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Monday, January 24, 2011

Let's Talk About F.A.I.T.H.

     My mind has been running so inspired to write almost about anything. Anything that catches my interest. A thing that pervades in me throughout the day. I'm in the office doing routines office stuff but I am like a half-hearted fool dividing attention both on thinking what's my next blog topic should be and the office itineraries spreading on top of my office table.
      And Indeed! my mind tells me to choose the idea that pops-out of my mind and direct my fingers into pressing the keys of the keyboard and taking a halt of the office stuff to enter into my blogsite and write. It's like an addiction now. Sort of like that of a stupid smokin' grass or restricted substance wherein if taken can render someone hook with it.

     Well, pardon me, I just wanna hold of the idea that comes out to document it here. Guys, you know the feeling of losing or forgetting a very brilliant idea by not taking down notes. A thing that irritates our neurons which sometimes can't accomodate so much.

     But the main course of this post is all about FAITH. Yes, you heard it right! Faith and faith alone. 

     Truly, the net has infinite blah-blah with sense to offer us searchers and admittedly I always consult the WIKI page for some unresolved words and languages obscurity. This digitally-powered library offers a wide array of resources in almost all topics. Like what they say, our choices as manifested by our actions reflect our personality.

    Today, I will share you about my faith and how I practice it. Who are my inspirations faith-wise? Well, it is a fact that I have my own share of spirituality but I ain't no devotee to any religious rituals we have.

     I will briefly discuss how my life has led me to the present faith I am enjoying now. Sorry guys, but I won't orient you with my first introduction to spirituality because it will consume a lot of time and recalling past instances isn't my forte. But instead, I will be sharing with the people, group, or group of people who inspires me to the kind of faith I have right now.

Singles for Christ--it's like my bread and butter--faith wise. I had been in this community since mid-2000. My journey isn't a smooth sailing one. Time and situation has tested me under difficult circumstances. I even got to a point where I impliedly quit--literally not doing the things we used to do in the community. More so, not even visible to any HH (Household Meeting). My spiritual side dried up but it didn't bother me so much. Maybe, the reason is attributable to the fact that God never allowed a trial so big that would make me fall down sobbing. But the big transformation was when I went abroad. I really prayed hard that God would settle me in a comfortable situation. But it turned out completely different. I never realized that as I was away from my family i'll be facing the greatest challenge in terms of patience and perseverance. And the community has been so instrumental in my survival. Keeping hold of the fact which made me realized  that trials are just spices of life which God intend to let us face because in the long run it'll be to our benefits. Indeed, it was and I highly appreciate and thanks the people within my SFC influences. God really works in mysterious ways.

     Through my involvement in the community, I was able to gain higher understanding about life's practical applications and on how a person should face it squarely with complete confidence. I was able to gain holistic insights on how to face problems.

     Truly God is an awesome God.


  1. Great one couz, from now on I'll be your reader. You've been such a creative writer as indicated in your profile. Yeah, Truly GOd is AWESOME. He knows the best for his creations. HE gives it on his formed and perfect TIME.

  2. very well said t2 jay...God bless.

  3. Amen Jay... indeed our trials are not their to break & crush us but instead God allowed us to experience it because it is meant to mold us, to prepare us for the next stage of our life. So the bigger our trials the more we should thank God because that's how big God loves us... He always prepares us the best way. Another thing is that if we don't have any trials for sure we would forget God... right?

  4. Thanks guys, Indeed God is really wonderful. He knows when to give us our set of trials. And He knows also that we can handle any trials coming our way. All glory and honor to Him. Thank you for the comments, you're one of the reasons which inspires me to write more. Godbless!


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