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Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Act of Silence

"I think a man who lives right and is right has more power in his silence than another man has by his words." - Phillip Brooks

And so I set the record straight. I'll pay more attention to silence. Silence will be my company for now. And as the title would speak I'll let it act on its own time. If you'd ask me how long will it take me, the answer is "uncertain". I just let things the way it is now and will just focus on all the highly important elements in my life now.

I am slowly disintegrating myself to what I consider less important. I'm detaching from it. I'm putting myself in isolation. More so like a solitary confinement. 

Indeed, time has flown so fast and like a water in a stream noisily running down through so fast, I can't bring back the time I've lost. The time where I could have said "I could have done this and done that". But, as they say, God has His reason for any single thing we experience. All I could do is to just see the wisdom in all of those things and learn from it. Capture it, hold it, and move on.

And I am moving on. And part of this journey is detaching myself from all the less important elements in me. Part of it is to create separate ways, moving on a separate path.

I'll create another world for me. I'll embark on new friendship. And yeah, I have started already and will nurture what is constantly blossoming.

This is my solid attempt to break out from the monotony of my life. I feel the need to and I will do it. Much has been said, words has its own sour bites in me.

All I can do is to take on a challenge which I will set for myself. A challenge not motivated by the prodding words of people around me. But it's more of a self-cry to change, more of an inner need to face the revolution within me.

And so the silent battle is on.



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