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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

P.I.S.S.E.D. O.F.F

      I am a morning person.....

     As much as possible, when I don't have late errands at night, I'll sleep early and wake up early too. Masayang makita si Haring Araw na sumisikat pa lang. Para sa akin, it symbolizes a new hope and a continuation of a dream started.

     Pero, sadyang may mga umagang di ngiti ang dala. Siguro naman, karamihan sa atin nakakaranas ng ganitong pakiramdam. And what makes it worse is that I am faced with a recurring task in "inventory of stock". Now, I guess I am starting to lose patience over it. It's not that I don't appreciate the work, but it's just that some people you're working with seems not even caring how critical your work is. That, in all cases, they are entirely related in my mission to accomplish it. They keep on delaying jobs which results to my own delay too.

     Why, because it's like a "domino effect". Once you stand still and not work on your task, other won't get their job done too. Konektado kasi ang aming mga trabaho. And if one renders himself to be too lax or lousy in execution, others will be in dilemma as well.

     And now, that explains why I am a bit "PISSED OFF" today. I hope this feeling subsides gradually later. I hate the negativity, the "lousy vibes", being so mundane because one does not deliver as he should is so awful.

     Well, I should get up and compose myself. I can't stay with this situation. I need to get some solution or else I'll be soaked deeper into it.

     STILL, have a great day ahead guys! Hope you're having a grand time to whatever you get yourself busy with. KEEP YOUR COOL. Mine, I'm starting to pick the broken pieces of "COOL". :))))



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