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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Song I'm Goin' Like "Crazy Nuts"

     Lately, I've been so hooked listenin' to this song:  Adele's "Rolling Into Deep"

BOYCE AVENUE covers ADELE's "Rolling Into Deep"

     What makes me stir up is the fact that it was covered by one of the coolest band I have ever known today -- presenting BOYCE AVENUE-- their version keeps me repeating over and over again this song and all other songs they've done. It's mellow, ear-friendly, and can turn you up to day-dream.

     Here's brief wiki-info about B.A.

     "BOYCE AVENUE - is a Puerto-Rican American acoustic rock band. It was form in Sarasota, Florida by brothers Alejandro, Daniel, & Fabian Manzano. This band is named after the combination of two streets the brothers lived as children. As of August 9, 2011, they are no longer signed to Universal Republic and have started their own independent record label called 3 Peace Records."

Alejandro, Daniel, & Fabian
     Well, I'd give credit to the original record of Adele since if it wasn't for her Boyce Avenue won't have the chance to re-arrange it with their own version.

     Nowadays, there are lots of artists (whether on a main stream or those who needs to break out to the mainstream) which cover awesome songs. Nakakatuwa kasi ang gagaling nilang mag-cover ng mga hit songs which even make those songs more popular & maybe can hit their platinum or quadruple platinum mark after it has been covered by these artists.

     Parang baliw lang ako..hahaha! paulit-ulit na papakinggan ang isang kanta. Ito na yata ang tinatawag na "hooked" or to put it in a superlative form "extremely hooked". Pero okey lang kasi my being hooked to it produces good energies and shy-away bad energies and negative vibes.

     While I'm in our office today, I tightly positioned the headset in my ears. My Saudi office mate (colleague in the Procurement Dept.) has been so intrigued with the song. I asked him,"Do you listen to English songs? He replied "Well, sometimes, but I'm not really a music person". Well, I guess their religious orientation would explain the reason. 

     But, he was dancing a bit when he heard the beat and tempo of the song which makes it cooler. Na-appreciate pala ni "tukmol" ang pinapakinggan kong kanta. Well, siguro dahil he was educated in the Western world, somehow he has this grasp of modernity.

     TODAY, I guess I'm ROLLING INTO DEEP. "LOL" :))))


     By the way, wait 'til I post their version of Rihanna's "Only Girl In The World" & Katie Perry's "Fireworks"


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