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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Know Nothing About You

I know nothing about you;
My recognition is clouded wiht ecstasy;
My wit is perplexed;
But I am happy to hear you great story.

I know nothing about you;
But your angelic face is the reason I smile;
I can’t quit thinking of you;
Nor has plan to erase you in my mind.

I know nothing about you;
But why am I spending so much time and thought;
Why do all these things happening?
Can I call these sweet coincidence?

I know nothing about you;
But the impact is mind-boggling;
For a casual start we ended up attached;
Your presence is consuming me viciously.

I know nothing about you;
But beyond far distance is genuine respect;
Beyond physical absence blooms affection;
In each God’s happy day I dwell in love.

I know nothing about you;
Yet the feeling radiates mutual understanding;
The emotion explodes in high adoration;
It seek no explanation but affection and action.

I know nothing about you;
My longing persist in each God-given day;
My fantasies are real and enigmatic;
Courage to trigger my constant desire;

MAYBE….. I know nothing about you;
But my desire will conquer all the barriers.

     This poem was created way back July 23, 2007 when I was inside Power Books in Alabang Town Center browsing several books by Og Mandino, Dave Pelzer and Paolo Coelho. I wrote it after a meet-up with a girl.

     It was a gloomy afternoon then when a woman named Claire - a foxy lass from BF Resort in Las Pinas City, approached me and ask my assistance regarding a book she was searching which was authored by Paolo Coelho. The book's exact name was "The Alchemist". As much as I wanted to spoil her all about it since I already read the book twice my lips was rendered speechless. Speechless for two reasons: 1. She is absolutely foxy and smart 2. She is so kind and accomodating. Guys, won't you believe but she offered me to go with her for a coffee inside Starbucks after the book store chat which yours truly never hesitated. I just told her "KKB" nalang. Since nakakahiya naman if she'll pay for it alone even when she initiated that friendly gesture. She was interested since we both have common interest--and that's--reading. It's like we can sit or laid back whole day eating nothing especially if we are too hooked with a particular story. She discloses also that she's studying at Saint Paul- Manila with a degree in Tourism. A thing that sparks my interest more since I love travelling. But to cut the story short--our meet-up never ended into something special since after exchanging numbers I accidentally lost hers for reason that I just wrote it in a Starbucks tissue napkin. No regrets--afterall that afternoon is one of the best memories I have had.

     This is just part of my past and just retelling it for your delight. Have a nice read guys. Until the next entry. Have to prepare a slideshow for my talk in SFC Covenant Orientation on Thursday (January 27, 2011).


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