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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Awesome Blogger - January Edition

The King of CDA with his chinito looks
How time flies fast. Only few days are left and January will turn over its calendar reign to February.

Speaking of February, we know that flowers and gifts are running out at every store during this month. People especially love birds are in a hurry to choose which gift shall they offer to their beloved. 

February is the season of the heart. A time of the year when you frequently see red color in a heart-shaped object. Love songs can frequently be heard playing in every music station. Love fills the air. Romance takes its center stage. How lovely isn't it?

But before February finally snatch its time from January, allow me to delight you first with my "Awesome Blogger" for January edition. Originally, my plan was to feature blogger on a weekly basis. But I realize how tedious a task it is. In addition, there are some high priorities that I need to attend which demands more of my time. So, I decided to make it on a monthly basis. 

Moving ahead, there are a number of bloggers online that are way too interesting to follow and worth featuring. And it is one of the reason why I find it difficult to decide who among them will take the first ever title in my January edition. 

Bloggers are now becoming like my family in the online world. The closeness we share are remarkable. Some of which are gearing up by taking their blogging experience to the next level through involvement in social work. I really can sense a strong force of unity amongst us.

Now, with careful consideration, I finally have chosen my very first awesome blogger to take the January slot for the elite circle of 12 through out the year.

And without much ado, I present to you the "AWESOME BLOGGER" for January. His royal highness - the King of Chateau De Archieviner - ARVIN ERICK VICENTE - who claims that I'm his lost dad in the online world. (LoL! I demand a DNA-test) hahaha!.

I choose him as my pioneer for some interesting and awesome facts about him. And here are the "awesomeness" of this blogger-s0n of mine. (dyuk? - gaya-gaya lang)

  • He is a funny guy, spot on, and always find every reason to entertain his blogger friends through his timeless and sometimes "corny" jokes -yet benta pa rin.
  • His blog is a mixture of different phases of his emotions - may it be on a serious mode, about dreams, about drama, about aspirations, about melancholy, and most of all his natural comedic approach - I must say "just anything under the sun".
  • He's based in New Caledonia - a French protectorate in the Southwest Pacific Ocean approximately 1,210 kilometers east of Australia.
  • He's working as an accountant in a Korean-based construction firm.
  • He's an OFW obviously.
  • He is the proud of owner of the famous tagline "dyuk" - in English "joke" or "just kidding"
  • His flashy smile is a living testament of how he writes his comedic masterpieces.
  • He is the funniest and bubbliest guy I've met in the blogosphere but he confessed that "he's a shy guy" - uso pa ba yun? Perhaps in his case...hehehe!
  • He's the guy who claimed me as his "online dad" hehehe- kaka flatter naman - kilig much? hahaha
  • He is one of the founding members of "Pinoy Bloggers Outreach"- a social cause group that focuses to help the less privileged kids in our society.

Today, he's the man of the hour. Hail to the king of CDA. This month's "Awesome Blogger". To get to know more about him you can visit his blog site Chateau De Archieviner and his Facebook page as well Arvin Erick Vicente


Awesome Facts stated above are based on how I know him as a person. None from the descriptions above were solicited from him. Purely, it is based on how deep I know him as a person.

Watch out for the next feature in February. Who will it be? Let me count the ways.


  1. Grabe...Sobrang Gwapo ng Awesome Blogger mo Daddy... Wow lang... lol

    He's a funny guy and we are all excited to see him next week.

    Hindi pa man kami nagkikita, I consider him as a friend na sa kabila ng sobrang kwelang personality eh maasahan din naman sa mga usaping may lalim.

    Ang saya ng ganitong post. Honoring fellow bloggers. I lurve it since we share the same passion and maganda naman na tayo-tayo rin ang nagtataas at hindi nagbababa ng ating bandera bilang mga unsung heroes of modern literature. Ganyan...

    Pauna pa lang ito at excited na ako sa 11 more bloggers for this year. Yey

  2. This post is awesome hehe, glad to know Arvin more! Hail to the King! :D no dyuk.

  3. Sya pala si Arvin! Haha dyuk! Buti di ka na-offend Daddy Jay na clinaim nyang ikaw ang Daddy nya, e too young ka to be his daddy :)

    Anyways, really nice to read who you see Arvin, as a blogger and as a person. We, I guess, all look up to him for being such a positive and happy person.

  4. Bad trip! Haba ng unang comment biglang nawala ang connection. Ang sarap putulan ng ulo ang internet company na ito!

    Anyway, as I said in my first comment, deserving talaga ang Hari ng ganitong recognition.

    When I first visited his realm, it was still a small castle with little virtual land. Small as it seemed, in my heart I knew that behind the castle-blog there’s a beautiful mind, a big gracious heart, and a fascinating smile. Indeed, as months went by, his realm has grown and extended its borders. Wala itong halong pambobola, kahit madalas ako mambola, hehehehe! Dyuk lang!

    I said to myself one time that this blogger is really special. I was delighted when I saw his segment about OFW’s. Finally, there’s place in the blogosphere for OFW’s! Napabilib ako dahil as a blogger he has a clear sense of purpose and has a goal in blogging.

    Shucks! I’m writing this like I have a man-crush with Arvin. But who wouldn’t be? The guy is a great blogger. Unlike Sen. Sotto and his staff who probably cheated during their exams and who have a total absence of creativity in their grey matter, His Majesty is truly a weaver of precious and powerful words. Words that inspire and words that could give voice to us voiceless. He has flair for words that are capable to transmit and impress his emotions and thoughts to his readers and followers. His weaving of words proved to be powerful enough to make a dream or an idea materialise in reality, making it come to pass. He’s one among the great ones who have taken blogging to the next level, something that would put to shame Sen. Tito Sotto’s shameful act of belittling bloggers.

    I have proclaimed him one of the most iconic bloggers of that circle to which I belong, and it’s really a great thing to be connected with His Majesty in the blogosphere. It would be such an honour for me to meet him personally and feature him in my blog.

    I hope such recognition would make his realm greater and more progressive- moving hearts, inspiring people to make a difference, and empowering the expatriates like us.

    And even if the DNA test would prove that your not virtually related, wouldn’t it be such a privilege to be the patron of such royalty?

    Kudos to His Majesty, Arvin, King of the Château de Archieviner!

  5. Hail to the king! Love his dyuk!

  6. Ay si Arvin pala ung nasa picture, akala ko sa Tom Cruise... Chos!!!

    Hahaha, congrats Arvin. Enjoy the limelight :D

  7. Naks! Buma-blogger of the month si Crusher ko!! Hong gwapo lalo na with the coat and the tungkod, lakas maka-lolo.. dyuk! Hail to the King!

  8. Congrats to Arvin! he deserves to be in this post. He is always supportive of his blogger friends at may pagka philantropist pa. PBO is a great endeavor. Good initiative too for Jay.

  9. Whahaha. Nahihiya ako. Bakit nagkalat ang mga pic ko. Pano na ako magiging anonymous nyan. lol

    Privileged to na maging awesome blogger mo for this month. Naoverwelmed ako. Hindi ko alam ang sasabihin ko kundi ang gwapo ng awesome blogger mo. haha

    PS: totoo shy guy ako. Can't wait to see u next week :P
    Daddy Jay walang katapusang maraming salamat :D

  10. Yan tayo Arvin eh! hahahahaha..
    Smile pa lang ni Kuya Arvin alam mo ng joker eh..
    Looking forward of meeting you both sa Feb..

  11. Anne - thanks for dropping by. Abot tenga ang ngiti ng ating kamahalan.

  12. Senyor - Hongwapo talaga ng anak ko ano? hehehe..thanks

  13. Mr. Tripster - Wow, as always the long and sensible suki sa mga comments. I'm glad you're around to give us wisdom and thoughts to ponder. More of it. Thanks much :)

  14. Phioxee - Walang mapagsidlan ng tuwa si kamahalan, kung pwede ko nga lang pagalawin para ngumiti ng ngumiti yang unang picture ginawa ko na hehehe..Thanks much

  15. Michy - Hi din daw sa'yo. Sana ma meet mo siya pag uwi namin hehehe

  16. Joanne - wow..appreciate to the max din si crusher wohoooo...hehehe...tawa much ako sa "lakas maka-lolo" hahahaha

  17. Malou -ate, maraming salamat po. he deserves it

  18. Arvs - son, walang anuman! siyempre saan ka pa magmana ng kaguwapuhan mo kundi sa daddy mo..hahahahaha...kita kits soon.

  19. June - mana mana lang daw yan hahahaha..kita kits soon.

  20. Congratz, archieviner! :))

  21. Ikaw na ang anak ng buma-Back Street Boys at mala-GABBY CONCEPCION! LOL nabinat yata ako sa mga qualities mg AWESOME blogger na etoh ha ha...

    Yung ibang comment pa-share na lang ulet kay Mr. Tripster ;) But of course - HAIL TO THE KING!

  22. Ms. B- d ka maka move on sa Gabby C ha..hahaha..siyempre pipili na rin lang naman eh yung may class na hahahaha

  23. Wow! Those definitions of archie the king are really true. And he really deserved the title. By way, I am proud he call me mommy joy, kahit di kami related:) coz who wouldn't want to have a son like arvin? He is super duper cute in his own way:) and a young man with a big heart

  24. saludo ako kay haring Archieviner!
    interesting talaga yang taong yan isa yan
    sa want kong mameet dito sa blogosphere

  25. Huwaw! Si kamahalan pala ang featured blogger dito kay Sir Jay...

    Agree ako sa lahat ng awesomeness na nabanggit! At sa pagiging "GWAPO" nya as he claimed to be... pagbigyan hahaha

    Enjoy the limelight King Arvin!

  26. Bigatin na talaga tong si da king archieviener. Nakakatuwa talaga yung mga nabubuong friendship through blogging.

  27. Congratz sayo kamahalan! Hampogi oh! Naks! See you father&son. Hahaha!

  28. Congrats to you, aba, karapat dapat lang na Hari ang manguna.

  29. nadagdagan na naman pogi points mo arvin. lols. daddy jay pumayag ka na na ikaw daddy nya. :)

  30. natawa ako ser sa disclaimer sa huli :P


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