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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's Called A Free Flow

Ever wonder why sometimes we’re left with no words or should I say specific topic to write. As if our tongue is tied or our mind is so cluttered that thinking of anything to write is impossible at the very moment we need to. Perhaps, it happened to you as it quite frequently happens to me. 

So, I got a resolve on that. I want to fill that void in me that hinders my fingers to press the letters in the keyboard of my lappy. 

And I want to call it as a “free flow thinking”. I will write whatever I think of as of the moment without regarding the sequential flow of thoughts. 

And so here it goes.  

I'm sipping a mug of green tea mixed with little sugar to satisfy my glucose need. Occasionally, peeking at our living room window right across the other building where a light is still visible at the wee hour of 2am.

Now, my mind is grasping for some ideas to continue - like battling a writer's block. So I'm gazing now at another mirror located just beside our visitor's wash room. My eyes suddenly hit a bouquet of flowers - petals dried. Thinking of which occasion did I give it to my wife. Right now I saw Caleb's stroller parked beside the plates' cabinet under the big mirror where a clock is hanging near the chandelier. 

I'm stroking my hair right now - waiting for another idea to come out. At the back of my lappy I saw Paolo Coelho's book "Like A Flowing River" which I'm currently at number 156. I put it aside after glancing at the page where I left of last night. I'm not sure if I'd be reading it before I sleep - depends on how sleepy I can get later. I don't know yet. As of the moment, I'm wide awake. 

On my lappy's right side are a few crumpled tissue paper I used to wipe my tears. Why I said I wiped my tears? Who made me cry? Well, it's been a usual scene when I'm alone watching inspirational videos on the net. I'd come across videos that I couldn't fight to hold back my tears. Quickly, a thought came up to me after I watched the video of a young dad seeking advices from his dad on how to raise his kids. While the video's running, I saw how he had made many photos of his chidren and framed it in many hard white cardboard. The simplicity just amazed me. 

Now, I turn back and saw the set of different books in our book shelves - been wanting to re-arrange them and purchase some new ones. But it's been a week and nothing happened since that idea came up. The chandelier in our living area where our TV is situated is still lit  - that provides me the background light while I'm sitting in our dining table doing this entry.

All of the sudden, the disturbing sound of a fire alarm somewhat like whipped me off. I don't know why at this unholy hour it still alarmed us when nothing strange is happening at the building premise. I quickly opened our front door to check out. Even came close to the elevator attempting to go down to further investigate but I decided not to go. Went back inside after a few minutes outside. The fire alarmed stopped after hitting 23 counts.

Right now, the decision to mix another mug of green tea is putting up a battle in my mind. Should I go inside the kitchen and quickly heat up the electric kettle or I'll just stay and finish this entry. I throw another stare at P.C. book deciding to glance a bit of its remaining pages. 

Now, I've reached the chapter which had its title "The Art of the Sword". While that page is open, I tucked it under my left leg while sitting in the chair. The paragraph starts with "Many centuries ago, in the days of a Samurai. Now, I'm pinching an irritating pimple at the back of my left ear. Seldom this skin irritants visit me and when it does it comes in big form. Ouchy! haha. 

Here comes a thought of finishing a series of travel post. Our experience in Riyadh for 3 days. The drafts are in my folder since we arrived home last Friday but I'm still not in my best mood to finish them yet. 

Browsed my FB timeline and an Oscar win for the song "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen knocked me good. Even prouder to realize that the composer was a Filipino American named Robert Lopez. The Filipino pride in me immediately surfaced. So, I played again that viral song - haha! Then, after all this free flow writing, I decided to lay on the sofa to continue reading P.C. book. 

I don't know if this post make sense but one thing is for sure, I just let go what inside my mind as of the moment. And that for me is just what I need to release the mundanity of it all. 

I guess, I'd be frequenting to write this kind of thing - haha. Kind of nice calling it a complete non-sense that makes a little sense? - haha! It's up for you to be pissed off or be entertained - lols!


  1. Wow, ruma-random na rin ang peg mo Daddy Jay ahahaha. Buti ka pa nga, nakapag sulat na in "free-flow" eh... samantalang ako, eto "nga-nga" pa rin. Maraming pumapasok na ideas sa utak ko these past few days but I can't seem to let it all out through blog writing. I believe, nabiktima na yata ako ng "lazy bug syndrome" + this so called "writers block" urgh!

    May binubuo pala akong short story at the back of my head... sana lng, ma-isulat ko na ito ng maayos. lol

    1. Oo nga eh, I just don't want a longer writer's block kaya nag random na rin ako just to entertain myself haha.

      Looking forward na matapos mo ang short story na pino propose mong gawin. :)

  2. ako pag walang maisip puro kalokohan ang nailalagay ko... pero does it mean na lagi ako walang maisip... kasi parang puro kalokohan ang nasa page ko? chars...

    1. You just write that way Rix and there's nothing wrong with that. Writing naman is about pleasing yourself and being your own without pleasing others eh. So ok lang yan.

  3. Nice!

    That's what I have been doing for almost the whole month of my February for my 365 blogging challenge. It's sort of freedom from the writer's block right?

    Keep it up!

    1. Exactly Ms. B. kaya sige lang i push lang natin ng i push eto hehe

  4. okay ang random post daddy. madalas ko yang ginagawa eh. lalo na kapag sabaw na sabaw.

    1. Random post is like a friend of sabaw-sabaw hahaha

  5. very detailed :)

    kahit papano nalaman ko kung paano mag-isip ang isang sir jay, ang galing mong mag-observe, saka nakaka-relax 'tong basahin pakiramdam ko ako yung nasa kalagayan mo na nagkuwento, para na rin akong nakarating sa kung saan ka man naroon :)

    1. Haha! Thanks at na relax kang basahin ito. At chill lang din ako ng sinulat ko siya hehe


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