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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

40 Days Vacation: Day 2

Sunday- November 20, 2011

We visited SM Megamall last Sunday basically for one purpose- attend a Sunday mass. It was a surprise to my fiancee when she learned that the priest to conduct the 12:30pm mass is Father Mario. The same priest who is viewed online via TFC.

After the mass, we headed to Goldilocks and bought a cake as our birthday present to my lovable niece- Jia Alexandria.

While waiting in line inside the store, I randomly took photos of the different varieties of cakes and here are those random photos.

The cake we bought for Jia
We went out of the mall and tripped to take some photos in front of the mall and here's the attraction in between the entrance alley.
And the influx of people that's going to and fro in this mall whose famed in the late 90's as one of the biggest, if not the biggest mall.
We headed to Carmona, Cavite- the place of my ate to join the simple celebration of my niece birthday. What we bought for her was a cake. Here's some photos:
My Ate's family: Nikko, Ate, Jia (the birthday girl), Kuya & John Howard

It was a simple celebration that truly worth treasuring since we're almost complete in the family. My nanay and tatay, my ate and her family. The only two people missing in the scene are our youngest who happens to be twins. Jorlan in KSA and Jordan in UAE.


  1. WOW! Nasa Pinas ka! Enjoy your trip Bro! :)

  2. I drooled over the cake. o____________O

  3. Hope you liked SM. May mas better malls to visit though ...

  4. @Gasdude- Yes, nasa Pinas ako bro to fulfill a life changing mission--it's my hyper busy mode all the time. Yeah, we're making the most out of our stay.

    @Jeo--hahaha..I don't like cakes actually, I'm not into sweets that much. :)))

    @Kay--I don't usually go to malls, only when I buy books, watch a movie or buy some important stuffs.


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