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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Really Excites You About Life?

When we think about life we're always confronted with various thoughts. Defining it -- is both easy and hard. Well, I guess your experiences defines what life do you live and the very words that comes out from your mouth and the actions that manifest through those words best explained what life you live.
A wide array of definitions has been explained what life really is all about. Definitions that comes from various people hailed from multiple cultural and racial backgrounds. Some says, "Life is life is a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you'll gonna get."(sssshh!--Forrest Gump--the movie). Others would define it as "the experience of being alive; the course of human events and activities."

There maybe countless definitions of what life is, but allow me to leave you this question: "What really excites you about life?"

Here are the solicited responses from my circle of FB friends about "what really excites them about life?" Let me cater you with their opinions, views, and general perception of that question?

These people hails from different family background, experiences, and aspirations.

     1. Emmanuel Icaranom-- A lover of life, full-blooded SFC-who has an infinite expression on anything.

He says:

Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once. What’s exciting about life is that every time we wake up, it gives us a new reason to know, love and serve the Lord. Every morning is a new hope for prisoners to believe that one day his liberation will soon come into reality. For some people, every morning they wake up is another chance to make one’s dream come true.

What’s exciting about life is that every morning we wake-up; it’s like a soap opera we’re watching in the television that makes us wait in the next exciting and interesting episode.

Every episode brings new insights and learning in life. It’s just up to us if we’re going to use it for our betterment.

What excites me about life is to see every single day that I’m growing emotionally, spiritually and financially. Yes, in life there are lots of struggles and challenges that we can’t avoid and that we need to face but those things makes our existence more meaningful and exciting. It gives colour to our world.

As the famous line of Forest Gump in its self titled movie, “Life is like a box of chocolate. You’ll never know what you gonna get.” Isn’t it exciting that every day we wake up there’s a new things that’s being offered to us? Isn’t it exciting to see that each day we overcome a certain trials in life; we grow in wisdom and love of God? Life is full of surprises and that what makes life exciting.

What are those surprises in life that we could have? What are those learning and new insights that we might have? What is the meaning of your existence? What’s the purpose of your life? The answers will be unveiled to us as we journey towards the exciting and challenging time that we will be having as we live in this world.

As we continue our earthly pilgrimage, let us ask the good Lord for the grace for us to know the very meaning of our existence. Let’s enjoy the journey as life excites us with its surprises. May God be praised now and forever! DEO GRATIAS ET BENEDICTVS DOMINVS!

2. Yves Barbasina- a kid's hardworking officer-volunteer of SAI (Silid Aralan Inc), a true-blooded and devoted SFC in San Rafael, Montalban.
He says:

What really excites me about life?

One day, when I was on the internet and chatting with my friends, one of them asked me a question that I had a hard time answering and explaining. “Bro , pano ba maging masaya katulad mo?” How to become happy like you? I then paused for a moment and think of the best advice that I could give. I then remembered my closest friend’s words when he was mentoring me, “You cannot become happy with your life if you don’t know your purpose,” That’s it, I chatted him back and said the same words.

My friend was right, life will only become meaningful, livable and exciting if there is a sense of purpose. Reading the book about The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren solidified this claim in me. Knowing my purpose will allow me to straightly move forward despite dozens of hardships and trials. It is now clear to me why I am alive, and that is because the Lord wanted me to serve. That’s the very meaning and the reason of my being.

Singles For Christ (SFC), Silid Aralan, Inc., and my Family. Why did I list them? Apparently, they are my life. They are the reasons why I am excited. I believe that the Lord wanted me to serve through them. Joining SFC had enormously changed my life, it did not only make me closer to God, but it also introduced me to people who helped me view life excitingly and meaningfully.

Silid Aralan is also fulfilling my purpose. When I joined Silid Aralan in 2007, it was purely for the sake of money, I needed to have job then so that I would be able to send my sister to school. The salary was actually very small as compared to what can to earn if I’ll work in the corporate world. But I was very diffident that my skills won't earn me ticket to companies. Thus, I prefer Silid Aralan. But I soon realized that this is the vocation which I love and will teach me many things. Planning and doing things that will help our youth are things which makes me excited. Silid Aralan molded me and I will never leave this institution no matter what happen.

Last but not the least is my family. I love my family. When my father died, I bowed that I will not leave them. I also believe that we cannot serve other people unless we served our family first.

In the world where life's excitement is mostly defined by money and luxurious things, others may consider this life as boring and unexciting.

They may so.

I am secured.

Life’s happiness and excitement are my continuing choices…

Life is exciting, we just need to choose it…

3. Ann Kristine Ballesteros--a highschool crush- witty and pro-active.

She says:

Life is exciting as it is.

Every second, every minute has its own motivation.

I am excited to wake up everyday because I want to see the people around me.

I am excited to go to work because I love what I do.

I am excited to go back home because I know that my family is waiting for me.

I am excited to sleep because I love sleeping so much.

Nice, clean and new things excite me but the simple intangible things excite and inspire me more.

Above it all, I am excited to live every single day of my life because I know that someday these will all gonna end...making me commence a new and more exciting everlasting life with God.

Life is indeed beautiful to the person who sees it as such. There's more to life than what we know. More to discover, more to take part with and more to enjoy. Whatever our circumstances maybe, it is our own motivation and resolve that'll make our life as exciting as it can be.

Guys, until my next blog. I hope you won't run out of patience following and reading my postings. Godbless and goodluck!


  1. life really uncertain, you don't know what's ahead of you... so you better make the right things... and if you made wrong things... make this as a platform to mold you as a better one.

  2. For me, I’m really excited to wake up every single day, knowing I am blessed with a loving family, I have a wonderful career, I have a very loving GG, I’m surrounded by a very supportive friends and most of all I have this chance of knowing and serving GOD.. Every morning gives me reasons to make this life very meaningful since this is just a borrowed time of LIFE… In this world we don’t know what will happen tomorrow… so let us focus for a present time, make the most of everything we have... Our life is a precious gift from God; He can take it anytime as he planned because we’re living not until forever but for a borrowed time …. Life is sorrow, overcome it, Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is a game, play it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it.”

  3. Life is beautiful, indeed it is. Seeing the positives rather than the negatives makes it even better. What excites me about life? The fact that I can make mistakes and learn from it. The fact that I wake up everyday thirsting for new adventures and new challenges. The fact that all my days ahead are signs of more exciting things to come my way. Thank you for posting this. Thank you for making me realize how exciting my life can still get. :)


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