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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Randoms @ Khobar

As part of our tradition, whenever someone from the group goes for vacation, it is our custom (though at some occasion we tend to miss) to honor him as a send-off gesture from us. And tonight is my lucky night. I really lucky? (ako ang taya..waahhh)

Since Satty McScotty has his car, he's used to fetching us up from our respective location, some from the office while other from their flats. We finally completed at around 8pm. From Dammam we drove through the traffic-free highways of Dammam heading to Khobar at a speed that only consumed us thirty minutes.

Since I need to claim my plane ticket from Ted (youngest brother of my fiancee) in Hail Center in a nearby Rakkah. It was the first stop of our so called race. A race of fun, bonding and food tripping. We reached the place and luckily I didn't find it hard to locate where exactly Ted parked his car. So after a short chit-chat, we headed to another location and it's our second stop of the night

We need to drop by at Jarir Bookstore. For what reason? Well, I need to return a D5100 Nikon Camera manual since when I bought the camera last October 21 two Arabic language manual was mistakenly inserted in the box. And so I need to ask for an English manual since my Arabic know-how is far from an ace grade in college. And it was both funny and irritating since I need to exchange few hard words to a Filipino salesman due to his suspicion that maybe I'm just fooling him over. And I told him, how come I would really pay a visit to their store if my intention wasn't pure. I understand his predicament since a month had past before I came back to had the manual exchange. In response, I told him that I find it hard to visit due to my hectic office schedule plus the fact that I'm miles away from the Jarir Store where I bought the said item. Eventually, he gave in and handed me over the English manual. After that quite heated scene we left the bookstore and proceed to our third stop.

All are in a very flashy smile mood since they started imagining the food that we're gonna eat. Satty suggested to dine in at Herfy but I refused since the original plan was "Thai Restaurant". And so we headed to the latter near my former place. I used to be staying in Khobar for two consecutive years before I went home and joined back to another company where Dammam is the location. We walked upstairs right through the family section in the second floor of the restaurant. I tended our order and asked them if I could leave for a while to meet up with my "suking barbero". I badly need a haircut since I guess it's been ages when I last had scissor run through my thinning hair. After the haircut session I quickly got back to the restaurant. We had our prayer of thanks and we devour aromatic indulgence. The funny thing was we need to hurry up since the resto was scheduled to close @10pm and we've just started savoring the sumptuous dinner I treated. We had to finish the meal for like 15-20 minutes. Plus we're the last customer of the night. Though a bit agitated about the time, we still managed to enjoy the food. I have been loving Thai cuisines as it really fits my taste buds. Here are random photos we took 
ME and bro. Roel - an HH member.
Feasting on food
Say cheese!
What we had on our table are: Pad Thai Noodles with cashew and "togue", Fried Rice Thai style, Mixed Seafood soup, Deep Fry Lapulapu in Thai style and Bottomless Iced Tea. We have been fully loaded. Whapakk!

After the palatable and truly savory dinner meal at Thai Resto, we headed to a mall famed to be the melting pot of lots of pinoys-- Al Rhamaniyah Mall. We decided to stop by just to kill the time and to have the food inside our tummies digest in. We had our window shopping, though bro. Roel can't really resist a Nike shoes being sold at a sale price so he grabbed the chance to buy one at a discounted rate. I guess almost half the price. And while some of us were busy doing some annoying stuff inside the boutique we tripped to take random photos and here's what we've got.

Dammam Boys strike a pose
Doning a Pacquiao- Marquez pose
Teach me how to boobsie...LoL!
Camera shy
And here the main course of the evening. LoL! A Satty McScotty's parody of being a mannequin as he tried to pose in every corner and see if he's fit to be one. And it seems he passed my verdict. His towering height of 6" flat can convince bystanders and by passers to mistaken him as one of them. LoL.hahaha! Look at the photos below for full proof.
Wannabe mannequin
Serious Satty
Now that's a crap! LoL
This one looks real
Is that teach me how to doggie Rob?
Jabawokees minus the mask?
Finally, we got out of the mall and dropped by at a nearby Filipino bakery "Queens Bakery" to buy few breads. And we went straight home at around 11pm.


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