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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Of Winter Season, Of Life In Transit and Of Bidding Goodbye

Winter season always sets the mood where OFWs admittedly or not, experience homesickness. This is one of those days where we're frequently visited by spirit of melancholy. And what better way to write a piece of melodramatic message with its  chilling presence. Perfect indeed right!? 

Oftentimes, people exit in our lives - to chase bigger dreams, to seek greener opportunities in a far and distant places or perhaps to embark in an adventure immersing to a new culture completely different from one's comfort. The thrill of adventure sets in for these people who are always excited discovering new places. I, for one, love the idea as I have a heart of a traveler. 

But the bigger and more prompting question is - are we that ready to let go of the people closer to us that will be left behind or the people whose long term journey separate and distant from us? 

We are - to some quite extent - aren't always prepared to let go of these people in our lives. That if we could only lock them in to stay we'll do. If only we could buy things and opportunities that will make them be with us the longer we surely have rushed in to the nearest shop where we can grab one. But, in reality we cannot - even if we do have power we won't do it either. It is because at the back of our minds, even if our hearts want to make them stay, we would always think of the best for them. And if chasing their dreams elsewhere is the answer to that we completely understand.

Photos below are from our 2009 Qatif Ramadan Getaway

As OFWs our life is always in transit - traveling here and there, transferring from one place to another. In short - we are in for our incessant life's journey. We're chasing great goals and that forces us to shift from one job to another, moved in to a new and unfamiliar grounds. Well, that's OFWs life and that is the kind of life we live.
Ngiti or Ngiwi? You be the judge haha
One of life's situations that I am really not good at is when bidding goodbyes. I hate the idea. I always tell my friends and family alike that it's one situation I'm coward to face. I don't know but I can't muster all guts to be graceful in saying it personally. Maybe, God gifted me with writing skill for me to channel my words into a piece of paper.
Apparently, it is imperative amongst us how big our words can impact the lives of other people - may they be - our family members, our best friend , our son or daughter, our co-worker, our boss or our community friends. And what's even more delightful is when we hear them say good things about us especially when we hearing it verbally requires an appearance of a red moon (madalang lang haha). Thus, it just so amazing to realize that appreciation strengthens the bond between the receiver and the giver of compliments.

So at this very moment, I will grab this chance to honor one person who has been part of my SFC life (and everyone's life) since 2009. And even until I stepped-up to another level of service in our community his presence is always felt. He may not always be physically around due to our location but when I think of him it's as if he's just in another room. That's how his impact as an SFC brother, personal friend and family friend is to me. 

What I always recall when we talk about him is his bubbly and mesmerizing personality that beams to everyone he deals with. Give him an eye to eye contact and within seconds both of you will burst into laughter. He would always goof around especially kung ka close mo na siya. He doesn't have any pretensions - what you see is what you get. He knows himself well that's why he exudes an aura of a real person. 

Well, it no secret to everyone that he has his fair share of ups and downs, good and bad times - well everybody does. That he always resort to FB to let go of his emotional outburst. Maybe, it's his own way of easing out and releasing his emotion overload. And what's quite remarkable is his good command of Tagalog (dudugo ang ilong mo sa lalim ng ibang words pag binabasa mo). That is his ways and to each his own. 

T2 Carl - your days are numbered here. A few sleeps and soon you'll be in for a continental shift - from the vast and barren land of the MidEast to the scenic views and panoramic landscapes of North America. Wow, the thought simply amazes me. Like what we talked about last night, you have your little apprehensions - anxious excited perhaps are the right words to describe how you feel right now. But when the goings get tough, always remember your core - core values and core people who are your strength. Never permit yourself to be toppled by any challenges that will come your way. Adjustment is pretty normal  - just set your mind into believing that you are there not for your job alone but for the greater purpose of spreading God's words.
Our weekly choir practice session
Make your own story there and make good of what you've learned in our community teachings. I always believe that "life is what we make it". We choose what we want, we choose our decision. So always choose what you want and always end consulting your heart because love surpasses all. Ngayon pa lang, the thought na hindi ka na namin makikita ng madalas - kasi mahal ang pamasahe kung magyayaya ka ng meet up sa Canada - makes us miss you more already. You have made your mark here in KSA. Now, with that opportunity given to you, God surely is brewing something big in your service there. And right now we are claiming your victory - both in your career and with God. Mami-miss ka namin ng sobra. Basta kapag bumisita kami ng family ko diyan 2 years from now, bring us to Niagara Falls - happy na ako dun hehe. 

Truly, we are so blessed to have known you, blessed to have served hand in hand with you, blessed by your mere presence, blessed by you as a person. 

Your life may always be in constant transit, but we would always remember that there is only one T2 Carl in our community and for that we will forever be thankful.

God bless your journey - brother! 


I have been in blog hiatus for more or less six months, pero ginawa ko ito dahil deserving ang taong ginawan ko and that's you T2 Carl.                         


  1. I have yet to experience winter, I want to build a snowman and learn to skate on ice. But I do agree that after the fun, one would miss the warmth that the equivalent winter season in Pinas cud bring... Merry Christmas Jay :)

  2. Travel now to the US of A esp. in the states where snow is frequent. I really don't like winter season kasi sobrang lamig tapos di ka pa gaganahan lumabas hehe. Merry Christmas to you too Atty. Oman

  3. Namiss ko tuloy ang kapatid ko sa ibang bansa gustong gusto na nun umuwi para makita ang baby nya.

    i bet ganyan din sila mag kulitan doon.


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