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Friday, May 24, 2013

Obstacles As Disguised Opportunities

I so miss my blog and writing of course. More so, I miss blog hopping - reading new posts from my blogger friends. Well, occasionally I browse some of my friends' entries but only for reading purpose minus the commenting. Like what I used to when I'm not ready yet to say any comment. I'd rather read and leave.

I had been quite busy these past few weeks and even until now. 

The reason why I face up my lappy and write is that I can’t let go of some thoughts I just had a while ago while reading some interesting reads from different blogs (ssssh- I'm more of a reader lately than a writer - haha) that offers encouraging posts highlighting different life situations and how to deal with them. 

As you may know, I'm a guy who has a genuine desire in human interest stories and stories that touches the soul. I just marvel reading them. It refreshes me and my spirit. It de-stresses my tired body, much more benefit to my inner core. 

And while reading some of 'em, I came across a story inspired from the bible, was given a modern twist in story telling that led me to post this in my FB wall status. 

And this one made me rush up from my bed and make a quick entry in this blog. I know this entry is below the normal lengthy post from me but I just wanted to share the thoughts with you guys. I know it makes a lot of sense. 

Ok, good night now, back to bed status haha! See you soon again Pinas! Real soon with my little baby C!


  1. So please don't bother coming in my blog as i usually write about how i despise life and humanity, my masochistic tendencies, and the gray said of life. Heehehe!

    Pero totoo naman kasi. I can't really write anything as decent as your articles, unless it's about giving hope for our country and the possibility of cleaning up politics- that's the only moment of enlightenment wheerein i'm overwhelmed with perkiness and positivity.

    Anyway, kita namn talaga sayo na puno ka ng positivity. You're my opposite, i guess. Kaya whenever i need tsomething to pull me up from my sloppy depression i read ypur posts. There wa s actually a phase that i needed something to brighten up my day, i come here or in the kingdom of archieviner.

    You're doing the Lord's work.

    And perhaps one of these days i might write something "positive". It might give some refreshment to my soul in in my blogs atmosphere.

    Sabi nga ni Hitler, obstacles are not meant to be surrenderdd to. They were meant to be destroyed. Usually we always think that were done because we easily surrender to obstacles, but as long as we're not destroyed, then we musn't surrender to them. But it's really easier said than done. Kaya nga dapat talaga maging tenacious tayo, persistent at determined. And of course we should surround ourselves with people like you- the kind who will see you through the bad times and help you stand up when you fall.

    Please forgive the errors in spelling. It's the tablet's doing.

  2. uuwi ka kua Jay? oo nga tagal ka di nag blog. ako I'am thinking to overhauling my blog or totally delete it. ingat ingat

  3. I guess sa july to diba jay? yan pag uwi mo?
    anyway, facing obstacle is just like the process of how a rough diamond be refined, it eliminates the bad side and the rough cover to unleash the beauty and shine that we all have

  4. hey, you have a great blog here...frankly, i usually post nonsense drama about my life, pero ikaw, you have a future. haha. just keep going, you have readers who await your return. ;)

  5. We each have our moments of "silence", when we'd rather be the reader than the writer. I honestly think that it's makes us more effective when we read more. :)

  6. it does make a lot of sense! hello daddy jay and cute baby c! :)


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