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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Well- Ordered Heart

The secret of life is pursuing one thing.

There is a pursuit that is worthy of our devotion. There is a goal that is achievable even in the most desperate of situations. It will produce good far beyond our own little sphere of influence. It is something that our souls long for; the life we've always wanted.

It is a quest for what might be called a well-ordered heart. The balanced-life paradigm assumes that our problem is external- a disorder in our schedule or our job or our season of life. But truly significant disorder is internal.

In order to have a well-ordered heart is to love the right thing, to the right degree, in the right way, with the right kind of love.

When our heart is well-ordered, we are not only increasingly free from sin, but also increasingly free from the desire of sin. If the heart were truly well-ordered, we would love people so much we would not want to deceive or manipulate or envy them. We would be transformed from the inside out.

Spiritual transformation cannot be orchestrated or controlled, but neither it is a random venture. We need a plan. We need to develop what is called a "rule of life". A rule involves a rhythm for living in which we can grow more intimately connected to God. Consider how you might arrange your day around the pursuit of a well-ordered heart.

Let me quote apostle Paul as he wrote to the church at Colossae, as the climax on instruction on transformed living. And here's what he said:

"Whatever you do in word or in deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him -- Colossians 3:17

Honestly, I am far from what I say here, but I am trying to achieve a state in myself wherein for once I'll be enjoying a well-ordered heart. And I know and firmly believe that it is achievable. I just need to simplify my life and detach from the worldly cultures that this generation popularly hooked in. It is because if the current culture doesn't work for me I don't necessarily have to buy them.

And so I say, are you living with a well-ordered heart? Are things in your life flow in accordance to the will of your heart? 

Feel free to post your thoughts in the comment portion of this post. I'll highly appreciate anyone spending time to share their insight about this post.

Have a nice read. God bless :)

P.S. -- Credit to the book of John Ortberg "Life To The Max" for some insights used in this post.


  1. Well I must say that I haven't achieved yet that "well-ordered heart" There are a lot of complications in my life right now; I need self fixation first.

  2. Focusing on me for now ... next na yung sa partner ek ek haha

  3. I'm still on my journey to achieve a well-ordered heart, but I know I'll get there some day.

  4. @Kay--yeah,focus first on yourself so that when things within you is in order already,you can share it out.

    @Sumi--Definitely, life is a series of interconnected event until we reach our enlightenment that will lead us to a well-ordered heart. Cheers! thanks for commenting :)


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