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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wake Up To Happiness

Wow, the title is so challenging!

Challenging nga ba?

Para sa akin, ang happiness is a state of mind. A state where no one can provide you. Only you can decide upon it. Don't fool me with statements like: "Oh! you made me happy. Your presence is a happiness to me. When you came into my life I became happier. Such a crap! (sorry, sinubukan ko lang gumamit ng curse na ganyan--it's not me..hahaha).

You can't derive, get, or achieve happiness by borrowing it from other people. Your happiness should come from WITHIN YOU- it comes from your inner core and you just let it transcends out.

Like what I've said, happiness is a state of one's mind. The things, people, and events that trigger you to pour out the already happy state in you are just all additions that heighten that state in you.

When I woke up today morning, I opened my laptop and randomly browse a video that touches my heart even more to my soul. It feels good to see this kind of gesture by COCA COLA Philippines to come-up with this idea. It's grand yet it's inspirational. The families involve was put spot-on and startled in awe of the unexpected Christmas gift to them. Check this video and feel good.

Our mind is an amazing instrument. When we truly learn to make use of our mind's potential, it's like having a big power tool that is much faster, easier, and more efficient - THAT IS -we can set our mind to whatever we want to. I am convinced that happiness or unhappiness depends on the way we meet the events of life than on the nature of those events.

So stay happy lang mga peeps, don't make a room for DAMN things but LOVE.

And so I say: "Wake up to happiness! Shake up the happiness! :))

Are you naturally a happy person?


  1. real happiness is found only in GOD. :)

  2. @Orange--yeah, absolutely, there's no question to it. The only people that would question your claim is one that is an atheist. Good thing, I am not one of 'em..hehehe..thanks for dropping by.

  3. Happiness is always a choice. We need to let go of people who don't make us happy.

  4. @Kay--tumpak with isang katerbang palakpak...:))))

  5. I definitely agree with you! :) Happiness can't be borrowed, it's within us :) I myself is a naturally happy person, and my family, friends, food and the arts make me happier :D

  6. Stay happy, feel happy, and you'll give others happiness. :)

  7. I agree, only in God that you will find true happiness


  8. @Jssica - likewise, as they say life is short so it must be lived in a very positive way.

    @ Theo - Indeed. God is the giver of all that there is and so is happiness. :)))


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