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Monday, February 10, 2014

A Lone Hopeful In The Winter Olympics

It's still winter season in most parts of the world. Fashion sense still favors the leather jackets, thick clothing and bonnet as a head gear completes it. 

In my location, the cold weather has come back. In the past few days, we thought it's over and summer is most likely seeing a grand entrance - but we're wrong. It's as if there's still a "last hurrah" for the winter season. In fact - 'tis the season for the winter olympics - 2104 WINTER OLYMPICS that is. Currently ongoing in Sochi, Russia.

But hey, wait! I should supposed to be doing a post focusing on the upcoming heart’s day right? Why am I so out of tune?

Well, it's my blog and to each his own - (wink) lols!. It's just that I couldn’t even afford to deny this person a space in my blog. His story is inspiring - so I decided to write an article as my way of supporting him so that his remarkable story of perseverance and triumph be known to the world. 

I say triumph (even if he's still short of an olympic medal) because - it is an outstanding accomplishment to be able to secure a slot in the Olympics - where arena is considered as the highest sporting venue in the world or should I say the most prestigious of all sporting events. Every sportsman dream of competing in it. As well, as every Filipino athlete set a goal to land a spot in one of its sports' discipline. 

So, here comes a hopeful Filipino trying to earn the nod of the world that despite coming from a tropical climate country - a dream of winning in the Winter Olympics isn't possible. That a human spirit when set into a formidable focus could excel anywhere. That's what he's trying to achieve and I guess he's slowly getting there.

MICHAEL CHRISTIAN MARTINEZ - Filipino, 17 year-old, figure skater, the lone representative of our country in this edition of Winter Olympics.
In fact there are two "first" that Michael is proud to have headlined in our history of Philippine Sports. 

One, he is the first ever figure skater who represents our country in the olympic games. Two, he is also the first South East Asian to represent the region in the figure skating category. It feels so great right?
He was born in Paranaque but his hometown is Muntinlupa City. He grew up as an asthma patient but decided that instead of spending money in hospital bills he pursued a sport he's passionate about - even against the will of his doctor. But his biggest odds in pursuing and competing on a regular basis is the lack of funds.
During his early years of skating, I've seen him do some warm up and minor competition in the Philippines, more particularly in SM Southmall when I was still living in Las Pinas. I've been frequenting the mall's skating rink since I have two former students who are enthusiasts of skating and their family would give me a pass every time there were competition being held. Aside from the fact that I love watching the sport.
  Martinez revealed that he regularly feels pressure before a competition not because he has to impress the judges - but because he lacks the training and of his lack of a coach. They even cannot afford to send his coach along with them in the game because of insufficient funds - (how sad :( to note)

But despite the mounting obstacles, what's even more amazing is his remarkable faith. He draws his courage and strength from his mom and through prayers. The prayers compensate the lack of funds to support him. I don't know what to say about our government as I don't really know the story behind the lack of financial support. 

I don't want to quickly throw some dirt on the side of the state but I hope this kind of great potential and persevering athlete should be provided with funds. The kind of Michael is a testament of a hardworking pinoy as compared to the those government officials who only know how to wear "lacoste atittude" and be a proud lacoste fan - in short "buwaya" hahaha. You know who you are "ASSHOLES"! 

Good thing, MVP or a.k.a. Manuel V. Pangilinan - the big boss of TV5 has come to his rescue and help him network with several coaches in international stints.

Michael is set to appear on the ice on Thursday, February 13 at around 11PM to 3:30am to be aired by TV5 on his bid to become the first ever Filipino athlete to win a gold medal in Olympic history - both summer and winter.

Let's pray that Michael will be able to execute his program with the much needed grace and finesse and his triple spin jump and all other requirements will impress the judges. With God's grace, he'll be able to secure a spot needed to win a medal. 

Most importantly, we want to THANK YOU Michael for your brave spirit and persevering attitude. Thank you for representing our country THE PHILIPPINES and once again proved to the world that even a tropical country can produce a world class athlete in the Winter Olympics. 

Our high hopes and prayers are for you. Win or lose, we will always be proud of your representation. God bless you and good luck! :) :) :)

P.S. - Photos taken from the internet. All credits are deserved by the real owners.


  1. I saw Michael Martinez at Jessica Soho TV show a few months ago and boy, he is that good! More like the calibre of skaters from countries with real snow. Like you, I also hope our Filipino athletes will bring home the bacon!

    1. Yes, he is that good. In fact, one of the commentators in one of his competition abroad had said that he has the qualities of a future figure skating superstar. Let's pray while hoping. Sana God will hear our prayers for this young man. :)


    Ok I'm calm.

    Sabi niya sa isang interview, ang mga contemporaries niya ay nageensayo from 4-6 hours yata. Siya, maximum ay 4. Not because of low stamina but because of lack of funds. I really want to set off a long bitter and verbose diatribe. Pero p***ngina hindi ko kaya kasi hindi ko hawak ang thesaurus. Kulang ang mga abusive at offensive words na nasa isip ko.

    Sayang talaga. Saw one of his performances. He's really good. As in good the way I am impressed with his European counterparts (i take pride in the Italian figure skaters, and they're really good). Pero sayang talaga.

    Hindi pa siya ma-appreciate ng mga abnoy sa administration kasi:

    1. Kahit galing sa UP, La Salle, UST, Ateneo ang mga nasa gobyerno, hindi sila bobo, pero mga gago sila. Mabuti na lang at hindi ko pinagpilitan ang sarili ko sa isa sa mga pamantasan na ito kung hindi ay isa na siguro ako sa mga dalubhasang mandarambong ng bansa. Tapatin niyo ako, may itinatago bang College of Sh*tty Thinking and A**holic Philosophy ang mga universities niyo? Sh*t talaga.

    2. walang pustahan sa sport na yan. Hindi yan magiging favorite ng mga political lords. Like nila boxing kasi they get inspired sa mga blows ni manny pacquiao. They can do it whenever they abuse humans and human rights.

    3. Wala pang NGO na nagagawa si Janet para sa mga athletes, lalu na sa mga figure skaters.

    kahit ako nandito sa Europe, hirap din ako masubaybayan ang Olympics. But i will definitely watch it sa February 13. Yun yata ang schedule niya.

    1. I FEEL YOU Mr. Trips. I am one with you in your sentiments. In fact, I was tempted din to continuously rant but I control my emotion.

      The interview you're referring was from Janelle So of Kababayan LA in the US where he said he only do a 4 hours practice while his competitors extend up until 6 hours.

      He is really that good. I've been witnessing potential figure skaters in our country and I've seen few of them kaya lang ang iba di na nagpu pursue dahil sa kakulangan ng budget for it. Pero, I admire this young man kasi nagsikap talaga ang family niya at siya mismo just to reach where he is now. More trainings for him and he will conquer the ice. I do hope di siya titigil at sana may mga sumuporta na din sa kanya

      In fact, one of the commentators in one of his competitions abroad predicted that he can be a future ice skating superstar. Ang sarap pakinggan di ba, dalangin ko lang na sana magtuloy tuloy lang si Michael at sana more support will pour upon him.

  3. You know i was looking at the picture. Honest, i am teary eyed. nakakaiyak kasi kung ako magulang ng bata, kitang kita ko na napakalapit na niya makuha yung pangarap niya na hindi lang para sa kanya at sa pamilya ko, kundi para na rin sa bansa, pero kasinlamig ng Russian winter ang nakapalibot samin, tapos wala ako magawa bagamat naibuhos ko na ang lahat at ginawa na ang lahat mapondohan lamang siya. Busy pa ang mga tao sa p*tang Deniece na yan at sa state-interest dilemma ni Vhong.

    Naiiyak ako kasi hindi ko alam kung maaawa sa Philippine delegation. Ang kapal ng mukha natin ipakita sa mundo na competitive na sa international market ang economy natin, eh kahit kusing na duling walang mailagay para sa skater na ito. Ano ba talaga?

    Naiiyak lalo ako kasi ang dami na niya napanalunan wala pa ring response ang government. Etong si Pacquiao, wala. Sana naman, bilang isang athlete maunawaan niya ang need ng isang promising sportsman dahil nagdaan siya sa ganyang kalagayan noon. Man of God pa kuno. Ewan.

    Sayang hindi ako mayamang businessman. Kahit ako magsponsor sa kanya walang problema, kahit hindi pa niya ipamalita ang name ng company ko.

    1. I share your tears Mr. Trips. Nakakaiyak in a sense na despite the no solid support our government has done, this young man never loses hope. He just continue focusing on what he has to do and what should be done. The most amazing thing about him is that he channels his frustrations through prayers. Hindi siya nawawalan ng pag-asa and that made him where he is right now. Nakaka bilib ang determination ng batang ito. Like you, kung ako lang din naman sobrang yaman, I will silently support him without the need to be highlighted for the aid I gave.

  4. isa sa mga competition na gusto ko talaga ay ang manood ng figure skating... sana manalo sya...

    1. Di ba ang sarap lang manuod ng skating competition and marvel at the sight of those free flowing grace and finesse the skaters are showing us. :)

    2. true, nakakahanga nga sila lalo na yung mga tuma-thumbling keme pa. napaka graceful nila tignan...

  5. So proud to be a Filipino when you hear things like this!

    But then it's hard to know that the government can't even help its own athlete/s to raise fund for them. Where's the support?! I noticed that our government will only recognize these people if they win. Win or loss, the government should always do their best to at least give some support. After all, it's our Philippine flag they are carrying.

    Hanga pa rin ako sa batang to... and hope he will bring home a medal.
    Goodbless Michael Christian Martinez

    1. Tama ka, the government will share with the spotlight when the athlete wins or bring home honor to the country. But our gov't have never shown solid support during the hardships and sacrifices these athletes have endured just to bring home the bacon. Such a crap! But then again, forget about some or most people in the government, they will soon have their fair share of castigation

      Like everyone else, let us just continuously pray for him the comes Thursday, he will overly deliver and seal our first winter games medal. :)

  6. Naku naku, super agree ako sa mga sentiments ni sir Tripster sa taas. Haaayssstt... hindi lang si Michael ang kulang sa suporta ng ating gobyerno, LAHAT ng ating mga athletes grabe... itsura silang mga pinabayaan at pinagkaitan ng karapatan. Kulang daw sa funds para suportahan? susme, malamang ibinulsa na ng mga buwaya sa gobyerno. Marami sa ating mga athletes ay may potential to become a champion kaso lang, paano mo maha-harness ang potential na iyon kung kulang naman sa mga equipment at facilities para i-train sila ng mahusay?

    Oh diba pati ako naki-rants na rin LOL.... wow Daddy Jay, ngayon lang ata kita nakitang nagsali-type ng A$shole hihihi *kalma muna tayo*

    Anyways, aabangan ko yang event ni Michael this coming Thursday. Todo suporta rin ako sa ating nag-iisang pambato sa Sochi Winter Olympics Game 2014. Go go go! Fight Fight Fight MICHAEL CHRISTIAN MARTINEZ!!!

    Ay ti-nag pala kita sa FB regarding this one Daddy Jay ^_^

    1. Kung ang mga funds na yan ay yung mga ninakaw ng nga nuknukan ng kapal ng mukhang mga senators at congressmen, Michael could have leveled up to his game and better those other competitors on his sport.

      Hahaha, first time ba? Worth cursing kasi eh, nakaka high blood kasi ang mga karamihan sa ating government. They don't provide the much needed support for our sportsmen/women. Kaya no wonder, ang ranking natin sa SEAGAMES ay pabagsak ng pabagsak na kasi no one dared to pursue sports because of insufficient funds.

      Thanks for tagging, di ako masyado active now sa FB, kasi I'm into reading right now. So iwas muna sa FB hehehe. basa basa muna ako at more focus sa pagba blogging ko hehe. But, thank you for tagging me up. :)

  7. I just saw the video of his performance grabe! he's indeed a great ice skater and finally someone carries our flag for something unussual for us which is ice skating nga.
    nakakaproud! hope more filipinoes will get their chances as well us such sports

    1. He superbly represented our country despite the odds he and his family has to go through just to be where he's at now. I hope our government would take serious action in supporting our local athletes especially those who really show global talent.


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