as we are just island neighbors...

  6. Thank you so much Jovs for the article! Simula palang I know you will be of big help to the group. I hope dumami pa tayo para mas dumami pa ang mga batang matulungan natin.

  7. Wow eight years. Thats awesome. Marami pa rin talagang pinoy ang may mabubuting puso lalo na dito sa blogosphere. :-D

  8. Awww... nakakatuwa naman kayo na mismo ang unang gumawa ng hakbang upang lalo pang mapagbuti ang kalagayan at level ng edukasyon ng mga kabataan sa Sibuyan. Nakaka inspire talaga ang mga ganitong gawaing pagtulong sa kapwa.

    God bless you all!

  9. Wow ang bilis ng panahon... Thanks Jay... Tama si Erwin,isa kang haligi ng K2A...

  10. Wow Daddy Jay, ang galing nyo naman. Sakabila ng mga tinatamasa nyong ginahawa e hindi nyo kinakalimutang tumulong sa mga nangangailangan. Very noble deed.

    God bless you more, daddy Jay! :) See you soon! (paulit ulit na ang see you soon ko. Hahaha!)

  11. ang galing mo daddy jay. im sure well blessed ka kasi you always get yourself involve with this kind of activities.

  12. congratulations on the 8th year of service daddy jay! More years to come, and God bless your wonderful heart...:)



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