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Monday, December 31, 2012

About 2012 And Of Year-Ender Special: My Blogging Year in Review

Date: December 30, 2012
Location: Company Warehouse - a 30-minutes drive from our office.
Time: 10:00AM

What took place during the Year 2012? There are one thousands and one stories. Stories that made me shout for joy, sob for sorrow and hope for tomorrow. 

I am writing my year-end post in the middle of work - year end inventory - despite me having a flu and is extremely not feeling well. I need to finish the physical count before our accounting system closes for 2012. 

I feel the urge to write as I have no enough time at all. Plus, I fear that If I'm  not going to do it, I won't be able to post it before the short hand of the clock hits 12:00 midnight of January 01, 2013. Hurriedly, I'm now exercising my talent in multi-tasking. Occasionally, when some of my colleagues approach towards my direction I quickly hide what I'm writing about for them not to gauge that I'm doing something not work-related. It's kind of hard to write when you know your neuron doesn't cooperate that much. Added to the agony is the fact that you're suffering from flu -another reason why your mind isn't functioning on a normal level. 

This is the bond paper I folded into four where I secretly
 wrote the draft. That's my handwriting when in a hurry
BUT, what the heck! I need to squeeze and bring out my creative juices from a single thalamus. I am trying to defy the odds. As they say, it's noteworthy to write when you're not at your best. It's when you're not driven and de-motivated that you can bring out the genius in you (genius daw?). 

I believe that there is greatness in me waiting to emerge. All I need to do it to step out courageously to do what I think I can't do. Having said that, I am pushing that "GENIUS IN ME"  to the surface. - Naks! minotivate ang sarli hahaha!

Another proof that I did the draft while at field work.
As Oxford's "Grammar and Composition" taught and encouraged me: : "Just write whatever your thoughts as of the moment, then try to sequentially arrange its chronology later". So the obedient in me, gladly obeyed. Hala, sulat lang ng sulat! The above paragraphs are just statements of my current status - an introduction of what's to be written ahead. 

I have noticed that some of my co-bloggers were able to write and post already their year-end post for 2012. I somehow felt the pressure since posting a year-end review is concretely part of my plan on how to end my year 2012 in blogging. I've been thinking about it since two weeks ago. There were few chances but my mind contradicted to those chances - sabaw lang ang laman ng utak ko when chances to write comes in. So, I was able to let go of those chances.

I will post it now so that it will still be within year 2012. I just update it later - time for my 2nd shift at work now. Kaya I need to stop.

TO BE CONTINUED...........abangan!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

About Books, Of New Formed Friendship, and Of Personal Messages: BOOKS' RECIPIENTS

I have been meaning to post this entry a week back but due to my usual busy schedule it took a while for this entry to surface on the bloggers' world. 

Pardon me guys! I know there are lots of both interesting and gruesome topics that are too tempting to discuss or share views with but those are not my interest as of now. 

If you are a follower or a frequent visitor of this blog, perhaps you are aware that I had a blog contest recently. To be exact, it was in mid-November when I designed my birthday blog contest. 

As promised to the recipients (I'm talking about the winners), I will write/put a personal dedication message to each of the book as a gesture of a newly-formed friendship between the winners and me. BUT, it doesn't mean that having these personal messages limits my friendship to the winners. Of course, all my blogger friends are important to me. I'm just obeying a promise to them (winners).

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

About A Perfect Gift and Of Prayers: When You Pray Hard God Really Listens

"When you pray hard God really listens! "

I almost failed to be with my wife and son on the eve of Christmas last night due to work reason.  

Yesterday, I was surprised when my manager tasked me to do a physical count of all the stocks we have in our warehouse.  When I hear it I was really pissed off. I know that it will take me from morning until almost midnight. I mean there’s a whole lot of inventory stuff that we need to reconcile. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

About Jesus and His Birth: Christmas Is For Him And Him Alone

In between break from work, I just felt the need to write. The sight of my office station strongly sends a message of de-clogging. I know how pressure plays a significant role in distracting me to enjoy the celebration of remembering Jesus Christ's birth. Plus the fact that the location added some factors to really dodge me from feeling the vibe. BUT, I won't allow it to happen. The forces of the dark side that poses a constant and everyday distraction in me won't succeed. And so this post is all about HIM. 

HIM, who is "The King", "The Good Shepherd", "The Alpha and Omega", "The True Vine", "The Messiah", The Mighty King of Zion", The Beginning and The End", "The Rock". Lots of exaltation names can be given to Jesus and He is accorded of all of these exalting names.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

About Spot-On Feeling, and Of Celebrating Christmas Far From Your Loved Ones: Is Distance Hampering My Mood For Christmas?

I never realized that it’s six days before Christmas. I’ve been drowned with work deadlines and important stuff that my personal countdown has been shy-out by it. 

I haven’t even bought any Christmas presents yet. Not even thinking of what to cook comes Christmas Eve.


I’d like to set my mood to be jolly and so homesickness won’t force an entry in my system. But suddenly, I realized that I’m like not feeling the vibe of Christmas.

Is it because of my location? Is it because I can’t see any signs and symbols that would make me remember that it’s Christmas season already? Even I can’t find a plausible explanation about it.

Tongue-tied that I just find myself de-energize prepping-up for the season.

One thing I hate in December is about the bulk of work loading up in my office station. It is year-end which means the word “busy” is keeping an eye on me.

Why am I feeling a bit blue when in fact I should be in a state of euphoria or ecstasy now? Is it the distance that hampers me to truly feel the season?

Whatever it is I am feeling now, I don’t even know. It’s like I’m floating in the air with nothing in my mind..

Thursday, December 13, 2012

About My Birthday's Blog Contest and Of Winners: The Big Reveal

And the winners are…………….(drum rolls)……stop!

Uff! Wait a minute, let me do some recap of what’s it all about. So, here it goes. I designed a blog contest last month, November to be exact. This is just my humble way of thanking the Lord for the graces He showered upon me, the challenges He designed to test my faith and makes me stronger, and to thank my fellow bloggers and non-bloggers friends who always spare a fraction of their time visiting my blogs. though at times, some of my post are personal stuff. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

About Winning And Of Losing: Mighty Heroes Do Fall

This is just a post in defense for my idol Manny Pacquiao 

Is It The End Of A Pacquiao Era or Just A One Lucky Punch of Marquez?

Even the greatest among the greats has his time to succumb. Even the most technical fighter suffers defeat. Even the most experienced one crosses path with a great loss.

In short, athletes are human—vulnerable and far from being invincible. Only carton heroes portray invincibility as writer projects in their script. Reality is different. It is way far from those cinematic characters that confuses young children to be swayed in “make believe” world.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

About Tatay, Of Principles, and Of Family: In Your Footsteps I Will Follow

I love 'em both! - kunwari "date" nila yan hehehe!
chaperon kami - hahaha!
"I am blessed to be your son. I am gifted that you’re my tatay."

Every child needs and/or deserves a father in the same capacity of having a mother. Luckily, I grew up having both of ‘em. A privilege I'm forever thankful. 

But of course, the absence of one doesn't mean happiness will be that aloof. There are exceptional situations where absence of a father is inevitable. There are valid reasons to that and I respect those who are under this category.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

About Restaurant Hopping, Of Unexpected Moments, Of Disappointments, Of Long Roads, and Of Every Road Led Us To Fushi Again: The Second FUSHI Encounter

I was late! That’s it. No further explanation. LoLs!

No! wait I need to explain. I was late because I took a nap and the nap almost turned out to be an uninterrupted sleep. Just woke up when my phone alarm rang that disturbed my comfy sleep.  So, I rose up rushing to the bathroom for a quick bath. Consumed 5 minutes, yes it's 5 minutes shower and went out to fix myself up. Looking at the clock, it's 7:04PM already, the agreed time was 730pm. I was running late. Dammam was like a 15-20 minutes drive going to Rakkah where my good friend Bong was waiting. But what added more to the dilemma was the lack of taxis around my area. It seemed though that they connived with time to prolong my delay. Such a crap! I hate being late. Apology guys!

Monday, December 3, 2012

About Faith, of Praise Songs, and of Hillsong United: My Seven Favorite Worship Songs

I am bold with my faith. I don’t hide it (like some others) just because it’s a religious thing and they are somehow apprehensive to discuss about it. I stand firm to what I believe in.

I am writing this not because I want to patronize to the world about it but because I just want to express. I respect other’s beliefs as well. I don’t engage myself in religious debate but I do take a solid stand if some people draw the line, or belittle it. I will defend but not to the point of criticizing other’s belief. Everyone has their right to be passionate to their faith, to what and who they believe in. And no one has the right to judge anyone except of course our Lord.

In the end, we are answerable to only one God and our deeds will be sized up. And that’s what I’m preparing for. I can live in harmony with people in different religious denomination by showing only one important abstract thing – RESPECT. With respect around, love follows and overflows. And with the presence of love, understanding takes effect. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

About Me and Of Interesting Seven In My Life: My Seventh Heaven

This is not about the debunked TV series “Seventh Heaven”. 

Oh surely, I miss watching that show as it tackles a regular Protestant American family. Along the way, they encounter numerous amount of friends who they help and get help from. As the children grow, so do the amount and seriousness of the issues. But through every high and low is their faith and especially each other. 

Honestly, it’s a good series to watch but I feel sorry that it has been ended already. It's a typical family celebrating life as it happens, dealing with everyday issues each one of 'em encounters and learning to face it collectively as a family. The strength in their bond, the care each one of 'em show towards each other, and the positivism that it affects to the viewers are what I really miss. 

About A Lost Friend, Of Memories, and Of A Memorable Encounter: Ascension Sonny Rutor

Left Side: A good friend, Sonny Ascension Rutor,
who passed away due to Stage 4 Lung Cancer
on Sept. 23, 2012

I still vividly remember this moment. 

A night filled with intermittent drizzles but enveloped with smiling faces. The faces of people some of whom we do not personally know but the common ground upon which we hold on were the thought that they all came from our town.

Months before it happened, I cannot even give my sweet and unreluctant “Yes” to Che Palma Ferrer as she humbly asked my assistance to host or be one of the hosts of the SAMAHANG SAN FERNANDO night of gathering for the church’s cause. It was because that time, I was just waiting for my new visa (for a new employer)  to arrive and I was not certain if I would still be around comes September 25, 2010. 

Luckily, due to a long delayed visa, I was able to attend the gathering – eventually accepted the hosting stint. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

About Intense Moments, Of Prayers Answered, and Of Pinoy Pride: On To The Semis - AZKALS

Did Andres Bonifacio have something to do with the winning? LoL..wala lang just thinking..weird right? But it was the “great – weird feeling” of them all.

Woot! Woot! as my very good blogger-friend & a fellow football die hard - Ms. Balut Manila would say. And indeed, it’s not only a “woot-woot” but a “win-win”. AZKALS won their match against Myanmar White Angels.

It was Andres Bonifacio Day yesterday - (a celebration-cum-commemoration for his heroism in defending our country against foreign aggressors), just in time when our football (soccer) national team AZKALS successfully surpassed with flying color the dreaded team of Myanmar. It was so intense that I choose not to watch the match instead keep myself busy waiting for “tweet updates” from the AFF Suzuki 2012” twitter accounts. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

About SUZUKI Cup, Of Intense Clash In The Field, and Of Azkals' Semi-Final Chance: The Head to Head Battle Against Myanmar

November 30, 2012: Today, at exactly 8:20PM, the big battle that will kick-through the AZKALS in the semis will be played against the mighty and equally strong national team of  Myanmar. Eager, die-hard, and fanatic fans from different parts of the country and even overseas Filipinos who are boldly supporting the national team are gunning to watch the inevitable clash inside the green field of Supachalasai  Stadium in Bangkok. The clash deemed to be their ticket to the semis is a highly anticipated event for football lovers like me. AZKALS are expected to bring out all their guns to level-up to a team they never have defeated before. 

About Family Bonding, Of Veggies & Fruits, Of Breads, and Of Malling: Unplanned Mall Visit

Family bonding is synonymous to having great time, enjoying sumptuous meals while having funny talks, and just having fun times with the members of the family. It owns a very significant part of my time. When it comes to family time, I make sure I have portion allotted to it no matter how busy I am with work and stuff. In short, I'm a family oriented guy. 

Isn't it nice to hear a guy who devote plenty quality time with his family? I say this because lots of my friends somehow lacks in this department. Lucky me? It's a choice actually. If you choose to do it, it won't be a problem with you even if you're the busiest person in the whole world. If you value the importance of being with your family, you will deliver no matter what. As I've said, it's a choice. And everyone has a choice. Right?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

About Christmas Wishes, Of Gifts, and Of People: All I Want For Christmas

I’ve been tagged and so I’ll comply because these bloggers are not only important to me but are now close online friends as well..

It was Fielkun of Fielkun's Thoughts and Mecoy of Bunch of Nothing by Mecoy Cute who tagged me up about this blogger's viral tagging game about “ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS”

Normally, I'm not the type of a "wait-til Santa comes to town and wish" guy who wishes to receive something every Christmas. It's not in my system. Perhaps because I cannot recall any vivid instance that I'm jumping and shouting out loud (like a Tarzan's voice) because I receive something during Christmas.  Di ko nakaugalian na mag-wish tuwing Christmas. I'd rather would say "New Year's Resolution" meron pa upon which half of it ends up not realized --haha.. Paulit ulit lang every year but so far no concrete resolutions have had a clear output.

Basically, as an early 30's guy, who is happily married with one cute son named Damien Caleb, what I want is to give out or share something simple this Christmas. This idea of giving came up to me a long time ago na when I was exposed to social work and volunteerism. Yes, I have a big heart for social work and volunteerism and of helping less fortunate/ less privileged kids. The desire blossomed from my heart because I was raised in a modest way of life as well. I know how it feels to have less in life. I know how it feels to work hard to earn a living. (ang drama ko na -hahaha..direk gusto ko ng action...ayoko drama...kasi maiiyak ako eh hahaha). 

About Honoring, of Thank You's, and of Gratitude: A Prelude Message Before My Birthday

Usually, when one celebrates a birthday, the celebrant is the one being honored -- that's the usual norm right?  (at least for us here in the Mid-East in our community-hehe). But today, let me put a twist in it. Instead of them honoring me for my upcoming birthday, I will be doing the favor as I will honor them who have been a blessing into my life. Family, relatives, friends, and acquaintances alike will be the focal point of this entry. 

Life has been so good to me. I never thought that a simple man in me will be bestowed with blessings so overflowing that I need to share. Ika nga sa kanta "So blessed I can't contain it, so much I gotta give it away" . Don't get me wrong huh? I don't keep the biggest material or financial blessings. What I'm trying to convey is the blessing that is abstract and cannot be seen by the naked eye. It's like the good will in business. Blessings (apart from the material ones) for me are the gift of life, family, friendship, work, and that of a community. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

About Disney Animated Film, of Heroine, and of Fate: Movie Review - BRAVE

The lead character - Merida
I had a pretty rough day today. All afternoon headache was disturbing me. It forbids me to think of a great topic to write in my blog. And so when I got off from the office, my mind just focused to "rest and relax". 

Unmindfully, upon browsing my laptop, I came across a movie file given to me by my good friend Satt few weeks back. When he saved a copy of it in my flash drive (USB), I'm a bit hesitant to watch it since I find the title not interesting and so I just pass on the idea of watching. But maybe this day is meant really for me to watch it. And so I opened the file and started watching. I find it entertaining, with cross-generational appeal, for all ages, and full of life's wisdom. And here's my own review of the movie.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

About Suzuki Cup, of Blog Contest, Of Vacation, Of FB-ing, and of Recent Pinas Happenings: RANDOM THOUGHTS

Yesterday was a “ME TIME” for me.

Today is a brand new day, brand new hope, and I must say a brand new me? Opps…yeah I guess a start of a brand new me. A modified version of me (parang upgraded lang na laptop or PC hehe) , a filtered one (parang nag unclog lang), a detached being from some worldly guilty pleasures. (Sssh…guilty pleasures? I have that?) Well what I mean by that is “when you slowly detach from things that is not so important, that without one won’t really affect your life, and that not having or maintaining one is actually freeing yourself from the enslaving habit.  

Ok, enough of that! Let us talk ramdom. I got few of 'em in my mind. I'll just provide you my insights and opinions about some topics that interest me.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

About "Me Time", of Challenges, and of Setting a New Goal: The End Days of Recurring Indifference

WARNING: This post contains content that is not interesting at all. You are not required nor forced to read this. This is on a personal level only. But if you persist just consult your doctor afterwards - hahaha!.

Recurring is synonymous to returning, frequent occurrence of similar thing or situation and/or habitual occurrences.

While "indifference" on the other hand is a state when someone shows lack of interest, concern, or sympathy over a thing, a person, or an endeavor.

Perhaps you may be wondering why I'm a bit on a senti mode right now. The rain (yeah it rained today here in KSA and is still raining actually) today led me to have my "me time" and to further reflect into my other significant goals. The cozy surrounding is like inviting a melancholic atmosphere in me. 

Each of us has our "me time". A time when we are lead to think of things on a deeper level. A time when we are squarely confronted by different thoughts that has been bothering us for quite sometime. And yes, I feel it today. Despite a euphoric , ecstatic, and joyful celebration of the GA (General Assembly) and the baptism of my first born yesterday I went home feeling so tired. I just don't know why I suddenly felt it. It's like I was carrying the weight of a mountain that my emotional defenses suddenly broke down. I don't even know either if it was triggered by physical exhaustion. All I know is that I'm a bit sad for no apparent reason. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

About Baptism, of Christian Faith, and of Damien Caleb: The Christening of My First Born

A disarming smile captured when he was just 6-days old

It’s past 11pm now and I should suppose to be sleeping now since I have lots of very early errand tomorrow but here I am still wide-awake. I already finished sipping two mugs of coffee and still prepping-up another mug (di naman ako mahilig magkape, ngayon lang). Occasionally, I go to our bedroom to check out if my little boy needs me (baka gising and need to be fed). Ako ang naka assign to look after him since my lovely wife is already asleep. And it's a usual routine that during weekend there's no need for me to be reminded of this task. I always look forward every weekend since that's the only time where I can bond with my little boy (who will turn 2 months old this coming Dec. 5). 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

About Ideas, of Blogging, and of Bloggers: What For Me Is A Blog & A Blogger?

It’s usual for me to think ahead, sometimes my neuron experiences congestion. Sa dami ng iniisip na mga ideya, mga bagay-bagay, minsan nagkakabuhol buhol na - to which I resort to disentanglement.

Perhaps, lovers of writing can relate to me. Everyday, I have many ideas that just pops-up and out of my head. It’s  like “kabute” that springs out of nowhere. There are certain occasions where you just feel the sudden urge to write. And it even doesn't recognize any place or any circumstance. Whether you are sitting on a bench in a park, riding a bicycle, commuting in a public metro train or just having your tea break, ideas can pop up at any moment. And these situations had happened to me already. 

But let me take you further to the dig. This time let's talk about blog, blogging and blogger. No matter how popular blogging is, there are still people on a daily basis that doesn't know all about it. Several encounters had happened to me these past few weeks about friends and acquaintances asking all about it. Out of our convy, they would just ask me questions like these: "Ano ba yang blogging? What is a blog? Paano ba gumawa ng blog? Saan ba galing yang blog? Countless queries so to speak.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

About Wishes, of Sharing, of Giving, and of Christmas Spirit: A Highlighted Way of Generosity

It’s almost Christmas season. When the month of November finally bids good bye, the onset of the season of merriment and joy clearly is on its way. And it’s the spirit that it brings that counts a lot right?. 

For us Christians who celebrate Christmas, it’s the feelings we put into celebrating the reminder of our Savior’s birth. We kind of brace ourselves into the season's wind of euphoria, of joy, of giving, of sharing, of reconciliation, of rekindling relationship and of strengthening our faith to Him who is the giver of all that there is in this world.

Monday, November 19, 2012

About Sending a Happiness & Joy of Gift-giving: My Birthday's Blog Contest

December is my month. Why I say my month? It's because I'll be celebrating my "nth" birthday-hahaha! Apart from the fact that it is the month of the grandest season of the year - Christmas Season, I like December for its euphoric festivities.

Since it’s my upcoming birthday on the 7th day of December, I have thought and decided to design a blog contest as my token of appreciation for would-be-greeters and also to thank God for giving me again another year. But  “AMAsorry” hahaha! I won’t give out details of how old I will be on December hahaha  (walang basagan ng trip- kanya kanya lang yan, walang pakialamanan hehehe!). But honestly, I’m in my early 30’s already. Let’s just put it this way, an early 30’s guy who possesses a heart of an early 20’s. Hahaha!

And to further my personal details, I got married last December 13, 2011 at Transfiguration Chapel in Caleruega Church in Nasugbu, Batangas ( yong famous na kinakasalan ng ibang mga celebrities). Nakisali lang hahaha. Now, God gifted us with a soon to be two-months old baby boy (first born) named “Damien Caleb”. FYI, his name is also a product of a blog-contest Suggest A Name Contest: Our Online Search For A Christian Name. My kumpare, Jeo Beloy of Go Figure is the rightful winner of the said blog contest. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

About Tourist Spots, Fun in the Sun, Exotic Foods to Exciting Local Destinations: Top 10 Places I Want To Visit In "The Philippines "

Took this photo when we visited Coron last December 2011
I've been hyped-up with the current AVP of DOT posted in YT as their attempt to strengthen and boost at par our country's tourism campaign. When I saw the video last night, I feel like booking a ticket, direct flight going back home and getaway to all the amazing destinations I haven't reached yet in our country. Sobrang dami pala talaga. Ako man ay namangha sa nakita ko. Presented in HD resolution, no one would be left not awed of these amazing sights and sites our country is bountiful to have been endowed. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

About Tourism Campaign, Exciting Places & People: It's More Fun in The Philippines - New Campaign Video

I plan to write about this last night pero di na kinaya ng antok ko para tumipa pa sa laptop (bangag lang). Ikaw ba naman ang maging baby sitter ng almost 2-months old na cute boy (i-claim nang cute, walang kokontra), siguradong paglapat palang ng likod mo sa bed tiyak na ang “snoring session” niyan.

In short, my fight to stay awake didn’t win last night. Pero kahit puyat man, may malaking ngiti naman sa mga labi kasi bukod sa masaya ako to be with my son and wife every weekend, may isang bagay pa na nagpangiti sa akin kagabi habang binabaybay ko ang kahabaan ng daan patungong Dammam. Galing kasi ako ng Al Ahsa where my wife and son stays. My work is stationed in Dammam kaya weekend lang kami nagkikita-kita.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

About Sinarsa, Budbud, Siniguelas, and “Bago Leaves”: Top 12 Foodies I Miss in Sibuyan Island

When you're far away from home, there are moments when out of nowhere you just miss the food that you used to eat during childhood days and growing up.

And as a regular guy who grew up in a remote island of Sibuyan, moments like such always sink in. As a result, your mind will once again transport back to those early years of your life where simplicity reign, where food is simple and out of culinary standards - in short "native preparation" - hahaha!

Perhaps calling it remote now isn't appropriate already since there were several changes that had occurred during my decade's absence. Somehow, internet access is kind of available already. Well, I say kind of because it’s not that fast in terms of speed of downloading and of availing its services. Blame it also to the fluctuating signal of network providers.

On the other side, it still fall under the category of "remote" for me since presence of malls and shopping centers are nowhere to be found. We still have the basics of the basic. The only major changes that had impacted to me is my former school upon which from a simple technical courses being offered before it had earned few years  back a status of a university.

It has been around 12 years of me being gone in my home town.

Okay, here's the deal, since food is the topic, I will give you a run down of the different (exotic to some extent I guess) that are used to be served on top of our wooden table, or every household or in town in general. Eto yung tinatawag na sariling atin, sariling gawa (sariling imbento - hik! hik!).

About Dream Destinations, Historical & Modern Places, and Fascinating Countries: 15 World Places I Want To Visit

The reader in me brought me to the different countries of the world. 

It was when I was second year HS when I read the "World History" authored by Gregorio F. Zaide. It's the favorite book I always borrow from our librarian everytime I happen to sit in the library. Since then I love history class and excelled in it. Though during my HS, two of my favorite subjects were Science (Physics and Chemistry in particular) and Math. I'm not an ace student per say, my being in the honor's list was due to my consistent study habit. I just read in advance and study lesson in advance to cope up with the stress of being a high schooler.

Anyway, that's not the main topic, let's go back to what I'm about to reveal to all of you. Perhaps, most of you, if not all, have your dream places or countries you want to visit. Or if given the chance, you want to permanently settle in. And I must say, most of you are working your butt off just to save some money to experience a cruise or a flight to the destination of your choice. Right isn't it?

Well, here's the list of the top fifteen destinations, historical or modern places my feet would love to step in and enjoy the moment of being there.

Monday, November 12, 2012

About Simbang Gabi, Puto Bumbong, & Christmas Carols: 10 Things I Love About "Krismas in da Pilipins"

We’ve past Halloween season. We’ve paid our due respect to our departed loved ones.

Now, the focus of the people is on the yuletide season. The hustle and bustle of the metro is on. The big rush on the streets, the busy shopping centers and malls, the overcrowding in Divisoria. Christmas songs being heard from every corner, from every houses. Indeed, there is no stopping the onset of the grandest season of the year. 

This time, I'll make a countdown of the different things I love about celebrating Christmas in Pinas. For us working abroad, nothing can beat the longing we feel every year that we miss celebrating Christmas back in Pinas with our family, relatives, and friends. It's hard. No! It's really hard. So I'll just contain myself enumerating things that will somehow ease that feeling of isolation from the rest of the family during Christmas. 

As a Filipino, we have intrinsic qualities that separate us in celebrating Christmas. Most often, we brand our celebration "Christmas Pinoy Style". I would proudly say that we're the only nation which celebrates this festivity in a month long period.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

About Spot on Moments, Laughter, and Rolls: "The FUSHI Experience"

November 6, 2012

Unplanned! Yes, this is the exact word for it. None of us knew that it would happen but it did. And we had fun, great fun. Nothing can beat the idea of an unplanned meet up because it's spot on and friends available just converged with us that night. I won't elaborate on how we ended up in Fushi but I'll try to divert your attention highlighting my raw and unofficial food review. I'll briefly chronicle in the later part about how the unexpected meet up was.

I am a neophyte cook and perhaps my review won't be at par with those whose knowledge about culinary and food are to vow for. This is just an attempt of how I find this new found restaurant so far. New for me since it was my first visit..

I had been in several oriental restaurants in Manila particularly those which caters Korean and Chinese food. I'm a lover of Korean food - a thing which has been introduced to me when I tutored two Korean students in BF Homes in Paranaque way back 2006 until late of 2007. As far back as I can remember, the only Japanese restaurant that I frequent to is the all accessible TOKYO, TOKYO which you can find anywhere in the metro. None in my wildest fancy will I ever encounter one Japanese inspired resto that caters mostly Japanese food. Let alone here in the Mideast - KSA in particular. Though I'm not sure if all are authentic Japanese cuisines since nowadays, food fusion abounds everywhere. I presume they serve a variety of Asian dishes that makes it more of an Asian cuisine and not purely Japanese. Oriental cuisine fusion so to speak. 

Before we went straight inside this fancy restaurant, I was caught in awe of its exterior design, the blending of colors make it more attractive that anyone who passes by would easily generate interest taking a peek inside and eventually dine in. 

The entrance area. - it's flashy in lavender and neon green color

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Busy October

I almost forgot, it’s the last day of the 10th month of the year. None can be seen posted as entry and I’m quite sad – just a little sad.

Perhaps neglect is an overstatement. No! not neglect but the non-posting of entries during this month was due to several important reasons. And there is actually one big reason that occupied almost all my time during this month. – being a fist time dad to our first born

My wife gave birth last October 5, 2012 to a bouncing baby boy named “DAMIEN CALEB”. Guess what? The name we gave him came from my blog contest won by his soon-to-be-ninong JEO BELOY of Go Figure

I am a first time dad and I’m enjoying it big time. Nothing can beat the feeling of being a neophyte dad. It’s priceless. Seeing your son for the first time is an unmatchable joy. Watching him open his eyes, grin a lot of times helped me de-stress.

And here is my new bundle of joy, the keeper of my faith, the testament of my love to my wife, the binder of our faith and the greatest gift God had bestowed upon us.

By the way, there will be major changes in my blog -coming soon. So please watch out for it.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Change -- Shall It Be Feared?

Change?  Change! Change?!

Basically when we hear the word change, most often than not, we’re a bit uneasy and somehow bothered.  It is very definable, yet sometimes the thought of it brings us chills and shivers. Even though, we knew that it is the single most constant abstract thing that occurs everyday we are still left in a quandary about it.

I, for one, am one of those people who despite many changes that had gone through in my life it’s like I’m still a neophyte just starting to embrace it. It is as if it’s my first time to encounter it. There is this certain feeling of queasiness in me.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

God Is Our Assurance

It's been months that I'm experiencing difficult situation at work, Things have changed. The bottom line is "I AM NOT HAPPY ANYMORE." It's down times for me. Sadness is attempting to crash my spirit. I am a bit bothered. But despite of it all. I still want to re assure my wife that things will be fine. That it's still part of God's process of refinement in me. And so I wrote her a love letter assuring her of my love. 

Dear Mine,

Good morning to the woman who have loved me as I am and still loving me despite my imperfections.

I honor you as a woman, a wife, and a daughter to your wonderful parents.

I have been blessed to have you in my life. There are times, I feel sorry because of shortcomings I've committed in our relationship.

There are times where I've bent your patience to the fullest extent but you never failed to amaze me with your grace and love.

I thank God everyday that she gave you to me because He knows no other woman will understand me better than you do. No other woman will love me the way you did.

You are such an amazing person, very family oriented, and your generosity to others is exceptional. I honor you for the closeness you have with your family. A bond worthy of emulating.

We both know we're undergoing some trials in life right now. Suffice to say, we are used to it. There were number of turbulence confronted us in our being together. Some are outside factors, others are trivial misunderstandings between us.

Yet, the very foundation we put into our relationship always fix petty misunderstandings because our relationship is rooted with love and our faith to God.

There will be trials and tribulations that will come our way. Some much bigger than we expect, some will put us in awe but I know holding hands together while facing whatever challenges cross our path, we will victoriously surpass them all. We can always rest our cases to our Father above. 

The love of God that binds us together and the commitment we both promised will stay true in us until eternity. Let us be a lover of life and God. Together, let us raise a family with children who not only fear the Lord but loves Him too.

An expectant first time father in me can't wait until our angel Damien Caleb see the world and be with us.

I love you and I'll remain true to you. 

Your husband,

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If It's God's Will, Don't Complain But Fully Obey

Good day guys!

It's been quite a while since my last post. I have been trapped with some highly important matters that's why I wasn't able to post updates. In addition, I feel sorry for my blogger friends that visiting their blog has taken a halt. I will cope-up guys!

I am not sure if all my blog followers/readers know that for the past weeks I was busy administering (together with the rest of the poge admins) FINDING MANG ROLDAN PINEDA JIMENEZ. Aside from that, I too,have been engulfed into lots of personal stuffs. In short, I just attended to important events in my life.

Last night, I was able to read a private message coming from one of the followers of the page and I want to share it with you. Pardon me guys since I can only provide little details to protect the sender. I post it here so that those who don't frequently visit the page can have access here.

And here it goes;

"It’s past 1am here now. Sleep doesn’t visit me yet. For some reason, it’s been few weeks that I hardly hit the sack before midnight. It has always been my problem that whenever I’m still up after midnight it’s difficult for me to reconcile with sleep.

Uggh! It’s killin’ me and I’m a bit in irate. But instead of waiting for my eyes to finally commune with darkness I’ll just grab t
his opportunity to write random thoughts that can inspire you all.

Just few minutes ago, I’ve read a very long private message from someone sent through this page. I won’t mention the name though for privacy. I felt honored that I was able to read it before Joemil. It was really intended for Joemz but since we are five people administering the page, all the messages filtering through can be read by anyone of us. Perhaps, she was thinking that the only admin of the page is Joemil.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I started this section “INSPIRING PEOPLE” in my blog way back 2011. And since I’m a person who wants to inspire and be inspired, I conceptualized this idea. Basically, it features various people who inspire me. It is not limited to people I know but it features ordinary people I meet along the way, in the streets, in the concert arena, in a sports’ stadium, people I chat with, read in the book. Also people I look up to but haven’t met yet – co-bloggers, Facebook friends, people in my community, people in the government, people in the aspect of faith and most of all, people stranger to me but have made a personal impact because of an extraordinary deed.

 In my life, I have this early fascination and passion for social work. I don’t know the exact reason but I just feel for others especially those who lived beyond my living standard.

This fascination was only made realized when I began joining volunteer works to several non-governmental organizations during my college days. Most of the times, I ended up presenting myself to volunteer for a public endeavor which needs people who can freely devote their spare time. And since I’m just a typical, average geek guy (geek?) hahaha! –who happens to be a home-school-cinema dweller, I was able to devote my free time doing social work.

Having this attitude, if I may say, was due to how we were molded growing up. I was raised in a simple family with few things in life. We eat three times a day but don’t have enough money for savings. In short, I was raised in a modest family. So, the thought of studying hard, giving your best shot in all your endeavors early implanted in my system. Aside from the fact that we’re triggered by the life principles inculcated by our parents to us like:

1.       Always be fair to others.
2.       Always extend help when opportunity comes in
3.       Defend yourself if you know you’re right,
4.       Do not bully others (though I was bullied in grade school),
5.       And practice humility at all times.

Perhaps, lots of qualities I developed all through-out my life can also be found in this man. I would assume so since we easily connected with each other. I guess the major common ground where we stand is our desire to be of person to others. There is this beaming passion residing in our hearts to help-out highly deserving less privilege people. We know we don’t have much in life too. We could only give so much but helping is not all about money, it can also be a character or attitude influence.

A lot of you may wonder and ask question “Who is this man?”. This confronting question perhaps frequent the mind of those who weren’t aware of a simple, beautiful, and heartwarming story attached to this man. But I’m pretty sure that hundreds of thousands people already know him by now.

That smile that changes the outlook in life of many
 There is only one root where you hold on when asks about his name – JOEMIL  ZAPANTA REYES. Many would say like this: “Ah yes! I know him, He’s the guy who helped Mang Roldan”, or others would quip by saying: “Oh yeah!, He’s the “Better Samaritan” or maybe some would simply say” Oh dude! He’s just simply awesome!.

Like many of you, I just happened to know this ordinary guy with extraordinary heart through the story he shared in Facebook. Obviously, we didn’t meet yet. The only thing that connects us is through phone calls, or Facebook chat or messages, and texts. I was just amazed of how he willingly seized the moment and selflessly act to help a stranger not even consanguineously related to him.

Standing beside the man who inspired him
Honestly, I'm running out of adjectives to describe him. Perhaps due to the many accolades I've read in our Facebook page about him. Of those people who thanked him for his effort. There were those who composed poems showing their appreciation. There were those whose messages really touched the core -- that you'll just sob in gratitude and thanks. He has long way to go, many challenges to encounter, situations that would test again his strength and even his faith. Yet, knowing how he faces life he surely can ace those challenges. And with the help of friends like me, we can run the race and finish it strong.

I am so proud that I gain a good friend in you. Like what I was saying to you. Just tap me up when you need collaboration in any endeavors you will enter. Like the catchy statement in my blog -- I'm Jesus Christ mission-ready servant.

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