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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three Books In A Cool Tuesday Night

Accidental purchase -- maybe or maybe not?

Perhaps what triggered me to have these books is basically my intense desire to read it. As a book lover, reading books for me is like smoking a weed - speaking of that restricted weed or so called "pot". It is so addicting that removing that habit is so extremely difficult for me that it could not complete a day or a month not having it in anyway. It's like it should be in a place where it can easily be sighted, one of which should be beside me when I sleep at night.

The three books I purchase

Originally, our meet-up was intended to check-out available flats for rent. Apartment for rent here is usually called a "flat". It's either for bachelor or family. To cut it short, it was an evening of initial scouting to places where we could find a flat for family or married couple.

We speed-off to the real estate office of bro. Satt's bachelor's flat. Our intention was to talk to the owner and settle his payment and negotiate for a one-month extension as an allowance period while he's scouting a family flat fo him and his soon-to-be-wife sis. Razel. He is going to leave his bachelor's flat in favor of a new family flat. In the country where we're at, bachelors are not allowed to mingle with ladies and likewise. The same is applied to renting a flat. Usually bachelors have separate buildings from single ladies. And so with the family flat. But in a family flat, some tenants allow bachelors to join-in a family flat as long as there are available slots for occupancy with the permission of the owner.

We were five inside the Hyundai Accent, goofing each other and throwing jokes some of which are so senseless that we end up laughing boisterously. In the middle of our flat's hunt, bro. Marlon, who by the way is in great physique right now due to his frequent work out in the gym, murmured that he's hungry already. And so I second the motion. With that gesture, we headed-off to the nearby KFC to feast a bucketful of 15-pieces crispy fried chicken- a mixture of regular and spicy flavor. Triggered by our hungry stomach, we were able to finish the dinner meal in less than 15-minutes. A record-breaking feat for a group eating contest (hahaha!) It was like we're competing with the armies eating meal in a war-zone.

With our stomach full, we went out from KFC. Ryan and I surprisingly decided not to join the hunt. Instead, we both agreed to be fetched from Jarir Bookstore where we planned to browse some accessories for my MacBook Pro and books as well. Of course, every time I enter a book store, may it be small or big, it is implied in me to check out what new books are available.

Spending more or less 20 minutes in the laptop's accessories section, figuring out what and what not to buy, I finally convinced myself to purchase a leather-like MacBook Pro safety bag. I was still checking out some laptop accessories when Ryan appeared to me carrying the book he chose to buy.

And since I also intend to check books at the second floor of the store we immediately went upstairs to browse from the stands. I always go with the non-fiction section. Perhaps it is a usual thing for me since I don't go for any other sort like fictions and others. And so I was able to hand picked what I want to be punched-in to the cashier counter.  And here are my three lucky picks.

  • Greg Mortenson's -- "Stones into Schools"
"I chose to buy this book firstly because I find the author so interesting and inspirational after reading his bestseller "Three Cups of Tea". His literary attacks were moving -plus the poignant story so engaging that it will leave you utterless."

  • David Kirk Patrick's -- "The Facebook Effect"
"The main reason why I want to read this book is to dig deep into the world of the multi-millionaire Mark Zuckerberg and to get to know more the world inside the social network Facebook. As a Facebook user, it arouses in me the desire to probe deeper how it all started and how it became one of the giant social networks that it is today."

  • Mitch Albom's --"For One More Day"
"Undoubtedly, I presumed that any reader or book lover would agree to me why I chose to buy this book. Coming from the bestselling author of "Tuesdays with Morrie" & "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" -- both of which I already read years ago, is a sure-fire hit. His novel is so moving and can drop tears. His choice of words and literary delivery is a masterpiece that soothes unto the bones of someone who read his novel and makes them chill."

So, there you go guys! --indeed "Three Books In A Cool Tuesday Night". I must say these books are highly recommended for reading pleasure. Stories of which can inspire readers to dream and to act upon those dreams.

Until my next blog entry. God bless!


  1. I love Mitch Albom! I only have a copy of Tuesdays with Morrie. I have to get a copy of that book though. ;)

    1. Great to hear Michy! you have to get most if not all of his books. He's a good story steller and a very sensitive writer. Books here is cheaper compared to the price in Pinas. I only got that book for SAR19.00 which roughly P215 if converted.

  2. I have the 3rd book. Read it. It will change your life.

  3. I haven't read the other but I liked "for one more day". It changed me.

  4. I only have "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" from Mitch Albom.. :D And I'd really love to read "For One More Day" too.


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