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Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday's Reflection: Of Being Not Qualified

So the other day, I got a message on Facebook that said “I love the message of your videos but none of it is coming from you. There are choices you’ve made in your past that render you NOT QUALIFIED to spread such a message. 

And for me that was hard to hear because the HYPOCRITICAL Christian is somethin' I FEAR. 

To be put in the category like that I could think of nothing worst. So maybe there something I should've set first. 

You see, I CAN'T and WON'T and DON'T claim to be PERFECT. In fact - most times - I'm not even GOOD. I'll take responsibIlity for the mistakes I've made and the hurts I've caused I got more than I probably should.

But would God use that against me? Making good coming from my life IMPOSSIBLE? Forgives me but REFUSES to use me? 

I don't believe in that gospel. 

I believe in the God of Moses. Moses was an ORPHAN. and a MURDERER with his STUTTER and a prize on his head. Yet God choose this killer to be a PROPELLER - performing miracles, leading his people, making rivers flow red. 

I believe in the God of David. David the SHEPHERD boy who turned into a king. A terrible father and an ADULTERER from the start yet even with wrongdoings and inequity, we remember him as a man after God's own heart. 

Mary Magdalene was a PROSTITUTE - living a life without direction. Matthew was a tax collector - the lowest of the low. Yet both WALKED and TALKED and WITNESSED Christ's PERFECTION. 

Did God choose the pharisees - the SELF-RIGHTEOUS and POMPOUS - full of laws and pretension? Or did He choose cowardly Peter and persecuting Paul to spread the message of Christ's redemption. 

All these heroes in the bible not one of them was like me - meaning not on themselves they lean on God. And you know what God is - He is mighty. 

So can God use me - a broken steaming mess. And can God use HIM or HER or YOU? I'm here to tell you right now that the answer is YES. God can and will use ANYBODY even if you only go to church on Christmas. 

Does He only speaks through the PREACHER? No! God is in a different business - because believing in the Lord isn't living a perfect wall green life always doing right.  It's letting His light SHINES from within and letting His words be your trotter. He'll take your BROKEN PAST helping you step in to one more hope for future - because it wasn't for PERFECTION that Jesus died on that cross it was for the UNHEALTHY - so the sick could serve the sick and SEEK and SAVED the LOST - because in the end these words and these lights and these cameras and this video is not about me. IT'S ABOUT GOD . 

And with God it's never about WHO YOU WERE, it's about WHO YOU WILL BE. 

It's God story for the world and we're just playing our part. So if you're out there be or not qualified -that's GREAT  - because NOT QUALIFIED is where he STARTS. 



  1. kahit ang isang tao na makasalanan ay makakapasok sa kaharian ng Diyos sa pamamagitan ng repentance. gusto ko tong post mo dad

  2. Everyone commits mistake, and there's always a chance how to make it right. At ang pagiging makasalanan ay normal yan, inaasahan yan. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Lav-vit.

  3. I heard once before that I was not qualified to share God's words coz I am not a priest.
    But it didnt stop me of sharing God's words. I just shares what God had done in my life and is still doing.
    keep up the good fight of faith. You must be doing pretty amazing for God that the enemy is doing every possible things he can do to stop you.
    keep preaching my friend. God is with you.

  4. This is a good reminder... madalas ito yong battle ng mga Christians for not being able to be used by God... we are afraid that we may not be able to "Walk the Talk", that we are not qualified. God's choice is different from us. His standard is way too far from the worldly qualifications. I believe that qualifications is not an issue with God, what's more important is how to be "consistent". And that is definitely harder than just mere talking. Sabi nga nila easy said than done. Repentance is not just a one day affair... it is more on being Consistent.

  5. reflection in an instant. i think this applies to me as well. i was thinking about such for the longest time but it somehow hit me so hard after i read this. basta, alam ko naiiisip ko tong mga gantong bagay, di ko lng nasasabi. and it's good to know someone's going through this too. hehe, ang-gulo ko. :)

  6. Who is qualified anyway? Is there anyone who is perfectly qualified?

    Ang gulo rin ng thoughts ko dito parang kay Olivr..


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