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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Road Mishap - Ten Wheeler Truck Overturned

We are on our way home last night from my wife’s place when something went wrong on the road 20 kilometers away from our place in Dammam. I’m with my brother-in-law and his wife

We passed the “check point” phase smoothly and drove fast when suddenly we need to lower down our speed because the vehicles ahead of us did so. We were wondering what happened far ahead of us that caused the traffic congestion.

It’s quite absurd to think that when you’re in a slight hurry to reach home something unlikely would happen that would test your patience. So we patiently waited while our speed is like a turtle-paced.
That time, I was already in a sleepy mode since the clock hits 9:54pm when I checked it in my mobile. 

When we almost reached the exact spot where the road mishap occurred, we found out that a ten-wheeler truck completely overturned. We're not just sure if there are accessory to the accident. Police were present on the scene doing investigation while others served as traffic personnel to pacify the flow of cars.

Here is a very short video clip I was able to record. It's not really steady since I have to hide it from the police. In here, it is not an implied right that you just took some photos and videos to a place you like. There is certain restriction being implemented. So, I really need to hide it to avoid catching attention from the police officers.

As you may noticed, there is a police officer pacifying the traffic jam and in the middle part of the video, you can see the ten-wheeler truck that  overturned causing this vehicle congestion. 

What a night indeed! We arrived home late but safe and sound.


  1. Baka lasing yung driver? or driver's error lang siguro. Hope the driver is safe pati kung may kasama din sya sa loob ng truck.

  2. sana walang nasaktan... abala lang...ano kayang cause? baka nagtetext si manong driver... lol

  3. uso din pala dyan ung gantog accidents
    may problem ata sa video or sa pc ko ewan ko lng
    di ma play ee

  4. Can't load the vid yet. Balik ako dito dad for this one.

  5. Eerie as it happened just this afternoon on my way to my student's house. A van turned sideways and two other cars were hit causing both directions with turtle paced traffic flow. My only hope is that nobody got hurt but I doubt it. It is a reminder for us all that we are not the master of our lives. We should be thankful for our safety everyday. We should be praying for guidance all the time.

  6. scary, maraming ganyan sa cavite lalu kpag umaga, ang reason...tulog ang driver...but we never know what really happened there, but it's good that ur safe :)

  7. Hi guys, thanks for all your comments. General answer na eto ha. Honestly, di talaga namin alam kung ano ang nangyari, basta inabutan nalang namin na nakataob na ang truck. I hope nobody was hurt during the incident.


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