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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010- A Year That Was....2011- A Year Full of Exciting Promises.

Hey guys! I was out of this blog for quite so long, I admit it, time has been so elusive that I can’t even take a sneak peak most of the time in my blogsite. Running out of ideas to write (sort of a writer’s block headache) or what topic should I write in my blog.
 2010 was a busy year that was. Lots of things have been actively involved in. I feel guilty not having entries for several months, I mean the remaining months of 2010. How could I? I had so many things to juggle that time. To give you some bits of how busy I was, I normally start my day flexing my muscles while having a yawn from bed, coffee or milk tea coupled with bread with omelet toppings for breakfast. After donning with the breakfast I quickly proceed to what’s in store for me for that particular day. Hanging around with my lovely and goofy niece, an hour or so with her is so precious. Facing the PC for some net browsing, usually ending up stuck in Facebook (hahaha). It’s so addicting. (hahaha) and the remaining time will be spent for the itineraries I have for the day. Like some paper processing, meeting with friends, checking out what’s new in the bookstore, normally I’ll scan for new books there, attending trade fairs for business franchising, some exhibits, meeting up with SFC and some spiritual buddies for recollection or prayer groups meeting. Sometimes I do watch movie with my two grown-ups nephews. Rush to my regular late afternoon badminton session until not-so-late-at-night with my constant smash mates.
So there it was, that’s how I busied my mid-2010 until the remaining quarter of the year.
2010 has been a boomerang ride for me and my family, some ups and some downs, some challenges and some defeats, some joys and some “me” times…hehe….but definitely there were lots of fun though.
But 2011 is a promising year for me, still will be one of the busiest so far, but I guess the most vibrant and active year for my blogging. I have lots of topics in store for you and I promise to update you with everything that will be new in my life and all the things that I will be involved to. I will blog more this year and will be very visible in this blog site of mine. Photos will also scattered in every posting I’ll make so as things that associate with my entries. I am sure I will be flocked with a lot of stories and people and I’ll love the idea. I want more readers of my blogs, those who really have the drive to write and the eagerness to read lots.
2011 will be another challenging year for me, ups and downs will still be present to bring balance, but I hope more ups. It’s another 365 days to sew. And I’ll be the best tailor in the field sewing my 2011 life.
Anyway, I wish everyone an exciting and joyful ride this 2011. All glad tidings to your families as well. God bless. May we continue to trek the right path to happiness.


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