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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Domino of Bad Luck

WARNING: This post isn't so interesting, it may bore you up. Don't risk or else you'll regret reading it. LoL!

I've had a nice sleep last night though mine only fitted for five hours since it's almost midnight when we've finished our rosary prayer intention for bro. Ronnie Bautista.

I opened my eyes at around 5:30 in the morning - my usual waking time. But, since it's still comfy to sleep I luckily managed to snatch almost an hour of extended sleep. And when the clock hits at 6:30 in the morning I finally rose up and fixed myself and the bed. By the way I slept at the "House of Voices" since bro. Sattie McScotty requested my presence that night.

Had to woke him up since I need to go back to my flat to fix myself up for office. And so he quickly ran to the shower room and had his bath. 

We left at around 7:00am and since no traffic disturbed us, we arrived in my flat at around 7:15am.  Had to rush up since I'm staying at the third floor of the building. I got in and opened my room. Immediately, I pick up my towel and under garment and quickly entered our shower room. Believed me, I finished consuming only a five minutes shower session. Gone out of the bathroom and dressed up and bingo! I'm done. It was like I'm competing for a Guinness World Record contest. 

And so I went down, a really fast paced walk was the scenario early morning. Luckily, I reached our office at exactly 7:30 in the morning. Whew! the exact time where I should get in. Quickly gone up and sat down at my office station. Opened my PC and started my daily routine. Then, suddenly I remember we have a schedule training today and nine o'clock is the call time. This is a further training for me in the system and to Talal, Bassam and Abdullah their first since they are newbies in our company.

While waiting for the nine o'clock time, I busied myself doing routine works: follow-up purchasing emails, inquiry for new suppliers, calling suppliers for our orders, a routine Skype chat/talk with our representative in China (Engr. Adil), and the enslaving daily stock transfer encoding in the system. I can't put all my works here--running it down would literally showing my work closet. LoL! 

So when was the domino effect of bad luck happened? Where did it all started?

Here's the story of my not-so-good day of November 02, 2011. I don't know if it has something to do with the observation of the "All Souls Day" or it's just a coincidence.

We headed to the training center "Motakamel Office". I was with four office mates summing up to five people. We arrived at around 9:15am. We had a short chat with the trainer and after that we proceeded to the formal module of the topic. I won't elaborate what it was since it won't matter to you.

The training went on until 1:00PM. It was really weird when I realized that I failed to bring my keys with me. It was stucked in my office table's drawer. And the dilemma started to fill in. So, a domino effect for the bad luck I got today really stressed me out.

As a result of forgotten set of keys, I wasn't able to get back to my flat for my lunch. We have a two-shift schedule at work and it's the reason why I always go home for lunch.  My mobile was in low battery and eventually emptied. I tried to call using Abdullah's mobile one of our office mates who has the office key but his mobile was off. I tried another one but to my surprised he didn't have the key too. Feeling frustrated, I just gave a big sigh. I was inside the car of Abdullah and even Abdullah and Talal were like a bit worried about me since worst case scenario was that "I'll be staying outside and wait until the 3:00 prayer finished. 

Talal offered me his flat to stay while I wait for the prayer time (sallah prayer). But he told me that he'll be back in the office at 4:30pm and I can't afford that since I have lots of things to accomplished. Losing an hour would really make a difference. Plus he was staying in Khobar. So, since I was riding with Abdullah's car I just told him to drop me by at a Filipino Restaurant. At least I can spend more than half an hour of eating my lunch for the purpose of killing the time. But I was forced to went out since the restaurant closes before prayer time. I was forced to leave and stay in front of our office for almost an hour since I got out of the restaurant at around 2:30 and office time is 3:30. 

Now, I was like a wanderer trying to fit in to the street. I stayed for an hour outside our office. I can't even peek in to my mobile since the battery was empty. Boredom quickly sets in and I hate it big time.

But, I did what I'm at best. I just write this article to kill the remaining time before our office resume. And this entry was like a non-sense to me. It's like a narration of a stressed individual clouded with frustration for a domino effect of unexpected things today.

LoL! At least I still was able to use my boredom to write this. 


  1. thats what blogs are for ... random thoughts :)

  2. Whew! oo least the thing is gumagana pa rin ang kukote..LoL..kahit ano nalang ang maisulat. LoL. :)) Thanks for the boost!


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