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Sunday, November 13, 2011

And Still ................

The Trilogy Saga Has Just Ended
It's really a problem for people with emphasis to many of our countrymen and even to the world. They have high expectations set for themselves from Manny. Never did they imagine nor realize that Pacquiao, at some point, wouldn't gave them a fight the way they wanted or simply Pacquiao didn't deliver that much as they have highly expected.

They should realize as well the it's freakin' hard to stand up there, fight, receive painful jabs, carry the nation's flag and discounting the will to give up just for his country. Even if he is regarded as the P4P King, he's still subject to vulnerability. A vulnerability that could even lead to a loss should he not too careful with his opponent.

And tonight's fight was a classic example that Pacquiao is still human and isn't an invincible creature as touted by some if not many. If some losses their beliefs in the fighting ability of Manny, it's your loss and not him. 

For me, I still firmly believe in Manny and will never change or be lost should a loss lands on his face.  

Plus, these bunch of irksome and cynical craps acted as if they were the official judges scoring the match. When clearly, judges score cards didn't even favor Marquez for once. All that he has is a draw from one of them.

Who says he was robbed of the win? A loser would always claim he was robbed of winning just to compensate his hurting pride and  listens to the sympathy of lots of cynical nincompoops pretentious to know more of boxing rules when clearly they are just bunch of skeptic morons whose knowledge in boxing is insufficient.

So for me, the clear winner...AND STILL the defending champion "The People's Champ" Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao.

No one else, nothing more, nothing less!

The trilogy saga has been officially ended. The question is: "Will there be a fourth one? I hope so, it would be another exciting, equally furious & controversial ring meet-up.


  1. I'm not a big fan of boxing but I can understand you. Sometimes people perceive Manny Pacquiao as someone invincible. I think they've quite forgotten that he's human too. And the judges had already given their verdict, so we should just accept it and be happy that our "pambato" won :)

  2. Thanks Sumi! There are lots of talk (even not credible talks against him) just to diss him out. We should be thankful nga kasi Manny has been bringing our country's pride in the international arena.

    May ugali kasi ang iba sa ating mga Pinoy na kung nananalo lang kakampi or kikilalanin pero kung natatalo na or di maganda ang performance magto-talk back na sila.

    Buti nalang di ako ganun, I stand for my ground.


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