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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Of Sunset, Dates, and Neighborhood Stroll with Little Caleb

A photo I took of the sun that is about to set with the "Dates" tree
as the back drop
It's been quite a while since my last entry. Some blogger friends would ask "Bakit wala ka nang new post?" Others would say "You have a reader in me, please post". How sweet and encouraging it is to receive such words. 

Messages sent directly to my inbox or if they happen to catch me online. Replies to which would just end like this "I'm pre-occupied with some important things as of the moment". 

Yes! and a big yes! As much as I want to write but there are some things which need high priority as well. So, these things that had occupied most of my time lately were the reasons of my being quite inactive in the blogging world. 

That's just life, sometimes we're prompted with lots of things that -whether we like it or not, we have to face quick & fair and square.

Anyway, I'm here now. At least I can offer you something light and bubbly- naks bubbly! may bubbles na kasama? haha!

Yesterday, my little C and I, together with my mom-in-law had a stroll around our neighborhood. My wife joined in after few minutes when she arrived from work. 

I almost forgot that I am a father and sometimes, I need to carry my little C around for him to have a grasp of fresh air and to wander in excitement the sights around our neighborhood. And so we took an hour (most probably) touring him around. He's into his stroller- in a comfy sit with his night clothes on. Pagabi na kasi kaya binihisan ko na ng pantulog niya.( It's about to get dark, so we had him put his night clothes on). 

While we're strolling around, I borrowed my wife's Samsung Galaxy Note II and took shots of him as he grins at every sight of buildings and dates plus the fading sun. 

Here's what we've got.

Anyway, here are the three awesome shots I took while the lovely sun is about to set.

And hey, we've noticed from our facade and some nearby "dates trees" now bearing its fruits. Usually, the "dates" season here is during Ramadan. And Al Ahsa where we're at is the "Date Capital of KSA".

Dates bear fruits in bulk as you can see in this photo

Fruit-bearing Date tree just near our building facade
Oh I forgot, I have some errands to attend to haha! Until next time, I hope you had a nice read fellahs!


  1. Aaaw sooo cute Caleb - reminds me of the movie "Look Who's Talking" ha ha! Nice post and photos Jay. Ang gaan basahin :)

    Ako rin lately medyo madalang mag post and still working on the tweaking. Hopefully makabalik na din sa regular posting soon...

  2. Ang cute naman ni Caleb. Ang bungisngis! :)

  3. haha jay na jay ang kacutan ni caleb, di maipagkakailang kaw ang tatay jay!
    at love na love sya ng camera ahh! at lageng nakangiti! pwedeng pang commercial ahhaha!
    anyway ganda nman ng pinsstayan nu ha

  4. wow cute nan ni caleb laging naka ngiti, ano diapher ni baby? hahaha parang commersial lang..
    aun oh may post na ulit.. ingat ingat lagi

  5. a great read to start my day! cute cute photos!

  6. Sometimes nawawala blog mo Dad. Kahit i refresh mo wala. But good thing nahuli ko sya today, hehehe.

    Nakikita ko magiging mahusay nba tourcuide si baby C.. hehehe, cute

  7. Si Baby Caleb ang star ng post na to. Very Cute!

  8. cute cute :)

    may future ang batang 'to. haha

  9. Miss B - Thanks for the compliment. He's such an adorable kid. Sabi nga ng mga friends namin dito "happy baby" daw siya coz he always smiles.

    Michy- Yes, bungisngis nga talaga hehe!

    Mecoy - copy cat ba? hehehe..ipapa audition ko nga eto sa baby commercial hahaha kidding.

    Adam - Thanks Adam!

    Jeison - Ayun oh, nakapagpost nga din sa wakas hehe! ingat din ikaw diyan

    Kat - Thank you Kat!

    June - I guess now ok na ang blog ko. Thanks

    Ate Malou - Siyang siya nga hehehe! thanks

    Orange Pulps - hahaha! magdilang anghel ka sana. hehe Thanks

    Oman - Thanks! Followed your blog already

    Olivr - salamat :)

  10. Waah sobrang cute talaga ni Baby Caleb hahaha ^_^

    Nakakain na ako dati nung parang minatamis na dates. Yung parang prunes na ang itsura nya.

  11. im one of your reader daddy jay. gaan kasi sa pakiramdam yung sinusulat mo. at laki na ni caleb noh.last time na feature mo sya, yung sa video ata yun. ang liit pa nya. tapos ngayon super big smile na masyado. ang kulet lang.

  12. Wow! ang cute ni baby Caleb! Ang saya-saya niya talaga! hahaha!
    At malapit lang kayo sa SM Aura? araw-araw na siyang makapag-malling! hehehe! ヅ

    P.S. You have an amazing blog, I'm your new follower. ヅ

    Fashionmoto Blog

  13. Cute Caleb's day out pala...:) tama ka daddy jay, we are as well pre-occupied. That i can relate, but it does not mean we no longer want to blog....:) ther is just a lot lately. Oh, i love eating dates!!!...yum2...:)



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