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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Special Something

     Everyone is looking for that something.  a special thing so important in their life.

     Some find it sharing after a simple wake up.  Maybe, somewhere on top of a mountain for others. Some at a look in a child's innocent eyes. Some finds it in boisterous laughter of carefree people.

     Sometimes, you'll find it in a place so strange that you never thought it could be there. Some may find it in a faraway solitude. More often to a sweet grin of a zealous lover.

     To some, they find it in their deepest thoughts. It may be impossible at first but by heart's will and constant determination -- a willful spirit finds it in it's time.

     That special something which is possible from a parent's kiss, a teacher's nod, a friend's approval, a sportsman's wish, a mother's cry, a boy's desire or maybe a young child's dream.

     And when you find that special something it's like flying wingless for joy, swimming waterless in a ocean of peace, breathing like air less coming out. It's like sleeping in a broad daylight, wishing upon a star in a prickly heat of the sun, dancing in the heavy rain and waving in a crowdless stadium.

     What is that special something that I am talking about here? Why do people always put it first in their priority list, in the locket of their hearts, in the solemnity of their stare, in the passion of their affection, and in the sweetest caress of their hands.

     A special something- an abstract thing that manifest through our actions upon which if properly conveyed produces the inner joy from us.

     Guys, I am talking about LOVE. The binder of all that there is in us. the keeper of our faith, the holder of our commitment.

      So if ever you find it, never get loose of it. Keep it so dearly and grow along with it. With LOVE in our hearts it fuels our passion for anything that surrounds us.

      I just wanna share these thoughts upon having a time with some of the dearest people in my life. I have so many dearest people in life and they are counted on my list. Thanks guys, for the bonding we have had. It's getting more frequent and it's a joy in my heart keeping you around.

     To Sababan Family-- Kudos-- I am proud getting closer and closer to you. And to my God's gift-- my love for you  is getting deeper each day. It's true to me that distance is not a factor from the heart of a willing man. I love you guys!

Me and my God's gift Wida
Bay with Jon (3rd child of Fe and Jojo)

Me and Jannea (2nd child of Fe & Jojo)
the sweet couple Jojo & Fe (my cousin)

Wida and O.R. (youngest child of Fe and Jojo)

Jon, Jannea, Wida, Me and Fe
     Allen isn't around since he's in Pinas studying college - an engineering freshman.    

     Family bonding is highly important to me. It's a source of strength. It opens communication among members. It develops formidable unity. Collectively, it is what God wants for everyone of us.

     Time to sleep guys, until my next blog. I must brag that this post makes a lot of sense. Godbless everyone! Choose a happy life. Have a nice read.


  1. Family? it matters a lot to me. It's the source of everything for me. Joy, laughter, kulitan moments, serious mode, sometimes pain. All that there is and there should be-- a family can give. So guys, treasure you're family like you're holding on to your breath. They are the first and last hanging rope you can cling on during the toughest times of your life. And mind you, no matter what they won't abandon you.

  2. Thats right Jay.. Thanks for the thoughts you've shared. It reminds me of a simple things but matters most...

  3. I can't reply back direct to the person behind the anonymous comment. But big thanks kaibigan, I know you know me and likewise. Next time, put your name at the end of your comments to be properly recognized and be given thanks. I'm not a brilliant Godbless.

  4. Family ba kamo...

    Let's grab a bucket of beer and i'll tell ya about me crazy family...Lol :-D

  5. @Manong Calbo --hahaha..sure ba..saan? would be nice to hear your family stories..ehehehe

  6. Love is the greatest of all, no matter how cliche that sounds. Your post is inspired and poetic. :)


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