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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The WedSat Smashers' Club

     If swimming and football occupies a special place in my heart so as badminton. I ain't no new to this sport. In fact I used to play badminton during my childhood until early teener days using improvised rackets and shuttlecocks in a not standardized playing field. Usually intended to just have fun with my cousins and playmates. During those times, I never thought that I can excel in this sport. Well, maybe because I just play it for fun & it wasn't so popular until the late 90's or early 2000's. Not so many youngsters and adults alike were so interested playing it until came present time. 

      Badminton was like a mushroom that just popped-out from a soil in today's time. So many were like so ga-ga hooking themselves playing it. Various reasons motivated them why they enroll into badminton clinics. There were people who play the game for health reason, some for extending circle of influences while many play just for the love of it.

     I so love the sport. It's like a rice that I always look forward to eat. Out of my passion for this sport, I really invest in buying badminton rackets, shuttlecocks and it's accessories.


      As my desire to reach the peak of my game I even befriended people who shares the same passion with me. I literally roamed and checked-out Badminton Courts within Manila just to get to know people and play with them. Visiting courts in as far as Toyota in Alabang, Christ The King in Muntinlupa, Metropolis in Alabang, The Metro in Boni behind Robinsons Mall, YMCA in Manila, The Smash Center in Bocobo, Olivarez Badminton Center in Binan and the place where I'm frequently at "The Smasher's Point near University of Perpetual Help-Binan Campus where I used to have regular session during Wednesdays and Saturdays. Inside Smasher's Point is the exact place where I knew my badminton buddies Mike and Menchie Dela Cruz, Arnold Nillo, Ren Ocampo, Mark Ambayec Abad, Cora Hidalgo, Joseph Lastrilla, Mark Malong and Claudette "Clang" Sadili. Clang isn't in photos because she was sick when these photos were taken. These were the coolest guys I know for a short period of time and became close to me that I consider them as long time friends. Indeed, real friendship doesn't recognize length of time but purest of intention. It knows no color, size, society status, and life's background. But it dwells in the heart invested through friendly interaction.

Me sportin' a smash position

Arnold and Cora

Mike and Menchie with Ren behind

Joseph, Mark Malong and Ren during a snack break.
Cora and I in mixed double action
Mark Abad with Igy in action
Ren in singles' action
      My separate buddies in Alabang were Filimar "Bocs" Boclot, Nigel Ian Dalumpines, Mike, Renar Lego, and Ace Adelante. I play with them during Mondays and Thursdays. Occasionally, we have our smashing encounters in Christ The King in Muntinlupa or in Toyota Alabang not to discount the court in Metropolis too.

     Out of our love and passion for the sport, whatever personal motivation each one of us has, we collectively decided and formed the WedSat Smashers' Club. As each one of us journey along to our separate lives, we met together for one goal alone--to continue playing one of the sports that makes our blood pressure runnin' at a normal rate. Our degree of commitment may vary but the love for this sport will remain in us as long as we can and still able to play the game.

     Life is like a game, most of the time you need to risk playin' it in order to win a challenge. But losing isn't the end of it all but a beginning of a stronger and wiser player in you. Most importantly, you have to play it with all your passion and enjoy every challenging encounters.

     Guys, hope to see you in December and looking forward to bond with you in our favorite melting pot--The Smasher's Point--where it all begun.


  1. I always love to meet people. It's like I'm always excited about having a chat with a new found friend or even with someone I just met in a bus station, bookstore, playing courts or along the streets. I always have this express interest knowing where they came from, what interest them about life and so on. It's always a delight in me meeting someone for the first time. Reason why I have so many circle of influences.


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