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Monday, February 20, 2012

One Steaky Night

I claim I have a talent in cooking - a raw one but trainable, unrehearsed yet willing to be exposed in the kitchen. 

Soon I know I'll walk down the road of the lucrative world of culinary arts and have my degree from it. It's not too late though for talent doesn't choose an age.

I can cook and I know I have this gastro intelligence in me. Well, chicken cordon bleu is one fave recipe which excites me every time I prepare one. There were considerable numbers of Filipino recipes which I'm at par in cooking. Oh boy! I won't elaborate it here. Name it and I'll cook it for you...hahaha.

But being a neophyte food blogger is way far from the alleys of those professional ones, those whose living depends on it. My blog does not mainly focus on it. Food and resto reviews comes only when we dine outside our kitchen-court advantage at home (lutong bahay).

I feel the enthusiasm to test my raw talent in writing a food review with a resto I would say, is one that is at par with the rest of the best fine dining restos anywhere. Raising the bar a notch higher, I'm talking about STEAK HOUSE. 

Yes, it's spelled STEAK HOUSE! And this entry will evolve all about this fancy restaurant in a not-so-highly sophisticated city of Dammam.

The Dammam-branch of Steak House near Corniche

We arrive at 730pm just in time after the last "sallah prayer" finishes. Bingo! we're inside the moderately-cool ambiance resto inspired maybe with antique houses or museum since the settings and the facilities from furnitures to fixtures combined the era of the past and the present. Or maybe the owner really designed it to appear as such. As usual in KSA lifestyle there is an area reserved for families only and a separate one for bachelors. Ladies usually goes in the family section.

Portion facade of the always populated resto - Steak House
Honestly, this is my first time to eat at Steak House. And if you would ask me what's the feeling? It's pretty normal and the same with the fine dining restos I've had my taste bud tested. The observer in me runs wild - peeking here and there.

TO BE CONTINUED - Inaantok na si Jay 1:30AM na.hehehe


  1. I just had my first steak last week. I'm not too good with cooking too, I can cook but I'm too lazy.haha. :)

  2. @Michy--you can't say you're not a good cook or you're not good in cooking. It's the lazy-ness that forbids you to be a good one..hehehe..

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment. Appreciate it much :)

  3. ay layo pala. I thought it is here in Manila hehe

  4. @Stacy -- hehe...miles away nga ang layo..wala bang STEAK HOUSE diyan sa Manila?

  5. Nagutom ako ... but what I like most was the exterior of the house. NICE!

  6. @Kay--nalula nga kami sa inorder namin, kala namin not-so-big servings, yon pala ang dami..tapos ang best-seller nila na "Black Rock Steak" ang sarap, wherein you have to cook it yourself diyan sa squared na black rock na yan sa isang pic. The experience was awesome, but next time we'll order in moderation nalang..LoL..walang tigil ang paglaki ko..wahahaha

  7. bigla ako nagutom hehehe! thanks for touring us around the steak house t2 Jay. nice blog agian.


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