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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Of Shuttlecocks, Rackets, and Fellowship In The Court: BADMINTON with PBOers

L-R (Mar, Pao, Empi, and Me, on top Arvin)
It's kinda odd that I need to read some blogs out of my circle of bloggers to trigger me to write again. Honestly, I'm really having a hard time processing my thoughts. As if I don't even know how to write anymore. I can't even easily expound an idea. What the heck is happening to me?

Is there something wrong with me? Is my zest in writing have gone sour? Oh no! it is a bad thing- really a not-so-good-idea to entertain with.

I held-off writing for quite sometimes already - a couple of weeks or so. After posting three entries about meet-ups and a thank you post, I suddenly feel like I'm drown in again to "sabaw moment". I shouldn't have permitted a long period of hiatus. The pending entries in my drafts if only they can speak would really prompt me begging to finish it off and post 'em.

Thanks to the blog of a fellow-blogger of mine Paolo Mangdingiado upon which reading some of his entries propelled me to open my lappy and start writing again. I have been meaning to write a post about our badminton session during my vacation stint. A badminton session together with the PBOers - namely: Mar, Pao, Empi, Rix, and Arvin. The number could have been more if only some were able to go with us during that time. But blame it to their work schedules posing as the culprit of not making it with us.

The King of Chateau De Archieviner - my online son Arvin and I had to call some badminton centers early morning of February 18, 2013 to inquire and eventually avail of their court vacancies. It took us quite sometime ( for like an hour or so) before we finally had our venue reserved. The PowerSmash Badminton Center in Pasong Tamo, Makati was able to accommodate us on that same evening. And since I played as the spokesman of the group, I reserved two courts for a 7-8pm slot and another court for an 8-9pm time. 

Finally, eagerness to step in again inside the badminton court was the cause of my hardly contained excitement. It's been a year since I last played in the Middle East. I don't even know if I can still pull-off  a walloping smash or if I can still break a shuttlecock (yabang mode-hahaha!). In badminton, no matter how good you are in this sport if you lack practice your speed, stamina, endurance, and skill deteriorates. In order to be able to come to your ace game or at your peak, you need to be exposed again and battle head to head with the better players.

What excites me more that time was the thought that maybe some, if not all, of the PBOers are really good in the court. I had misgivings na baka tatahi-tahimik lang sila pero halimaw pala sa court. But when we had our game and I had them sized-up already, they fairly play lang naman pala - none of them were a huge treat to me - hehehe - yabang mode ulet - hehe. All the while, I was thinking na baka pagapangin ako hahaha. I was keen on Pao, Empi and Mar that time - hahaha! Inisip ko kasi na siguro ang gagaling talaga nila.

But far beyond the competitive side of our play, the bonding emerged as the great thing that happened that night. The fellowship in the court was what played an important role amongst us. The game was more likely a game of camaraderie and fun.

And without much ado, here are the actions that took place in the court. Enjoy your eyes' ride everyone!

With Empi as my front man while I'm at the back waiting for a smash
Empi - my fave pair in doubles - hahaha..playing favorite pala ako hahaha
We're on guard against Mar and Rix's tandem. Any wrong move siguradong smash to kill 'to hahaha!
Still with Empi in front while rallying with Mar and Rix team up
This time I was able to partner with Rix while Pao and Empi on the other side.
I'm readying myself for a possible smash against Pao and Empi

The king and Mar tandem
Pao and Empi's team up
Where can you find a player who poses first before an exchange of rally? Only Pao can do that hahaha!
Mar and king Archieviner in action
After the game, it's like a must for us to pose for a good cam shot.

Senyor aka Christian who isn't a sporty one eagerly requested us to drop by at their office in RCBC Plaza after our game. He had been calling and texting us to drop by and have coffee at Starbucks located at the 3rd floor of the towering landmark. Since we visited a blogger-friend who was admitted then in the hospital, we're quite hesitant if we can still give in to Senyor's request but luckily when the bus where we're riding finally had a stop in Ayala area, all of us alighted and we just found ourselves walking towards RCBC Building. We even g0t lost as to which entrance we shall go through. We had to ask some guards on post to tell us which way to go inside. Finally we entered in and met Senyor inside the famed coffee shop. 

And mind you, nilibre niya kami lahat - panalo di ba?
I took this photo which explains my absence in the scene.

What I realized that night was the friendship that was formed - a friendship that perhaps you would think that it was like 10 years already. It's spot on, unassuming, and true.

As each one of us journey along with our separate lives, we met together for one goal alone - to continue playing one of the sports that makes our blood pressure runnin' at a normal rate. Our degree of commitment may vary but the love for this sport will remain in us as long as we can and still able to play the game.

Life is like a game, most of the time you need to risk playin' it in order to win a challenge. But losing isn't the end of it all but a beginning of a stronger and wiser player in you. Most importantly, you have to play it with all your passion and enjoy every challenging encounters.

Guys, I'm looking forward to seeing you again in court, probably with more company to bond and to just have fun.

2227 Pasong Tamo, Makati City
Near Nissan Center
Tel No: 02 892 8024


  1. saya much sir... favorite badminton :)

  2. Jessica - I hope to meet you someday and hopefully play badminton with you too. Maka-akyat nga ng Baguio ulet hehehe! Thanks for droppin' by :)))

  3. saya saya naman! too bad I suck at badminton - kung sumama man ako dyan puro pa cute lang ginawa ko lols.

    nice that you got to spend more time and got to have fun and play with other bloggers, indeed this is friendship :)

  4. Ikaw raw ang nagpagapang at nagpakain ng alikabok sa kanila eh... Pro na pro ka raw... Unfair! Bakit dito walang results na posted unlike noong bowling natin?

    Ang saya... Iba talaga ang bond 'pag sports noh? 'Di ko nga lang alam kasi hindi naman ako athletic... Next time, boxing naman... Sasali ako! ara magkaalaman na... Lol

  5. Zai - Kaya mong maglaro Zai, All you got to do it to give it a try. With your height, I'm sure a smash isn't hard. Give it a try though :))

  6. Senyor - Ikaw din I'm sure makakaya mo ding maglaro, subok lang. I can even teach you the basic.

    Wow, boxing, game ako diyan time i-try natin hehehe

  7. Naks! Buti ka pa. I'm trying to jog pero parang di effective. hahaha! :)

  8. Friendship na talaga ito. I read all your posts tungkol sa meet-ups, kain, sleep over at mukhang you all enjoyed it. Nakakainspire basahin.

  9. Pagong lang ako the entire game ahaha.. laro ulit pag dating mo Daddy jay :D

  10. Wahahaha..ang saya ni Arvin sa pix..wala talagang paki sa picture moments niyo Dad..Call kung call eh.

    And yes blame it to our schedules, i fast sleeping that time. pag gising ko e pauwi na din kayo..

    Ahahaha.. ang yabang ng mga sumunod na paragraph ha! Pag nahasa ko tong hilig ko sa badminton, I'll definitely do a face off with you Dad!

    I suddenly miss you with the last words you said.

  11. Wow badminton's my favorite sports! Haven't played for a long time.

  12. haha after bowling badminton naman! haha sporty nu ahaha humataw pa ba din kayo ni pao dyan?
    haha sarap mag papwis sa ganyang sports

    anyways swett ni senyor ooh

  13. love it! I look forward to joining you all in the next games :) This write up really says it all-- fun, friendship and a memory to treasure.

    No sabaw moments dad jay :) You are just waiting for the right moment for the right words to fill in just like this post :)

  14. Whaaaaa! Bakit naman yung picture na may kausap ako sa phone ang pambungad na photo. lol

    Ang saya nitong badminton natin. Sana maulit pa to na magkakasama tayo. Magaling nako maglaro nyang sa susunod.

    "You need to risk playin' it in order to win a challenge" <---- super liked!

    Thank you for the friendship Dad :)

  15. ang sarap nito kasi ndi lang for outreach, gimik, bibisita ng isang kaibigan sa hospital at pati na rin sa paglalaro abah sinimot niyo na daddy jay hahahaha ang sarap magbasa nito kasi naramdaman ko yong simula ng pagkakaibigan na sa online lang naman nagsimula, masaya super saya kahit ndi ako natuloy sa pagpunta nong pbo meet up pero happy pa rin ako at nakikita ko kayong masaya sa paglalaro.

    one thing i can say daddy, wala sa edad yan! ndi porke bata ka eh ndi ka gagapang sa court hahaha ndi rin porke matanda na eh gagapang agad2x na sa court rin lol

    wow ang yaman ni senyor na nilibre nia kayo for coffee naman ohhh hahaha mahold up nga yan si senyor minsan lol

  16. sama ako sa susunod daddy jay :p

    eh parang di naman sabaw tong post na to . :)

  17. Michy - Haha..once lang yang badminton session na yan..di na naulit kasi hirpa mag sked eh

    Ate Malou - Salamat sa pagbabasa. Biro mo yun ano, from online friends through blogging to real friends in life.

    Rix - time level up na tayo hahaha

    June - Yebaah! I'm looking forward sa future face off natin. Single match eto hahaha

    Einstein - I guess it's time to visit the court again hehe.

    Mecoy - hahaha..ang layas namin ano..hehehe..pero ang saya din. Di kami humataw ni Pao hehehe

    Kat - Sana makasama ka nga sa aming next game in the future.

    King Archieviner - Sana nga maulit eto sa pagbakasyon natin ulet. At sana makasabay ulet kita. Salamat sa magandang comment.

    Lala - LoLs ako much sa 'matanda' na word parang singkwenta anyos naman ako sa paningin mo hahaha.. Salamat sa comment.

    Moises - Sure, sama ka para makabonding ka naman namin at makilala pa ng lubos ang tunay na pagkatao sa likod ng blog mong "Bagotilyo". Thanks sa comment.

  18. I Really miss playing with you guys! Daddy Jay, naalala ko yong mga naishare mo sakin noong naglaro tayo. Looking forward na makalaro ka ulit para maging kasing galing mo ako. Hehehe

  19. ansaya nyo tignan. nakakainggit minsan. hehe

  20. badminton is one of get together activities here in japan. it's always good to play with good buddies.

    and yes, don't allow yourself to be beaten by laziness, write at least one entry per month

  21. Empi - Ako rin kasi parang bitin ang isang session lang. Di bale bawi tayo next time.

    Olivr - sana nakipag meet up ka din sa amin...looking forward next time makasama ka din namin.

    Totomai - Wow, sana makauwi ka at magkalaro tayo minsan. Thanks for the advice.


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