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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Afternoon of Unwinding With Good Old Friends

      This story happened way back August 5 & 6, 2006. I just thought of sharing it with you guys. Too bad I don't have photos to share with you since it's in the Philippines. But nonetheless, just enjoy the short story of good old friends.

      Saturday-August 05, 2006 - T’was Saturday, past one o’clock in the afternoon. I was relaxingly lying on our sofa, I busied my eyes watching a noontime show in a popular channel, though at times switching channels looking for some great watch. While watching, I was holding in my left hand my oldest sister’s mobile phone (sssshh! truth was i just took it from her table without her knowledge) pity on me guys, my mobile was banned by the network….hehe kidding..actually.. it needs repair. So back to the topic…Mobile phone in my left hand and remote control in my right….Heck! What a luxury of time I got it’s just that no one was watching with me so I had all the freedom to do the shifting of channels…Not far from me was my cute li’l nephew, who at that time, was very occupied playing with his li’l robot gadget. I turned my attention to the mobile phone, checking for nothing,(Note: It wasn’t my habit prying on to someone’s private messages, if there are any, so I occasionally leave it unread as a respect to the owner) not even attempting of grabbing opportunity using the mobile phone for my friends…I just looked at it as if I am expecting a text from someone important, but in fact none at all. Suddenly, to my great surprise, a familiar message alert tone rang. Anxious excited as I am, I quickly checked on it and what a blast! it was my dear good friend and classmate Michelle’s text. It says, " Gud pm , makikisuyo po sana kay Kuya Joven, pakisabi naman sa kanya if sama siya with us Loren and Randy punta sa SM Mall of Asia nood "Pirates of the Carribbean" The Dead Man’s Chest."(Note: not really the authentic text but at least the key element was there). That was the content of her message, so I secretly grinned, To my mind, Michelle didn’t even realized that I was holding my sister’s phone that time.

     Here comes the pleasant twist. I wasn’t sure then if I’m gonna go on with my naughty plan of cracking a practical goodtime jokes. But I thought, since it was just a joke, I went on, I replied, but instead of responding plainly to her I had planned a pretentious tricky joke that I knew would made her and my other friends go a li’l wild. I made it a point that I’ll be using my sister’s name as if she was actually the one replying to Michelle. So I replied her back like this " Ay, censiya na po, nasa Italy na kc siya magto-two months na". Immediately, she replied back and she was a bit stunned and anxious when she learned of my sudden exit from the country. Here’s what she said in text "Daya talaga ng taong yon di man lang paalam us." My kinda naughty practical jokes made it successful in the first base. I convincingly made her believed that it was really my sister who was replying her and that I truly was in Italy already. (Har!har!har!) The exchanging of texts went on for almost ten or so consecutive texts. A sudden feel of guilt consumed me. It made me realized that it wasn’t good of an idea to continue fooling my good friends whose only pure intention was to invite me for a movie. So I quickly replied her that all those texts were pure lies and it was just a masterfully planned practical joke…just for some spice and fun in our convy.

     But my idea didn’t stop there, when Michelle learned that I was just joking, I teased her to pass on the joke with Loren, who by that time was already been aware of my fancy out of the country text dialogue. So, without so much prodding, Michelle agreed to pass on the joke to my poor dear Loren. Michelle promised that whatever texts she’ll received from Loren she’ll be forwarding them to me. And so the bigger naughty plan happened and indeed, we successfully fooled Loren about our crazy idea. "Loren was a bit worried about me. She was like in a state of disbelief. Thinking why I leave without even informing her and others. Feeling sorry about the unsuccessful date we’ve planned a month ago.She even asked Michelle if she knew my email address believing that at least she could reach me via email." On the other hand, we kept in touch with Randy and secretly told him about our li’l idea just in case Loren would verify from him about the truthfulness of the texts. Randy agreed to cooperate with us with no hesitation at all and in fact a bit excited about how Loren would react on my absence. Whew! What a foolish creatures we are. Plotting an incident based on foolish fancy and making someone go wild and us mockingly laughing our hearts out.

     It was really a hilarious Saturday afternoon for me and Michelle. It was like I was in a high mood of ecstasy due to that funny and exhilarating stupidity of mine.

     So when Michelle has gone through the feeling of sudden li’l paranoia, we decided to discuss about our original plan of meeting together for a movie. We decided to set the time for that quick-planned meeting we are goin’ to have. We first discussed about the finality of the movie all of us will watch. Discussed, argued, agreed. So our minds finally concluded one decision.."Pirates of the Carribbean" was the last thing on our mind in favor of Michelle and Randy who weren’t able to watch the movie yet. Though at the back of my mind and Loren we highly favored the movie "Sukob" for a change of atmosphere. But then, since it was Michelle’s authentic idea we subtlety submitted our reluctant yes. Now, the talk thru text came as to how we meet? Michelle was suggesting that I’ll fetch Loren from her house co’z she and Randy will be coming together. And it would be of best interest for both of us to be meeting them both .I politely disagreed of fetching Loren since I will be too inconvenient for me to go North of Manila reason that I’ll be coming from the south Las Piñas City to be exact. They agreed. On the contrary, Loren was hesitant to come due to her belief that I was not around when they meet. Hesitation enveloped Loren’s mind. But then again, Michelle has this ability of convincing someone just to join in and even though Loren was in a layback mood she still agreed to show up.

     Sunday-August 06, 2006 - Sunday morning comes. I was alarmed by Michelle’s text reminding me of our planned afternoon siesta. I tended my quick response to her affirming her to count me in. Agreed time of meeting was 2:00pm, SM Mall of Asia. Part of our get together was actually to check the newly built mall believed to be the biggest and grandest of all SM Malls. Lot of good reviews and delightful talks I’ve been hearing from those people who happened to visit the said mall. So the feeling of excitement embraced me and maybe they felt the same too.

     So came 12:00 noon, I wasn’t even busy preparing myself nor fixing what I’m gonna wear. Still undecided, I replied Michelle if I could just pair a simple shirts and a walking short with presentable slippers. I gauged she wasn’t that happy for me sportin’ such kinda outfit. But, I replied her that I am most comfortable with those get up since in the first place we’re not goin’ to attend some kinda formal party but a casual friends get together. I was favored and so I decided to wear shorts and slippers. Unmindful of the time, I was runnin’ late. so I replied them to extend some time to wait for me since I’ll be a bit late due to my miscalculation of traffic. Unfortunately, I was very late. It was like they’ve waited for me for almost two hours. I was really ashamed of my being late. Loren even called me when she finally knew I was coming, and her voice was a bit agitated and upset to me being late on the agreed time. All I can do is to plead an apology to her since that was my last resort to calm her out. And I came late. it was past 4:00pm when I finally arrived. Apology, apology, and apology was my words. So we went on immediately, queueing to buy tickets and bingo! We are inside the cinema 2 of the state-of-the-art entertainment center. Ambiance got cooler so as the people that surrounded me. There were no trace of irritation and high temperament from them when the movie begun. Instead, they were happy seeing me again and of course I did to with them…our get together is kinda getting on a regular basis and it was a great gestures and concerted effort on our part.

     After the movie, we decided to spend time in the seawalls facing the mall. Cracking old lines of jokes, spending happy time with each other’s company was what we busied ourselves just to kill the time. Indeed, that afternoon of unwinding ended up to an evening of happy moments. We went home separate ways at around 10:00pm.

     That rounded up my manuscript…just for the thought of it and just to put it in writing for good memories will always last in my young mind.

     The author wished to thanks Mr. Randy Ado, Ms. Michelle Balgoma and most especially Ms. Loren Royo…because they are the author’s inspiration and reasons for writing this article.

     To you guys, God Bless! Always keep the faith. Stay put!


  1. Bonding with good old friends is awesomely fun. You get to recall your old heydays and laugh your heart out at it. Cracking old time jokes you used to say way back. Reminiscing how young and naive you were that time while accompanied by a boisterious laugh. It's so nice to have great moments with people close to your heart.


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