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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Of Giving Compliments: The Power of Words

Tonight, I intentionally stay up late for the purpose of doing a blog post worthy of reading. As you may notice above, the catch-phrase I tag along with my blog somehow has this moving influence in me to always end up writing inspiring entry - at most. I know, "Mission-Ready" is such a big word. More so, it's a big responsibility. But I'm constantly reminded by the fact that If you'll just say "Yes" to the Lord, your perception of an impossible task changes. Suddenly, a task deemed impossible can be seen as possible. That's the working of the Christ in us.

When we see things beyond our capacity, we tend to like being engulfed with the massiveness of a challenge. But when we came to realize that there is one God in our midst that is always ready to share a lift of what we can't carry,  a heavy load quickly becomes lighter. 

I've always wanted to be of influence to others - I just don't know yet how specific I can do such. But that's how I want to be known for and will try to work hard for. It may be quite far yet but in my own little optimistic ways, I'd be able to achieve the pinnacle of what I wanted - TO BE AN INSTRUMENT OF ACHIEVING JOY. It's quite tall of a task but in the eyes of a non-cynical person, it can always be possible.

Perhaps, it's no obscure amongst us how words have power. How it can influence one's life. How it can change one's pessimistic attitude and embrace the optimist's character. How it can change a nation - and many more. 

Earlier, I chanced upon this YT video that tore me up while watching. I just can't hold my emotions that I suddenly let loose and let some tears slide down my cheeks. It's a joyful tear. The clip I saw was just so heart warming that I can't contain how I'm being inspired of the enormous love and affection that has been sent across through the exchanges of messages by one towards the other in the video. 

Here's the video that is responsible for the drop of tears in me.

Apparently, it is imperative amongst us how big our words can impact the lives of other people - may they be - our family members, our best friend, our son or daughter, our co-worker, our wife/husband, our boss, and our friends. And what's even more delightful is when we hear them say good things about us especially when we seldom hear it verbally. It's just so amazing that it strengthens the bond between the receiver and the giver of compliments. 

Many have said that "we are human and we are prone to commit mistakes". But we should also realize that being human we are given free will by God to think before we talk, to exercise our mind in a manner divinely possible. That, in all instances, we should always talk with sincerity of the heart, openness of the mind, and uplifting of the spirit. 

Like what we have seen in the video, our words should be an expression of love, hope, support, and affection. It is a wise act if we will just spread or talk about good things about other people and spare our time in soaking to stories that defiles them. Remember, we mirror each other, so whatever we say or do to others reflect on our own too. 

Our tongue can be both a blessing and a curse. As said, those that comes out from our mouth originates from our heart. So, it is a must all the times that we should be more sensitive in conveying our speech. 

Our words can make or break an individual. It is best to choose the former and be someone who brings joy into somebody's life. As I sleep tonight, I will leave you with a quote that reads:
Goodnight folks! 

May God shower you with kindness in both words and deeds.  Express them every so often. 

P.S. - credit to the owner of the video, photos and the quote. 


  1. Wow. This' really worth a like, and a share!

    We have, 86,400 seconds a day, giving up a couple of seconds to cheer up and compliment others is not that hard. No one knows how much cheering up can mean to other people. :)

    1. I'd be happy if you share it in your timeline hehe! You're indeed right Pao, the joy one brings by expressing compliments towards the other person is priceless. Thus, it deepens the bond between them. We will never know how big the impact it can create into someone's life.

  2. Nakonsensya tuloy ako sa tweet mo plus after nabasa ko to... ang ganda... at syempre napa-teary eyed na naman ako sa vid - nawiwili ka na ha lol.

    I may not be the best person in the world and I may not always express the kindest compliments to others, but at least I know I'm sensitive enough not to caused them any pain as well.

    Hindi ko ring maintindihan ang mga taong mas masaya talaga pag nakakasakit sila ng kapwa nila. Iniisp ko na lang siguro may mga pinagdadaanan lang sila kaya defense mechanism lang nila yun.

    Thanks for sharing Jay and wow great content as usual. Sensya naman late na-post yung sakin kagabi pag weekend kasi dami destruction sa house ha ha

    1. Panay panay na ba ang pagpapa exercise ko sa mga tears mo sa sliding surface nila - cheeks - hehe.

      Well, may mga tao talaga siguro na negative ang approach sa buhay. Yung parang laging galit sa mundo. Na lahat ng mapupuna sa paligid, uunahin muna ang negative na pagpuna bago pa makita ang positive.

      And like what we've talked about, our resolve in dealing with people like them is to distance from them and avoid associating with them. Sayang ang energy na masasayang kapag in-entertain natin eh haha!

    2. Yes don't waste the energy! Reserved it for reading and blogging na lang ha ha

    3. Need I say more? hehehe. Absolutely

  3. thanks for sharing the video! :)
    parang gusto ko tuloy makita lahat ng mga tao na gusto kong pasalamatan o may gusto akong sabihin na hindi ko masabi...

    nakakatuwa naman ito, sana may ganyan din dito sa pinas! bagay na bagay ito sa atin, kasi hindi naman likas sa mga pinoy ang maging 'open' sa kanilang nararamdaman,

    ang paborito ko sa video ay yung magnanay, yung magtatay saka yung mag-bestfriend na lalaki haha ang cool, kasi usually sa mga magkakaibigang babae mo lang maririnig yung mga sinabi nila :)

    1. And thanks for visiting too. I agree with your choices, doon din ako napa wow sa mga binanggit mo. Nakakatuwa no, pampa good vibes. It feels like doing it too.

  4. hi daddy jay,

    Salamat sa pagshare ng video. Na touch ako. Parang magandang gawing activity yan sa fellowship with friends , relatives and family.

    Godbless :)

    1. Welcome, ang sarap lang sa feeling kapag mga ganito ang eksena. Nakakalimutan natin ang problema kung ganito ang klase ng mga taong lagi nating kasama.Those who know when to give compliments in the right time.

  5. Words are really important. It would either cause a downfall of a person or uplift spirit. Compliments are words that we often don't say to the people most dear to us. Siguro ramdam sin nila pero iba pa din pag nasasabi.

    1. Indeed! I hope we would muster the guts to be vocal in giving compliments. And appreciating the presence of people who are into our lives.

  6. goosebumps and teary eyes that's what the video gave me, compliments is sure heart warming to receive, and it is the best way to show appreciation to anyone.Words is indeed such a powerful tool and i totally agree on the quote you've shared.
    by the way your intro put some guilt in me, it's been really hard for me to do some worth reading post haha

    1. Thanks Mecoy, and by the way, start blogging soon or it will be really hard to comeback since you've been left behind hehe. One post a month won't be too much of a burden I guess. :)


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