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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marc Kielburger - Activist for Children's Rights

Marc Kielburger -- ikaw na!

Let's do some serious stuff right now.

Most of the time, it's emotionally rewarding to write about people whom you draw inspiration from even though meeting them is nowhere in sight for now or maybe not even for your entire life time.

Yesterday, Satt and I were riding in his car heading to the fancy city of Al Khobar for a very special purpose.

Along the way, while having a constant chat about some sensible things and a little rant complaining about his hungry stomach triggered by not finding a food shop to dine in for a supposedly late lunch at 3pm, I immediately noticed a billboard in one of the major roads of Al Khobar having Marc Kielburger's face along with other Arab dignitaries. Knowing a bit of what Marc do for a living, I quickly assessed that his presence in the Arab world is for a very important and upcoming event which I am sure caters for humanitarian purposes. The description was written in Arabic reason why I can't figure out what really it was. But my heart pounded instinctively that it is for a good cause.

And so I want to share to you how passionate I am with the way this man, along with his brother Craig Kielburger, live a life by example, empowers the youth and have an ardent heart to the less privileged kids. I may have not work along with him in any of their projects but I can relate so much as I am involved also in  two social organizations - Kasimanwa Ko Association and Silid Aralan Inc. which uplifts the literacy of the kids. 

The truth is, it was Craig (who extended a "hi" to me when I asked my good friend Arcie Mallari during their meet-up in Toronto last year) whom I knew first before Marc through his book "Free The Children" which I bought for a meager amount of P60.00 at Booksale in SM Southmall way back in 2004. Since then I've been constantly communicating with their organization "Free The Children" inquiring if a satellite office was present in our country and if there were Filipinos directly involve in their advocacy --there were few but  I wasn't able to connect with them due to busy schedule way back then. I've been invited once to attend the "Me To We" conference in Canada but due to distance I can't afford a ticket. But my non-appearance didn't push me back not to support their cause. As an answer to their myriad of programs I get myself involve with the above two organizations to gesture my support as someone highly inclined to social works.

Truly, this humanitarian activist sparked the enthusiasm in me to work for the poor & help empower less privileged kids and someday to own my social organization too.

This is the type of life I want to live later on. A life dedicated to improving the world through small & random  positive actions, involving into various advocacy which empowers the younger generation. And help initiate the idea that young children have voices to be heard too.

Note: Credit to wiki for the link I used above.


  1. I like the positivity and the humanitarian precept you have sir. I salute you. :) We can always do random acts of kindness even in our small little ways. I am glad someone like you wants to make a difference. :)

  2. Many thanks Jessica for the compliments. It has been instilled in us by our parents to always be of help to others especially to those whose situation is far from what we've got. I am not saying we're rich but there are people who hardly meet their ends. And perhaps, it is my innate desire to do such things as I always believed that our existence is purposed to be of person to others.

  3. We can all make a difference in our own special way. :)

  4. @Michy-- Yes, we can! the only difference is when we're only equip with words and not acting upon it.

  5. even the smallest deeds will always do count a million times in heaven!


  6. With just merely sharing us this post, you've already inspired us to start helping others and at least try making a difference.. :)

  7. Nasa heart mo talaga ang social working ser :) Let's make difference in our world!

    Yan binasa ko na ang isa. hehe


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